Friday, May 12, 2017

Going north

Day 5

Advice on California Hwy #1

7:15am - Yesterday, Reader Phil sent email warning about State Route #1. We checked the CalTrans website this morning. It appears that there are a bunch of closures. So, we are heading north on US #101.

MsTioga and I traveled the coast route [State #1] many times. It's a bit of a challenge to make Nite Camps along this extremely scenic road. Anyway, we will miss the gorgeous views!

Cricket low speed data
Yesterday we Blogged to you about how we were doing with Cricket Communication's low speed data connection. A few days ago, we used up all of our high speed data for the present period [Ending May 16th].

Our experience is, that very often, low speed data is pretty fast! Also, we are guessing that high speed data speed may be VERY slow at times.

So, we are just going to quit bothering ourselves with data speed stuff. What will be, will be!

10:30am - Breakfast
The Scampy RV Team has Morning Camped in the Town of Santa Margarita so that George may fix his breakfast. And it's a good one!

French toast, sausage and egg

Boid tweets!
During breakfast, Boid kept staring thru the window at the "No Overnight Camping" sign.

Finally, after a long time of staring, Boid tweeted:

"Wouldn't it be nice and friendly if that mean sign invited
travelers to stay over night at Farmer John's empty field?"

Boid stares at the mean sign!

12:15pm - Atascadero
We have arrived at the library in the City of Atascadero. Little iPhone bought the Jim Croce album, "Lost Time in a Bottle" and was having a tough time downloading the songs [because of the slow data thing].

The library has free WiFi. iPhone's songs are now downloading like crazy! 😊

4:30am - Staying in Atascadero
We are thinking about staying the nite in the City of Atascadero. Since leaving Lone Wolf, we have covered about 270 miles. Today only 35 miles. The Scampy RV Team is a take-it-easy crew!

We have scouted out our Nite Camp site. It's in a residential neighborhood. Next to a wood fence. When we stay in residential, we like having a fence next to us!

Stuff to mention:
  1. Looks as though there will be no more 24 Hour Fitness Clubs until we reach the San Francisco Bay area! Man-O-Man!! 
  2. John and Mimi buy their two budgies Millet Spray. We bought Millet Spray for Baby Boid this morning. Wow! Boid went thru his millet seeds sooooo fast! 

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 905 feet



  1. Is boid getting enough to eat? If so, he's a little piggy instead of little boid LOL

    1. Hi Rita,

      I don't know why Budgies love the taste of millet spray? But they do!



  2. George, Atascadero has an institution for the criminally insane. Don't pick up hitch hikers !

  3. I've raised budgies since I was a kid. Let me share this with you George: Millet to our little fellas is like Twinkies for us. Fun to eat, taste good I assume, provides the natural "fun" of foraging in some way I suspect, but has zero nutritional value. I always have millet on the side of the cage for Baby (like Boid, he's a little piggy for millet). BUT, I also provide alongside the millet a leaf of Romaine lettuce (the most nutritious for caged birds). It's soooooo important to add a fresh green supplement to the normal seed diet, even if they're fortified seeds. Seeds are great, but lack that "thing" budgies need to thrive, namely fresh green food such as they find in their natural habitat. I full-time in my 16 ft Scamp with Baby and Macho (dog) -- currently in Port Orford, OR. When I shop, I grab a bundle of Romaine and attach a big leaf to the side of his cage with a clothespin (usually new piece every second or third day). Rinse first. Then stick 5-6 leaves in a tall cup of water which will keep it fresh in your fridge for over a week. The rest of it goes to ME in salads and sandwiches. No waste. Baby is 14 years old and looks just like Boid and sings his beak off when I play any music (including ukulele tunes ... he's a great audience, unlike Macho who rushes to his bed when I pick up my uke).
    Stay well.... Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing about what you feed your budgies!

      George & Baby Boid


  4. George, It seems strange that my wife's Cricket data is all used up this month also. One day I checked she still had 3 GB of data left and the next morning it was all gone, strange indeed?

    1. Hi Joe,

      It is a strange thing!

      However, it's not such a terrible thing either. Because running out of High Speed Data likely happens near the end of the billing period. Soon, Nancy will receive her High Speed Data again.

      Also, Low Speed Data sometimes is pretty fast.

      I am replying to your comment using Low Speed Data. Takes a bit longer is all.