Thursday, May 11, 2017


Day 4

Toughing It Out!

7am - This WiFi stuff is a pain! However, the harder it gets, the tougher we will get! We on the Scampy RV Team thrive on adversity!

Here's the thing. We wish to Blog several times a day. As the Scampy Team drives along, we Blog to you what's going on. That's what we do! So, using WiFi at a Starbucks, library, McDonalds, etc, does not work for us.

Reader Ray M. emailed about a thing named: ZTE Mobley Hotspot. We are going to check this out! 😎

8am - Google Directions
Something interesting!

Google Directions seems to work OK when we are using Cricket Communications on Low Speed!

9am - San Luis Obispo
We are heading to the City of San Luis Obispo to shop for the ZTE Mobley. Also, to find a 24 Hour Fitness Club.

Pismo Beach, where we are now, is just a bit too small for this kind of activity.

PS: For some reason right now, our Cricket mobile hotspot seems to be working good on slow speed?! Go figure?

10am - A road less traveled!
As the Scampy Team was heading toward San Luis Obispo, Little iPhone spotted the Pacific Ocean. "It's sooooo close!", he shouted. "Let's stop and I'll capture a pic!"

So, we stopped. Of course, just stopping wasn't the end of it. Just the beginning! It seems that when a Road Less Traveled is taken, marvelous things may occur. For us on the Scampy Team, taking this road has made a big difference!

Day Camped at Avila Beach Harbor

Reference: Robert Frost for use of his wonderful words.

11:15am - Avila Beach Harbor
Would you care to know something interesting about RVing here? OK!

An RVer may legally camp here for free for 20-hours a day! Yes! It's true! Yet, there are about 100 RVers dry camping a short distance from our Camp. And all of them are paying $50/day for those 4-hours!! Wow! That's $12.50/hour rent. Man-O-Man!

Sign: Free RV Camping 20-hours a day!

George, Baby Boid and Twee
Avila Beach Harbor

2:30pm - Scampy needs water
We have arrived in the City of San Luis Obispo. First we looked in a city park for water. Nothing.

Then we went to a Chevron gas station. We like Chevron, because they are a high priced gasoline place. And have amenities. Like an air/water station.

Scampy is good on water now!

Water at the Chevron

Three things we want to mention:

  1. There is no 24 Hour Fitness in the City of San Luis Obispo. Not a biggy right now. Because we have been working-out sooooo much.
  2. We used 0.9gb data yesterday. That was low speed data! We do not know why, but that low speed Cricket data has been really fast lately!?
  3. A house fly got inside Scampy, and Baby Boid is very curious. 

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 132 feet



  1. Good luck finding one. I have been looking for one for some time now. I live in Riverside, CA and Best Buy did have one but now don't. None of the AT&T stores stock them. So I am at a loss. Good luck!

    1. Hi Rich,

      Keep tuning in to my Blog. When I find out where the ZTE Mobley is sold, I'll post it here.

      I believe that I'll find it. I am a lucky guy! 😇



  2. We have had good luck with using Google maps while having no or limited data (or when I turn off data to save battery) by downloading an offline area.

    Pretty easy to do it, but you have to remember to download the area before you leave.

    1. Why is ZTE Mobley better than just using your phone as a Hot Spot? Seems like it's just another monthly fee, and the prices don't look any better than the phone. What am I missing?

    2. HI W3,

      I believe that it's really confusing!

      It's all in the cost and the amount of data. ZTE Mobley is offered from AT&T for $20/month. Unlimited data.

      Click [Here] to read about it on an AT&T site.



    3. Yes, but AT&T offers phone plans with "unlimited data". Why have 2 plans to pay into? BTW, you know "unlimited data" doesn't mean "unlimited high speed data", right? They pretty much all cap your rate after a certain amount.

    4. Hi again, W3....

      Click [Here] to read another opinion about the ZTE Mobley.



  3. This is from their Terms and Conditions:
    " After 22GB of data usage on vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot in a bill cycle, for the rest of the cycle AT&T may slow data speeds on vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot during periods of network congestion."
    This is the same terms as their "unlimited" phone plans, so what's the advantage? I think Sprint has a similar "unlimited" plan - maybe all you need is an upgrade.

  4. I have fond memories of that area. When I was living in SoCal my brother was teaching at the university in SLO. I would drive up for weekends. It was a blast. We would visit Cambria and the beach there.

    I remember one particular weekend. It was foggy and rainy and we were watching the waves while we listened to a song about Brandy and sailors (Brandy Your A Fine Girl). I sure miss that area and those great times.

    1. Hi LBM,

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing your memories of your times with your brother!!

      I like "Brandy" too!

      Click [Here] to listen to that song! 



  5. Hey George..Is that a smile I see on your and boid's face?
    Good to see you two happy..

  6. Hi George,
    Looks like you are doing great. Thanks for the like to "Brandy" it was popular when I was young. I even named my dog after it. Going to start my camper up this weekend after installing a new mass air flow sensor. Mice ate the air filter and ruined it. I have a fiberglass. Hurray for fiberglass!!!

  7. Fiberglass Roof. Sorry left out the roof part.