Thursday, February 09, 2017

Spring Chicken

A Bit Tired!

6:30am - This sustained cabinet work that I've been doing must be hard on me. For a few days, I've been very tired. Barely able to move! Just flop down on the bed and sleep!

Even right now. It's early morning and I'm dragging myself around.

I'm not used to having my energy just evaporate like that! I had better begin to be more sensitive to myself. I'm not a spring chicken anymore!

8:15am- Cabinet pics
The first pic is what it looked like when I figured on having 14-drawers in 2-cabinets.

The 2nd is now. 7-drawers in 2-cabinets.

11am - Aztec Park
This is a neighborhood park. It's not far away from Guava Gardens [where I used live].

Scampy, George and Honda in Aztec Park

1pm - Failed shopping trip
This George guy is sooooo stubborn! He knows very well:
Don't shop at brick and mortar stores!

What do you get when you shop in stores?
  • Tired
  • Wrong directions
  • Wrong styles
  • Wrong sizes
"George! Please! Do your shopping on the net!"

"BTW, George. While you were wandering around the huge Grossmont Mall, did you find the Moccasin Slippers that you were looking for?"

No! Not even close! 



  1. At 70 I am finding my rest periods while working are no longer just a nice event, but are now required.

    1. Hi Barney,

      Yes! That's how they are for me too.



  2. Replies
    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you! I like the way it all turned out.

      NOT expected was, the tremendous amount of my energy in order to finish them!



  3. Add a few donuts to the drawers, I'd think I was looking at a Helms Bakery truck.

  4. "George! Please! Do your shopping on the net!"

    And if enough people do that, where will local people get jobs?
    In China? In a massive Amazon facility taking care of the robots?

    Money spent locally paid for the park your currently enjoying and for the road your driving on, and for the water your drinking, on and on and on.


    1. Hi Ed,

      Those people losing jobs should worry about robot machines.



  5. George, Phone number 1-855-554-6627. Free ground shipping thru Feb. 14, 2017. Select men's styles at the very top of the website.

    I bought a pair of the above moccasins whe we camped on the Cherokee Indian reservation in the mountains of NC. They wear very well; not cheap though, but very well made. Usually you get what you pay for.


  6. P.S. George, to get the free ground shipping, you need to give them Code Valentine17.