Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Kaiser Again

7am - This afternoon I've got another appointment at Kaiser. This time with a surgeon. There is a bump on my forehead. It's benign. A hair follicle that did not grow correctly.

Over time, this bump kept growing. Don't like it. I want the bump removed for esthetics.

Scampy vs MsTioga
When looking at our archives and seeing where MsTioga went years ago, I want to go there too.

My feeling is that Honda and Scampy could not manage the wilderness dirt roads that MsTioga managed with ease. MsTioga had lots of clearance. Honda and Scampy, not so much.

It seems that Scampy would be wise to stay on paved roads.

Nevertheless, Honda and Scampy have many wonderful places to go. Soon, I'm guessing, that we will head out to seek adventure along the paved roads of America!

1:15pm - Arrived early at Kaiser
Anticipating difficult parking for Honda and Scampy, we arrived very early. Good thing too! It took 45 minutes for security to locate us and then direct us to a place where both Scampy and Honda could park.

Right now it's 2:10pm. The appointment is at 3pm. No problem waiting. Because we are in Scampy, our RV home. 😎

4:15pm - Out of surgery
The removal of the cyst went very well. No pain. It was sooooo easy for me!

Below is an after pic. Sorry, it did not occur to me to take a before pic for comparison.

Jaws of death
When I was in my 18th year in 1956, I met Clara at a BBG social [Link]. That social was hosted by my sister at our home in City Terrace [East LA].

Soon we began going with each other. I often was invited to eat over at Clara's house. I met her father, Moises. And I learned about Moises' escape from the coming Holocaust.

Moises got his family to Mexico in 1938. Mexico admitted only 1,850 Jewish refugees between 1933 and 1945. So, what Moises did was a miracle.

Why am I writing about this long ago memory? Because the same thing is happening right now. All over the world. Jews are being threatened again. Especially the Jews of Israel. But this time, the Jews have their own country. And one of the best military in the entire world to protect them.

Those that hate Jews, want to destroy them again, as the Nazis did. But are unable to do it. Try as they might. Lie as they might.

There are only 16 million Jews worldwide. So few!! But we survive and flourish!



  1. OK, that's understandable....you want to look beautiful 🤗😁👍 ;-) Hope it works well.

    1. Hi Vera,

      My bump is right in the center of my forehead. As an alternative to surgical removal, I was thinking to disguise it.

      What do you think about going to get a tattoo of an eye with this bump in the center? Eyelashes. Eyebrow.

      Like a 3rd eye!



    2. Go for it, set a new trend!!

  2. Yes, have it removed before it becomes a problem :-)

    1. Hi Rita,

      My dermatologist has advised me that the bump will not become a problem. But it is growing in size. I don't like it.



    2. Did the doc classify the bump as a cyst? If so, some cysts can just simply be drained (no scar) vs. surgical removal of the cyst and accompanying root. If you have it surgically removed, see a dermatology surgeon to get the best results of a minimal scar.

    3. Hi Dee,

      My dermatologist classified the bump as a:

      He also told me that the bump could be removed surgically. He advised that it may leave a scar.

      My appointment is with a Head & Neck surgeon.



  3. Hope you heal well and fast, George. Will you stay in that area until the stitches need to be removed? Use vitamin E on the scar after it is healed ; it will help with the scaring, just rub on the scar every day.

  4. If you cover the incision with silicone gel sheets it will lessen the amount of scarring.