Friday, March 31, 2017


Physical Condition Improved

Awhile back, maybe two months ago, I began going to 24 Hour Fitness every other day. Very slowly, since then, it became apparent that I was able to do stuff that I could not do before.

The biggest change is in my balance. Before, when I walked, I would move side to side. Constantly correcting my balance. Also, when I got up from a chair, it would be necessary to hold on to something while rising to keep from losing balance. Not anymore!

Pains in my lower back are gone. Also, pain in my forearms and right hip are gone.

Another very subtle change that I've noticed, is when I put on my shoes. Before, when I put on my right shoe, I could not lift up my right foot high enough to easily slip into my shoe. Now, I am able to lift my right foot up as high as my left foot.

In 1984 I broke my right hip in a bicycle accident. That accident may be the reason for the differences in movement between my legs. Apparently, exercising has caused the muscles in my right leg to get strong enough to get this result.

Have you noticed that my StatCounter recently went over 9,000,000? That count started on February 28, 2004.

On that date, we Nite Camped north of Santa Ysabel, California. Above Lake Henshaw. We were in the Cleveland National Forest [Link].

Were you RVing in those days? Man-O-Man! It was sooooo much easier to RV then. The signs limiting parking over nite had not yet arrived.

MsTioga and George - 28 Feb 2004



  1. I've had knee surgery and fuse right big toe which caused me to loose my gait when walking but over time I learned to not favor my legs to walk. If I don't walk daily my legs, knees and hip ache. Now I walk everyday including climbing stairs to get strength in my upper legs and do exercise to strengthen my calves and ankles. I learned these exercises in physical therapy. One is sitting on a chair and using my lower legs to moving the chair and myself around the room. I use my office chair with wheels to do that...very easy but effective exercise. I'm glad you are using 24 hour fitness.

    1. Hi Rita,

      You and I are getting benefits from exercise that counters surgery for you, and old age and an accident for me.

      It seems to me that if I ever stopped my 24 Hour Fitness exercising, I would suffer very bad effects!



  2. 2005 was my last RVing year. I really missed it for a long time. Being Canadian we could not get additional medical insurance for the US and without that it is too risky to go there for the winter. Wish it was not so. We strictly boon-docked with a truck and 5th wheel. Solar panels was a must. No Internet for us in those days but later on we had "Pocketmail" which was great to keep in touch.

    1. Hi Vera,

      Interesting, what your comment stated about not being able to obtain medical insurance for the United States.

      When I lived in Mexico [for several years], if I needed medical care I just went to a local doctor. The cost for medical care in Mexico is spectacularly low!

      I contracted pneumonia while in Mexico and went to an internist with 40 years in practice. This doctor sent me to a hospital.

      I stayed in that hospital for four days. I paid 5500 pesos for my hospital stay and for my doctor's charges.

      At that time, a peso was equal to 10 cents US. So my entire medical cost was $550US. Amazing!

      No insurance. No nothing!



  3. Mr. George, it sure is fun to see your 'flashbacks' from your earlier travels! My very first trip in life was a camping trip at the age of six months old with my moma and daddy from here in Louisiana down to El Paso, Texas in 1951, then camping in New Mexico after leaving El Paso. So, so many camping trips followed until 2009 when my dad passed away. We tent camped, had a home made pop up camping topper that daddy made to fit on the top of his station wagon. It folded out offering two small twin size sides for my brother and I on the outside, and wide enough in the middle for my parents. We then had a small travel trailer, from there daddy got a van and installed a high top on it himself. When I married my husband and I bought our first high top van and made it exactly like we wanted it inside. I've only stayed in an a KOA one time in my life (no RV sites, etc.), we were boondocking from the start to finish. Those early years offered free camping almost everywhere. Those were the good old days I miss so much now. Thank you for sharing your flashbacks on your travels, and I look forward to the next one you put for us to read! It's so good to hear you are feeling better, we all have our down times and I think we all deserve to have them once in a while. Pam in Louisiana

    1. Hi Pam,

      What a neat story about your days RVing with your Mom and Dad!

      About free road side RV Camping drying up. It seems as the economy caused more and more people to take up living in their RVs fulltime, residents began to resent strange RVs in their neighborhoods over nite. That's the reason for nite camping restrictions.

      Citizens of the United States do NOT live with a welcome mat out for RVers! Too bad!

      By comparison, Mexico has the welcome mat out for everybody.

      Mexicans have a phrase for that:
      Bien venidos amigos
      [That means "Welcome friends."]