Friday, March 31, 2017


Physical Condition Improved

Awhile back, maybe two months ago, I began going to 24 Hour Fitness every other day. Very slowly, since then, it became apparent that I was able to do stuff that I could not do before.

The biggest change is in my balance. Before, when I walked, I would move side to side. Constantly correcting my balance. Also, when I got up from a chair, it would be necessary to hold on to something while rising to keep from losing balance. Not anymore!

Pains in my lower back are gone. Also, pain in my forearms and right hip are gone.

Another very subtle change that I've noticed, is when I put on my shoes. Before, when I put on my right shoe, I could not lift up my right foot high enough to easily slip into my shoe. Now, I am able to lift my right foot up as high as my left foot.

In 1984 I broke my right hip in a bicycle accident. That accident may be the reason for the differences in movement between my legs. Apparently, exercising has caused the muscles in my right leg to get strong enough to get this result.

Have you noticed that my StatCounter recently went over 9,000,000? That count started on February 28, 2004.

On that date, we Nite Camped north of Santa Ysabel, California. Above Lake Henshaw. We were in the Cleveland National Forest [Link].

Were you RVing in those days? Man-O-Man! It was sooooo much easier to RV then. The signs limiting parking over nite had not yet arrived.

MsTioga and George - 28 Feb 2004


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Getting More Active

These ups and downs that I go thru, seem to come on very slowly. Lately I seem to be doing more things. Thank God!
Today I'm planning on going to the Apple Valley Golf Course to take a look around. Maybe do some putting practice

Monday, March 27, 2017


What Is Wrong With Him?

Well, for one thing, all he really likes to do is watch movies. At the Apple Valley Library, he watches movies.
  • He checked out volunteering. Didn't like that. 
  • He used to love looking at flowers in bloom. Not now.
  • RVing used to be his main thing. Now that seems to be too risky.

John Mellencamp wrote:
"Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone..."

....Ain't it the truth?


Saturday, March 25, 2017


Remembering My Things

When MsTioga died in March, 2014, I had to take care of myself. Recovering from my heart operation was my highest priority. I was on my own during those weeks in the City of Bakersfield. Nobody to help or take care of me.

So, I made the decision to leave nearly everything inside MsTioga behind. But, I only left the possessions behind. Everything stayed with me. In my memory.

A few minutes ago, the memory of my wedding ring popped into my mind. The ring was worn down because I had worked in a machine shop while wearing it. I am able to see that worn ring. I see it in my mind's eye.

I see the letters sent to me over the years. They are in a shoe box. They are there in my mind for me to browse over.

I see my bible, with the important dates written in the back.

Nothing is lost.


Thursday, March 23, 2017


Believing that I am not old

Living alone may have given me a warped perspective of my aging. Nobody around who gives me a perspective. When I think about myself, I believe that I'm much younger than I actually am.

There is a wall size mirror at 24 Hour Fitness in Apple Valley. This mirror is there so that club members may admire themselves as they exercise. Before, I did not pay much attention to myself in that mirror. But yesterday, I looked. And an old man stared back at me.

Kind of stooped over. Not standing straight up. Walking with a lack of youthful coordination.

Could this be the reason that I'm confused about not doing things that I used to do?

Too old to RV?


Wednesday, March 22, 2017


What is different with me?

I do not comprehend why I am cannot do what I used to do? Why am I so reluctant to RV as I did for many years?

In order to get an answer to this question, I used my Archives to check out where I was and what I was doing in March, 2005.

It was surprising to learn that I was very close to where I am right now in 2005. I made a Nite Camp near Red Rock Canyon State Park [Link]. Only about 100 miles from Apple Valley.

Bright gold flowers in the desert!
March 24, 2005

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Keeping busy

Doing things with Scampy

It seems to me that it would be much better for me to do things with Scampy instead of staying inside Twayler watching movies all day.

So, this morning I'm going to go to a park here in Apple Valley to see how that goes.

Baby Boid is going too.

10am - In the park
Horseman's Park in Apple Valley is a lovely park. Lots of trees for shade. Picnic tables. And even 120 volt electric power!

Boid stated that he did not want to go to the park! He was having too much fun playing around with his mirror. This mirror is suspended by a rubber band. Boid likes to make the mirror bounce!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jojoba Hills

Wait-list #19

Lately I've been holding off from phoning Jojoba Hills [Link] to find out where I am on their wait-list. I didn't phone because I did not want to be disappointed.

I was #20 in January. Now I'm #19.

The lady I spoke with at Jojoba mentioned that moving up one place a month was pretty good. Except that I moved up one place in last two months.

In mid-September when I first went on the wait-list I was #34. That means that I have been averaging up about 2.5 places per month.

