Thursday, February 16, 2017


Jojoba Waiting List

When will I get to the top of the waiting list? That's the question on Reader's minds? But! That is not the question on my mind. Because, I don't want to focus on "that particular" when!

That's like focusing on the day that I'm going to die! That is plain no good! Because my focus should be on the things that I'm going to do tomorrow. Or the next day. To be excited about those days! That's my way!



  1. So true, enjoy everyday to the fullest, and the days will unfold.

  2. Hi George,
    I could discuss politics, poor customer service... and a ton of other stufff that bugs me (and you) but I only want to talk about campers. Last entry you showed the awning. I used to not like awings because I thought they took too much time to set up and take down, when traveling a lot. I just got and installed new fabric on my Dometic and I love it. I guess I did not know how they work and I had some trouble with my fabric replacement but when all was fixed up, I think they are great and add a great deal to the experience. With the awning out and my little radio it is excellent

    1. Yes! When staying in RV campgrounds, there is a place for an awning to be used.