Monday, April 24, 2017


Scampy Needs 27 Feet to Park

7am - I have an appointment at Kaiser this morning to have my Pacemaker checked. The appointment is for 8:15am. We have arrived at Kaiser at 6:30am. Our experience has been that parking spots for Honda and Scampy are all filled at Kaiser facilities if we arrive just in time for an appointment.

It's better to arrive a couple of hours early and easily park!

10:30am - Laundry Day
When I run out of clean underwear, that means it's time to do laundry.

Using Google, a nearby coin laundry was found.

I don't carry much clothing when living in Scampy. 3-long pants. 2-short pants. 4-T shirts. Jacket. Sweatshirt. Also, bath and kitchen towels.

Our closet using shower's curtain rod

Mac making strange sound!
This morning, Mac began making a sound which appears to be coming thru the keyboard. There is a fan in there.

Could this sound be an indication of the fan going bad?

1:30pm - City Park
We just made an Afternoon Camp at the Serra Mesa Park which is located in the vicinity of the Nite Camp where we have been staying lately.

No need to travel to the beach for T-shirt and short pants weather today. This park's weather is perfect! A bit cool for short pants though!

Scampy Team in Serra Park

Pacemaker Report
The Kaiser check of my pacemaker showed that its working good.

My pacemaker is connected by cell phone to Kaiser's Pacemaker Clinic. Anytime my heart has a reportable event, Kaiser knows about it. My report showed that there were a couple of times where my heart rate in the lower chamber sped up to around 140 beats per minute for a short time [around 6-seconds]. No symptoms that I could feel.

Kaiser does not have any concerns about these two events.

Scampy Battery Report
All cells show a 1.250 specific gravity [SG]. This likely means that it will only be necessary to check Scampy's battery once a week.

When the battery SG falls to 1.240 the plan is to charge it using the Renogy solar panels. We last charged the battery with the Renogy last Saturday.

Lookin' Good!!

4pm - Sizzler!
John and Mimi invited me to go to Sizzler with them. Good time!

Of course, every time we go to John and Mimi's home, Baby Boid goes with. He loves to play with their budgies, Buddy and Ollie. John and Mimi have prepared a little playground for the birds located in the bump-out window in their kitchen!



  1. Looks like everyone's batteries are charged! ;)
    You seem happy to be back in your old 'hood.

    1. Hi Suz,

      Yes! Battery is charged and it is VERY easy to do that charging!

      You are absolutely correct. I am camping in my old 'hood.

      The San Diego area, in my opinion, has the best climate. And the best places to make Day Camps. Down by the Ocean.

      Often, Day Camp spots are hard to find along the California coast.



  2. You should have taken a photo of the bird play area.