Pool at Jojoba

PS: Would you like to view a video of Jojoba Hills?


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Past Mistakes

It may not be logical to have my mistakes in judgement stall me out the way they have. But, that is happening. It seems that everything that I do is affected.

I am hopeful that eventually I'll get by what is going on now. It will pass. In the meantime, I find that I don't want to think about this stuff all day long.

So, I'm distracting myself with diversions. Like watching basketball games. Or movies.

But for now, making decisions is on hold. Because I am afraid of making another mistake.

10am - Scampy's cable repair
Well, I have decided to do something this morning. Hurray!

Scampy's cable that connects to Honda needs a new 7-pin connector. I am going to buy that connector and install it this morning.

1:30pm - Cable connector installed!
Replacing the 7-pin connector was not easy for me because the instructions turned out to be un-workable.

I had to change the way the wires were clamped because clamping the stripped wires with a screw would NOT hold. Instead, I used "Ring Terminals" to attach the wires to the cable connector.

Note: [Here] are the installation instructions.


Friday, March 17, 2017


What Will Happen?

Now that I've decided to remain at Lone Wolf, there has not been much going on. Something will come along to change things. I don't know what? But something always comes along. Just got to be patient. And optimistic.

When I was a fulltime RVer, there seemed to be always something exciting to do. Just around the next bend in the road. Those times are gone for me. And I miss them.


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Smell The Flowers

Now that I am living fulltime at Lone Wolf RV Park, I do not have much to do during the day. I asked my friend John about that. He told me, "Relax. Smell the flowers." Probably good advice.

Recently I got a library card. There is a library branch here in Apple Valley. I'm planning to go there and get something to read. Not terribly exciting.

My friend Boid is hopping around the La-Z-Boy as I am typing this Blog post. Boid is very a very entertaining little guy. He likes to peck at things.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Losing it

How Do You Know?

This Blog post is about my mind. Or, better said, about losing it. Here is what is going on.

Lately I seem to be making decisions that do not work out well. As a result, I am more and more reluctant to make decisions. And one of the big decisions that I have coming up, is about leaving Lone Wolf.

Here at Lone Wolf, I am able to go along without getting into trouble. There are no big decisions for me to make while I am living here.

However, my plan to go off and fulltime in Scampy is concerning me a great deal. Because while living in Scampy, I will be confronted with tons of decisions every day.

When I am off someplace with Scampy, and have trouble with making good decisions, that might be a very bad thing for me!

What is going right for me?
Physically, I am doing great. No aches. No pains. Going to 24 Hour Fitness regularly keeps me in good shape.

Do you remember when I Blogged about having trouble walking because my balance was going bad? I still have some balance problems. But these are greatly reduced. I am walking OK and am able to walk in a straight line. Not side to side as before. Maybe going to 24 Hour Fitness has helped with my balance?

Financially, I am doing good also. I believe that I've got enough $dough$ to be OK for many years.

I am coming to the decision that at this time, that I should not be challenging myself with a Scampy trip.

I do not know what is going on with me mentally. Maybe over time, the answer to the question, "Am I losing it?" will come to me.


Monday, March 13, 2017


Lone Wolf Plan

9am - When we leave Lone Wolf, Twayler will remain in the Lone Wolf storage lot. I will go off with Honda and Scampy. We will be street camping until around October, 2017. Then return to Lone Wolf and live in Twayler for the winter.

Jojoba Hills
Of course these plans are dependent on what happens with my placement on the wait-list of Jojoba Hills. When I'm notified that I can move to Jojoba Hills, I'll do that right away!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Simple Life

Don't Like Complications

9:30am - Now that I am in my 80th year, it is clear to me that complications are something that I really do not like. For example, I just received a jury summons.

This summons has a reporting date of March 9th, which was last Thursday. I did not receive this summons until yesterday, which was March 11th. The reason for not receiving it before, was that I use a mailbox service. And only get my mail forwarded every several weeks.

This is an excellent example of a complication that I do NOT want to have in my life. Yes, this is not a big thing. But, it bugs me.

Tomorrow I will phone the jury people and see what can be done.

4pm - Twayler to the storage lot
As you may recall, sometime this month Twayler will move to the Lone Wolf storage lot. Then, Scampy will become my RV. To live in for most likely several months.

I am not busting my butt to get Twayler into storage. Because I have a few reservations about fulltiming in Scampy. Don't get me wrong. I am going off with Scampy. But, I just know that there will be some unknowns in doing this move. That's why I am taking my time.


Saturday, March 11, 2017


Back At Lone Wolf

1pm - I've just arrived back at Lone Wolf. You may recall that I was visiting in Laguna Woods with my former wife, Evie. Helping her get her new home in order.

