Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Scampy's Going To Fontana Tomorrow!

10am - There is a Kaiser appointment scheduled on Friday, February 3rd for George. The appointment is located in the City of Fontana, CA.

Fontana is only about one hour away [55 miles distant]. Why go a day early? Because we on the TiogaRV Team take every opportunity to make a Nite Camp!

In a Team Meeting, it was moved and seconded to go one day early! So, that's that!

Note: Our Team is the TiogaRV Team. We have always called it that. And always will call ourselves the TiogaRV Team.

Little Scampy is our RV Camping Trailer. She understands why we do not call ourselves the ScampyRV Team. And she's OK with that.

11am - They Are Making Up Fairytales
Yesterday, our headline Blog post addressed a "CNN Money"
video/editorial-opinion about predictions of how robot automation will evolve in the distant future!

We ended that Blog post with the following:
"NOTE: I am breaking off here, to give you a chance to express your opinion about this in comments. Then, I will continue."

Since there appeared to be little interest in this subject, we will regrettably not continue as promised. 😟

8pm - Yesterday's 9pm Blog post is titled:
"Never Forget Scampy Again!" 

In that 9pm post, I showed a pic of a sign that I believed would keep me aware of when Honda was towing Scampy. 

I forgot twice!! Once while backing up. That time caused Scampy to jack-knife and damaged Little Honda.

The 2nd lapse of being aware happened while towing Scampy and parking in front of the Lone Wolf office. When I got out of Honda, I was very surprised at Scampy being there!!!

I told Readers that I had made a "Scampy warning sign." This sign would prevent me from forgetting ever again! Three Readers commented that my sign would not work! 


Here is the sign in place. Velcro is holding the sign to the inside of Little Honda's windshield.

"Scampy-in-tow" warning sign 



  1. My My George !! Why so short ?? Beeb enjoying your posts .

    1. Hi Rolling,

      Thank you for the nice compliment about my Blog! 😀

      Sorry. I am not able to comment on being short because I do not comprehend what you wrote.

      Tioga George


  2. Scampy and all the team will be soooooooo happy! Have fun.

    1. Hi Kent,

      Yes! There is tremendous excitement around here this morning! Sooooo much that it is exhilarating!

      Tioga George