Monday, April 03, 2017


Using library WiFi

This morning I'm going over to the Apple Valley library and use their WiFi to access iTunes.

After many months of trying to download past iTunes purchases, yesterday I finally figured it out. Is it just me? Or is the routine for downloading past purchases of movie videos arcane?

Also, I purchased a bundle of five Martin Scorsese movie videos and only received three. iTunes has not responded to my request for help.

Digital vs DVD
I used to buy DVDs. But now prefer the digital movies that iTunes sells. DVDs have a way of going bad.

I store my iTunes digital video movies on a 2TB Seagate drive. And they seem to last forever.

Movies in theaters
I used to go often to see a movie in theaters. Not anymore. More and more, these movies have no plot. Just shoot 'em up action. High speed chase scenes. Killings. Actors doing impossible physical things.

There is a huge amount of movies available online which are high quality. Those past movies online are what I am into,

I just purchased the 1957 movie, "12 Angry Men" which has great acting and a fantastic plot.



  1. 12 Angry Men is a classic. I have watched it many times. Is Itunes easy to use? I want to start downloading music.

    1. Hi LBM,

      I buy iTunes music for my iPhone. It's easy to do.

      * Click the iTunes app on your phone.
      * Click Music at the bottom of your screen
      * Click search at the bottom if your screen
      * Click inside the search window and type in the song or album that you want to buy

      You will need to have an iTunes account in order to complete your purchase with your credit card listed on the account page.



  2. Remember hard drives do go bad. But as long as you bought the movies on iTunes you can always get them back if you need to.