Evie and I divorced in 1985. But somehow, over the years, the two of us became very good friends.

Isn't it sometimes odd how destiny may take us on a ride with a mysterious destination?


Thursday, March 09, 2017


Giving Evie a Hand

8:30pm - My friend Evie moved into a new house yesterday. And I have come to help her with the setup. Unpacking. That kind of stuff.

Evie's new house is in the senior community of Laguna Woods. Very nice place! Kind of reminds me of Jojoba Hills [on a grand scale!].

I tried to Blog earlier in the day. But my Cricket connection here is weak. Couldn't get online.

PS: Evie is my former wife. We are now very good friends!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Getting Ready To Leave

8am - All that is necessary for Scampy and I to head out from Lone Wolf at the end of this month, is to clean up Twayler's RV site. Not a big thing to do this.

Also, we have to select someone to move Twayler to the Lone Wolf storage area. There is an RV place near us, that likely could do this move.

9am - 24 Hour Fitness
While traveling with Scampy, the plan is to regularly go to 24 Hour Fitness clubs along our way. This is VERY important for my physical condition and health.


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Plan

Fulltiming In Scampy

8am - For a few months, we have been thinking about how it would be to fulltime in Scampy. We want to get out of Apple Valley and go roaming around again. Like we did during our MsTioga years [2003 - 2014].

What do you think about this idea?

Scampy Team in Mission Bay, San Diego


Monday, March 06, 2017


Keep Buggering On!

11am - During the war years of 1939 to 1945, Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England had a phrase that sustained him. It was:

“Keep buggering on!” 

The nazis were threatening England with annihilation. And Churchill had to believe that what he was doing would bring victory over the rotten, stinking nazi hoard.

I have adopted this phrase, "Keep Buggering On" [KBO] for my own self. Because with aging has come a decline in physical and mental abilities.

I fall down. Yesterday while on the entrance stairs to Twayler, suddenly I found myself falling backwards. I tried to grab on to something. I found myself on the ground. Not hurt. Just a small gash on my left wrist.

I forget things. Sometimes things that I am thinking about become mysteriously cloudy. I cannot remember them. Maybe I just dreamed about this? I don’t know? So, I put these things out of my conscious mind.

Stuff that I am using, disappears. The 3M Nexcare tape that I blogged about yesterday just vanished. I searched everywhere. Nothing! So, I bought more on the net.

I must have faith that my abilities to handle my own affairs are in place. If I don’t have this confidence, what am I to do? Stop doing things? Just sit around and do nothing?

NO! I will continue to plan what I do with the confidence that it will all be OK. And if it doesn’t turn out OK? I’ll deal with that the best I can.

Whatever…… I will “Keep buggering on!” [KBO]


Sunday, March 05, 2017


Buying On The Net

8am - Recently I wanted to buy a dispenser roll of 3/4" wide 3M Nexcare Tape. This tape is good for bandages. I am able to make my own bandage with a small amount of paper tissue and Nexcare tape. It sticks to my skin. And I may take the tape off without it hurting me.

I shopped at local Apple Valley stores. Walgreens, Target, K-Mart. Nothing! I found Nexcare tape at Target. But not in a dispenser. 1" wide instead of the 3/4" wide I wanted.

So, I went home and shopped again. But this time on the net. I found the exact Nexcare tape that I wanted. 3/4"wide, in a dispenser. It only took me 10 minutes to find and buy.

Brick and mortar stores are sooooo difficult to use. For some unknown reason, these stores do not provide computer stations to find where what I am looking to buy is located. I must go ask somebody where what I want is located.  And the main reason for being difficult, is that the store that I am in may not have the item I want to buy.

PS: This morning I chipped a Threshold China dinner plate, and wanted to buy a replacement. I found that plate at Target, by shopping on the net. I will be able to pick the plate up at Target in Apple Valley  later today!

10am - Completed Tax Returns!
I just used TurboTax to do my income tax returns. It took about 1-1/2 hours to do the whole thing.

I would not do my income tax returns on my own. TurboTax did everything for me. Even processed my federal and state returns electronically. And charged what I owed the feds and the TurboTax cost to a credit card.

I am done with that! 😀

2:30pm - Boid is flying to me!
For some unknown reason, Baby Boid has taken up flying to me a lot lately! He flies to where I am sitting in the La-Z-Boy. Then walks around exploring.

Boid sort of explores by biting things with his beak. I am typing this Blog post right now, and Boid seems interested in my fingers while I type.

He is not afraid at all!

Boid exploring!


