Sunday, April 30, 2017


Internet and iPhone Addicted

8am - Did you read in yesterday's Blog, that we had already reached what was to be our Borrego Springs Nite Camp? And then we thought that iPhone had gone bad.

So, we turned right around and headed back out of Borrego Springs. And beat it out of there and headed west to buy a new iPhone [We thought at that time, that iPhone was a goner. Dead. Unfixable].

What's with this addiction? I just cannot bear to be internet-less? iPhone-less?

11:45am - Out of 24 Hour
I've just returned from working out at 24 Hour Fitness. This is the wonderful Super Sport club on Balboa in Clairmont Mesa.

It is an absolutely gorgeous T-shirt and short pants day! We are heading to the South Shore Boat Ramp where the temperature will be nice. Here on the mesa, it is 83℉ and heading to 85℉.

Borrego pic
Yesterday when Scampy and The Team were on the steep road way above Borrego Springs, iPhone took a bunch of pics of the view. Just now we stitched some of those pics together.

Scampy and Honda both agreed, this desert would be a bad one to stuck!

View above Borrego Springs

2:30pm - MsTioga memories
While I was eating lunch, a Fleet Tioga backed into the boat launch. This Tioga looked much like MsTioga looked when we first met. Same colors and length.

You may wonder if I miss MsTioga? Yes! Very much!

MsTioga and I used to talk about which one of us would die first. I always figured that the first one to go, would be me. Lord!

Little iPhone captured this pic thru Scampy's window



  1. I think we're all like that these days. We've become so used to having communication and information ( love Google!!) at our finger tips. I do take a break for a few days once in a's kind of nice.

    1. Hi Suz,

      There is a scene in the 1939 movie, "Young Mr. Lincoln" where Abe obtains a book on law. That book changes Lincoln's life.

      In those days, only 180 years ago, a book was sooooo precious for a poor person to have.

      Look how far we have come!



  2. George, you have joined the crowd of so many who have come to rely on these gadgets, me included. However, I do feel safer traveling with them, because I can, more likely than not, get help in an emergency situation; better than hauling a gun on the road for protection.

    I remember when my Grandmother first got electricity on her farm in very rural Georgia in the early 1950s; she thought she had died and gone to heaven. If she were alive today, I wonder what she would say.

    1. Hi Dee,

      Your Grandmother in Georgia reminds me of my own life. We had a cabin in Tujunga Canyon [Los Angeles County].

      No electric power. We used kerosene lanterns for light.



    2. George, I remember your describing Tujunga Canyon to us in your blog; it sounded like a wonderful place during your childhood. However, when I visited my Grandmother, she always had a few farm chores for me to do, but I played, too, like swimming in the pond with other kids and learning how to operate a tractor.

  3. Of course you are hooked on the iPhone. Without it, you wouldn't be posting this blog.