Thursday, February 02, 2017


Preparing For The Trip

7am - Have you read our values? [Link] Our value "Order" means that this morning, prep for The Trip includes squaring away MsTwayler. That means taking down Twayler's Cabinet Shop so that everything can be cleaned up.

Another very important item, is obtaining a key for Little Honda that will be hidden. On our last trip, we came very close to getting locked out when our Honda key got mislaid. We found it!

Honda's key is one of those new-fangled keys. Apple Valley has a key shop that is able to make dupes.

Of course we must set-up MsScampy for this trip!

♥️😍 We just love doing prep for a Scampy Camping Trip! 😍 ♥️

3:30pm - Heading out from Lone Wolf
We planned to leave Lone Wolf at 2pm. However, loading up Scampy took an extra 1/2 hour.

About the time we were to head out, we found that something was wrong with connection to the deep cycle battery that provides Scampy electric power.

We checked the main fuse on the battery. It was OK.

We checked polarity. Were the + and - connections reversed? The battery was removed for a several day charge. Could the battery upon return to Scampy had the + and - reversed? No. That was OK.

We checked the electric panel inside Scampy. The 20 amp main fuse was blown! Of course we carry a good supply of all the fuses used. Replacing the 20 amp main did the trick!

5:30pm - Arrived at the City of Fontana
As you likely know. the first thing to do on arrival at place where you plan to Nite Camp, is to find a potential Nite Camp site. Best to do a Nite Camp search before dark!

We found what appeared to be good Nite Camp site, at the rear of a Les Schwab Tire Center. We stopped in the parking lot, and one if the Les Schwab people walked over to ask if we needed service?

"Yes", I replied! "The trailer wheel bearings need to be lubed."

He directed Honda and Scampy into one of the service bays. And the shop foreman came over to ask, "May I look inside your trailer?" Of course we answered, "YES." Because we love to show people the delights of our Scampy!

After, Joel [the foreman] looked over Scampy, he appeared to be quite interested! Then he lubed Scampy's wheel bearings. No charge! 😀

8pm - 24 Hour Fitness in the City of Fontana
After buying some special shampoo at a CVS Pharmacy, we drove to a nearby
24 Hour Fitness in order to use the shampoo in one of 24's showers.

Since we've become somewhat addicted to 24, we exercised before shampooing! Gotta love it! 😍

11pm - Nite Camp @ Les Schwab
Little Honda, MsScampy and George returned to the Les Schwab Tire Center
to make our Nite Camp.

This is a decent Nite Camp! Not too much traffic noise.

Nite Camp Location Link
Elevation: 1,758 feet



  1. Yes for sure need some spare keys, don't wanna get stranded.

    1. Hi OAT,

      We both agree on spare keys! 😎

      Tioga George


  2. I use lanyards for my keys and wear around my neck. No more keys falling out of my pocket.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I do the same! All of my keys are attached to a small carabiner that is attached to my belt loop.

      I feel that even with that carabiner, I still need hidden spare keys to Honda, Twayler and Scampy!

      Tioga George