Saturday, March 04, 2017


Library Trip

9am - Since moving to Apple Valley, there have been no trips to the library. I don't even know where the library up here is located. When I lived in La Mesa, I went to the library 1-2 times a week. Mostly for DVDs.

Last nite at bedtime, "library" crossed my mind. I made a note about library in the little note taker. [Note taker is a small piece of plywood to write on with a clip for holding papers and a pencil. It's a tiny clipboard].

This morning, we will take that library trip!

11:30am - My way of controlling my weight
I have Blogged about this topic before. However, because I've Blogged my weight recently, Readers have emailed asking what I do?

I prepare all the food that I wish. Then, I taste that food but concentrate on being sensitive if I am truly hungry. If I am NOT hungry, I don't eat it.

That's it! Using this method, since the middle if 2016 I am down from 182 lbs to 151 lbs.

5pm - The BFG
From the Apple Valley Library, I brought home an adventure movie. Kind of a wonderful fairytale like movie named, "The BFG" [Big Friendly Giant].

In the move, an orphan human girl befriends a benevolent giant, dubbed the "Big Friendly Giant", who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world.

The BFG is directed by Steven Spielberg and is based on the book by Roald Dahl.

It is a delightful movie! I loved it!


Friday, March 03, 2017


Threw Out Cookies

9am - After re-reading yesterday's Blog post several times, I decided to get rid of the remaining peanut butter cookies.

I believe that I may have been consuming much too sugar lately. I must develop the will-power to stop!

10am - Work-out day
The iPhone alarm just went off. Time for me to go to 24-Hour Fitness. I'm trying to hold a schedule of every other day at 24-Hour.

My weight loss leveled off at a 143 lb low. Working out at 24-Hour has my muscles growing. As a result, I've gained back some weight. I am now 150 lbs.


Thursday, March 02, 2017


Baking Cookies Again!

12 noon - A couple of days ago, I was grocery shopping at Stater Bros. I spotted the display of Betty Crocker  cookies. It is the beautiful image of a peanut butter cookie on the package that got to me!

I am sooooo weak!

6pm - Messing around at Twayler's
Well, this afternoon was interesting, but not exciting. There were a couple of movies to watch. "Absence of Malice." A 1981 movie starting Paul Newman and Sally Fields.

Also, for the umpteenth time, "Sully", a Clint Eastwood directed movie starring Tom Hanks. I love this movie!

PS: It's amazing! I have not eaten the entire batch of peanut butter cookies!!


Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Securing Open WiFi

7:30am - Last nite when we were camped in Yucca Valley, for some unknown reason, our Cricket Personal Hotspot became unstable. Kept cutting out!

We found an open WiFi from WalMart. But when we tried to use that WiFi, a warning came that that WiFi was not secure. "Get back to a secure place!", the warning said.

So this morning, Scampy is Morning Camped at the Stater Brothers Market in Apple Valley. Stater has an open WiFi. The challenge is to get on that WiFi and somehow make our Mac computer secure while online.

8:30am - Stater Bros guest WiFi
Our Mac is now using Stater WiFi. The Mac's "Remote Management" and
 "Internet Sharing" have been turned off.

Also, Bluetooth has been turned off.

I still have no idea if I'm secure on open WiFi after these changes. I guess time will tell?

10:30am - Snow on the mountains
We are now Morning Camped at the 24 Hour Fitness parking lot. On the way here we noticed that the mountains south of Apple Valley are beautifully covered with snow.

Maybe because I am from Los Angeles, I am very impressed with snow. Los Angeles hardly gets any snow at all.

Snow on mountains near Apple Valley

6pm - Evening Camped at Staples
When our Dish Network service was cancelled about 2-months ago, we were required to return the modem and a part of the dish antenna. The return kit arrived a few days ago, and we packed the stuff up and brought it to Staples for a UPS return.

We are Camped here near Staples for this evening. Later we will move to a Nite Camp site.

You may be wondering why the Scampy team is camping out, now that we are in Apple Valley where MsTwayler is located?

Well, the reason is that it's a kick to Camp in Scampy. Exciting too! Otherwise, we are just sitting around Twayler not doing too much!

Blogging with Cricket's Personal Hotspot
It is much easier to Blog using Cricket's Personal Hotspot vs using an open WiFi. It appears that open WiFi has a lot of stuff connected with it that makes using it difficult.

We have upped our Cricket data allowance from 8gb to 12gb in order to keep from using our allotted data.

We actually do not use 8gb per month. What happens is, forgetting to turn off Cricket's cellular data causes usage. I don't understand how data is used when I am not doing something online. But there is no doubt that just having Cricket's cellular data on does something to use data.

I try to be careful with turning data off. But I seem to be good at forgetting!