Thursday, April 06, 2017

Since Guatemala

One year to good health!

10am - This morning while doing dishes, Guatemala popped into my brain. Early in 2016, I spent several weeks in a town on the shore of
Lake Atitlan [Link].

Do you recall when my right arm and leg began to twitch? I was in Guatemala when that twitching began. At that time, I was taking a bunch of prescription meds for blood pressure, blood thinners, etc. My weight was 185 lbs.

Since that time, I went off ALL prescriptions meds. My weight is now 150 lbs. My Body Mass Index is 21.5, normal. My right and leg no longer twitch.

11am - Library
Right after this Blog post is online, I'm heading up to Apple Valley's library. One of my favorite places around here. They have a fast WiFi there. Love that!



  1. Wow you lost a lot of weight -- happy to hear the twitching stopped.