Saturday, April 22, 2017


Charging Battery

9am - Yesterday afternoon, we tested charging Scampy's battery with the Renogy solar panel while the battery charge controller was bypassed. The reason for the bypass was because our battery charge controller tapers the charging current MUCH too fast.

The result was, after less than two hours, the battery's specific gravity went from 1.245 to 1.255! Since we began using the Renogy solar panels, when the battery charge controller was used, there was NO increase in specific gravity. Nothing!

Reader warning
We received this comment from Reader R. Wagner:
"George, Please be careful. If you have 12 V equipment in Scampy it could be damaged by 15 V. For example the fridge circuit board, led lights, phone charger, etc."

We are sooooo happy to receive this warning. Because what Reader R. Wagner warned about never occurred to us! So, we disconnected Scampy's battery before connecting to the solar panel.

While the battery is being charged, 12 DC will be provided from Honda's battery. Using Honda's battery during the day should not present any problem because we use only a tiny amount of electric power during the day. Only the Dometic fridge and charging power for our Mac computer are required.

10am - Decision to use Renogy
After using the Renogy Solar Panel in a suitcase for two days, it's become fairly easy for me to set it up and take down. So, I will continue to use the Renogy to charge Scampy's battery.

You may recall that a couple of days ago we published "Renogy Alternatives" [Link].

11am - Our Day Camp
We have returned to Mission Beach for the day. The parking lot near the Bahia Hotel is very large and has a lovely view of the Ventura Cove's water [Link].

Also, the high temperature here today is 73℉. Very nice!

There is an RV Unfriendly sign posted here. We on the Scampy RV Team pay little mind to the nonsense of this sign.

Ooooh! We are sooooo scared by this sign! 😳

12 noon - Specific Gravity UP!
We just used our hydrometer to check the specific gravity of Scampy's battery.

The specific gravity is 1.265 now! This reading is VERY good. But we are shooting for a 1.275 reading, which would be excellent!

Below is a ranking of Specific Gravity State of Charge:

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 368 feet



  1. Please do not be concern with 15 Vdc. All 12Vdc items are made to work as high as 18Vdc.
    Remember old days when the voltage regulator of the alternator went bad? The alternator output could jump as high as 18Vdc. Old HiFi, stereo engingeer

    1. Hi Dale,

      Thank you sooooo much for your insight! 😎

      All that I did to remove charging power from going to vehicle components was to disconnect the deep cycle battery. When I follow your advice, I won't have to do that!



  2. To take some of the worry out of battery usage, we travel with this piece of equipment:

    It has multiple uses of the type an RV'er might require.