Monday, March 20, 2017

Jojoba Hills

Wait-list #19

Lately I've been holding off from phoning Jojoba Hills [Link] to find out where I am on their wait-list. I didn't phone because I did not want to be disappointed.

I was #20 in January. Now I'm #19.

The lady I spoke with at Jojoba mentioned that moving up one place a month was pretty good. Except that I moved up one place in last two months.

In mid-September when I first went on the wait-list I was #34. That means that I have been averaging up about 2.5 places per month.

Pool at Jojoba

PS: Would you like to view a video of Jojoba Hills?



  1. I visited there years ago. Definitely the best of the Escapees resorts I've visited. You should have a great time !

  2. We drove through Jojoba Hills early this past February and were very impressed with the great landscaping and well maintained look. Nice place and for people oriented people it looks like the best place to be with all it's activities and social functions.

    1. Not everyone is what you would call 'people-oriented', can be as social or asocial as you please...but it is nice to know that your stuff is safe when you go away, and that if you have trouble or need help, people will be there for you. I am not particularly social here, but at the same time I have many friends who I care about and who seem to care about me.

  3. I can see why there is a wait list. Very nice. I've only visited on Escapee park. I boondocked at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. I loved the place. I think it's worth your wait.

  4. Sometimes the waiting list at Jojoba moves very quickly maybe several spaces in a week. YOU actually want a space and will say yes when offer comes. However, some people are not ready to make a move and will refuse the offer and go back to bottom of list. They are allowed to refuse I believe 3 times. They are simply "Riding the List" for maybe a couple years while they decide what they want to do. You met Judy Bell who was on List for about 6 months and took 1st offer and very happy. Please google Merikays Dream and read her blog at She also was on List about 6 months and took 1st offer. She lists her exact address on blog - and would probably be very honored to be contacted by the famous Tioga George. You are very Lucky and Blessed to have the opportunities that people like me can never even dream of. Be patient. I truly believe your Jojoba Hills offer will come by 4th of July !! In the meantime, count your blessings and live a happy Life.

  5. When Frederika and I got on the list, we were at 19...we thought - and were told - that it might be a year, give or take...three weeks later we got the call. We've been here going on two years, now...not a single regret. This is the most amazing collection of intelligent, accomplished, and well-grounded people that I've ever been around...and I've been around a lot of groups of remarkable people. I guess I would say that they are just my kind of people...down to earth, not putting on airs, etc. (And it is sooo beautiful here...!)

  6. Good luck on the list, hopefully the time will fly by for you.