Friday, March 03, 2017


Threw Out Cookies

9am - After re-reading yesterday's Blog post several times, I decided to get rid of the remaining peanut butter cookies.

I believe that I may have been consuming much too sugar lately. I must develop the will-power to stop!

10am - Work-out day
The iPhone alarm just went off. Time for me to go to 24-Hour Fitness. I'm trying to hold a schedule of every other day at 24-Hour.

My weight loss leveled off at a 143 lb low. Working out at 24-Hour has my muscles growing. As a result, I've gained back some weight. I am now 150 lbs.



  1. Hi George,

    Been thinking of you every day. Glad you aren't bummed out any more. Seems lots of people were having a tough time at the same time, me included. Getting out in the sunshine seems to help. Baking something helps me, too.

    Just wanted to tell you what I do with the cookie thing. Make your batch, roll out some plain ones, if you want. Roll in balls & place next to each other on wax paper lined pan. Add your chips to another amount of dough and repeat the rolling & adding to the pan. Now here's the hard part. Decide how many you want to eat now. If you're like me, instead of ruining my dinner, they ARE my dinner. I call it a cookie meal and I don't do it very often. Maybe if we had a big breakfast or lunch. Anyway, decide on how many to bake now & put the other pan in the freezer for an hour or when you remember. Then take your frozen cookie balls out, bag them up and put in a ziploc container. When you decide you want a cookie or 3 (I usually do it after I baked dinner) put your cookie balls on the sheet while the oven preheats. Just before you put them in, flatten with a fork or your hand.

    I've done this with homemade choc. chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, plain (no chips/no nuts). No reason why it couldn't work with Betty's. After about a month, they start to get a little freezer burned. (Yes a month. Like they'll last that long:) Have taken frozen ones to my mom so they can have homebaked easy & then I don't eat them all. Great for drop-in guests, ready in 20 minutes. You don't even have to grease the cookie sheet!

    Again, soooo glad you're feeling better. I think WE ALL missed you!!

    1. After bagging & putting in airtight container (ziploc/rubbermaid type) return to freezer for baking at a later time.

      You probably knew what I meant :)

    2. BAR,

      Great idea that freezing until later thing!

      For me, I believe that I must overcome buying the ingredients in the first place.



  2. Well done George! We have been in our exchange motorhome for 2 months now and have not bought any actual sugar in all that time. We have bought the occasional package of cookies but they last us for a couple of weeks at least. Really haven't missed it either.

    We do lots of hiking but really need to so some exercises for muscle strengthening though.

    Keep up the great work! :-)


    1. Hi Ruth,

      Sugar seems to be a tough desire to put down!

      I am not good with just going out and walking, because I tire of walking very easily.

      I like being able to use 24 Hour's several cardio machines. 10-minutes on each type. 24 Hour has these machines:

      * Treadmill
      * 2-different bicycles
      * Stair climber
      * Ellyptical

      I agree with you about muscle building. I do not try for ever higher weights for each exercise. At my age [80th year], working each muscle group every other day does the trick!



  3. Muscle weighs more as you know. Happy you are feeling well and getting a good work-out so often.

  4. Working the muscle groups is important keep up the good work.