Monday, March 13, 2017


Lone Wolf Plan

9am - When we leave Lone Wolf, Twayler will remain in the Lone Wolf storage lot. I will go off with Honda and Scampy. We will be street camping until around October, 2017. Then return to Lone Wolf and live in Twayler for the winter.

Jojoba Hills
Of course these plans are dependent on what happens with my placement on the wait-list of Jojoba Hills. When I'm notified that I can move to Jojoba Hills, I'll do that right away!



  1. summer in CA with no A/C?

  2. Bet you a Five Guys Burger that you will be back at Lone Wolf (or Jojoba) before October...

  3. Street camping might be harder with Scampy than with a motorhome. It will be interesting to read about your new adventures. Good luck.

  4. Great plan. I love it. Enjoy and we look forward to your posts. As always, any plan at our age is flexible. Heck, you may just decide to take a trip to Europe. No rule says a plan has to be in concrete.

  5. George. I love that you keep moving forward. You are an inspiration!

  6. Any plans as to where you might be heading?