Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tiny Propane Backup Tank

8am - Little Scampy carries only one propane tank. We ran out of propane in that tank on New Year's eve. And had to go out late at nite for a propane fill-up!

We decided right then, that we needed to carry a backup propane tank. There is no room on Scampy's tongue for a 2nd 5-gallon 20-lb propane tank. Where would we put it?

We found an answer! Use one of those Coleman pre-filled 1-lb tanks! An adapter was found in Amazon [Link].

NOTE: This morning is our first use of this propane backup system. And it's working great!

8:30am - Yesterday's golf
I really wanted to mention an important thing about yesterday's golf game.

Almost overlooked in the excitement of golfing, is my energy level! Since I stopped taking all meds in August, 2016, my energy level is now fantastically high!

Let me state this in a different way. Because I stopped taking all prescription meds last August:

  • Those meds were killing me!
  • It's a miracle!

4pm - Into The Wilds!
MsScampy and the rest of us have pulled out of the San Diego area. We are heading northeasterly into unknown territory!

Below is a pic of what Little iPhone saw as we turned into what is known as:
The Wilds Country!

Nobody on The Team has any clue how dangerous it is for us to journey here!

Entrance to The Wilds!

Entrance To:

The Wilds Location Link

Elevation: 1,391 feet


7:30pm - The Wilds Location Link above is our Nite Camp Location as well.


  1. Hi George, would another idea be to switch from a 5-gallon tank to a 10-gallon tank? I believe they are the same diameter, only taller. That seems like it might fit on the trailer tongue? And maybe be cheaper than the 1-lb bottles. Just an idea.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank you. But no.

      Your heart is in the right place with your comment!



  2. George, I'm confused on your comments about your energy level. Just last Thursday you were posting about how very tired you have been feeling, barely able to move and just flop down and sleep.
    Today you post that your energy level is fantastically high.

    1. Hi Miss D,

      Sorry! But the only thing that I may conclude from your comment is that you are not reading my Blog everyday.

      You are taking my being tired from:
      Sustained cabinet work...

      .....out of context.



  3. George, I'm with Miss D. Confused!! Also, have you been visiting with Cousin Jackie? I was thinking you'd gone on your trip to visit with her for her birthday, etc.

    1. Wow! ndenim,

      I was visiting with my Cousin Jacky. Then, I did something else?!?!!

      In fact, I am doing something every single day.

      Welcome to my Blog!



  4. LOL - I do believe George is a go-getter, full of energy, does something different each and every day and "some" cannot keep up with him! Many do not understand that medications designed to help, actually do the opposite and yes, they can lead to death - a slow and gnawing way. Vitamins and Supplements are a much better and healthier way, more importantly a well balanced nutrition consumption is the best. God's speed, George - Keep Camping with the crew and enjoy!