Friday, March 17, 2017


What Will Happen?

Now that I've decided to remain at Lone Wolf, there has not been much going on. Something will come along to change things. I don't know what? But something always comes along. Just got to be patient. And optimistic.

When I was a fulltime RVer, there seemed to be always something exciting to do. Just around the next bend in the road. Those times are gone for me. And I miss them.



  1. looks like you are not too far from San Bernardino National Forest ... maybe take a short trip there?

  2. Food Banks nearly always need volunteers and you will help to fulfill a need others have. Don't judge just help to fill a need for those in need. I do come away counting my many blessings and so thankful for them.
    Maybe you need more people in your life or maybe a pal to meet for coffee a couple times a week? Just a couple things to think about. Hugs to you George.

  3. Hi George....
    Maybe in the short run you could try something very different.... How about a cruise? Or a trip as part of an RV group where everything is planned ahead of time, as with Fantasy RV Tours? Or a trip by train as part of a group....

    Just wondering if such a new experience where everything is pre-planned with a group leader, might be an alternative to just hanging out at the campground?

    I expect one of the people at the church would love to have Boid for a short time...Even a couple of weeks.

    BTW, Escapees has an 881 page "Days End Directory" on line, with a cost of $15., that contains free boondock sites and other low cost places to overnight.

    Plus...They have a mapping option to get from one place to another based on places in the 881 page listing.

    Have fun... I am 78 + 7 months and rode my bike a little over 10 miles today.... Some days I slack off and do 5 miles. Some days I get too busy and forget to ride....Seems I am then more sore than when I ride.

    Love your blog....The best on the Internet.


  4. Boid at the campground... Not "church" as in post. Autotype took over....Ew!

  5. I understand not going out fulltime in Scampy for six months, but why can't you street camp like you were doing?

  6. You have the best of both worlds. You´re a lucky guy. I'd go rving now.

  7. Something will always come up and make life more interesting, good luck.

    1. I certainly would love that "something" to come along about now!