Thursday, May 04, 2017

Mira Mesa

Heading to Lone Wolf

6:30am - The Scampy Team slept very sound last nite in the Town of Mira Mesa. The dead end street of our Nite Camp had very little traffic. Also, the nearby Interstate I-15 seems to be very quiet at nite.

There are a lot of "traffic incidents" on I-15 according to the Google Map. I guess that we will find out about how those "incidents" affect us as we travel.

When we arrive back at Lone Wolf, the plan is to move Twayler into the storage lot. And then, head out to search for adventure with Little Scampy.

When the time comes that we wish to return to Lone Wolf, Twayler will be moved out of storage and into a Lone Wolf RV space.

Thinking about years gone by...
When MsTioga was purchased in February, 2003, my thinking was to fix her up and head out, searching for adventure. Of course, I did not have a clue what kind of challenges were to going to befall me.

Shortly after I started RVing in June, 2003, I had times when one or more things would break every single day. These breakdowns caused me to worry. I found that these worries were spoiling my days. One day I sat down and wrote the following, which I call "My Creed." I taped My Creed to MsTioga's toilet door in order to remind me.

My Creed
I don't run away from my dreams,
Because of my fear of what might happen.
I have faith that no matter what fate brings me,
I shall overcome!

July 1st, 2003

PS: That's how my thinking goes today, when I consider going out with Little Scampy searching for adventure.

9am - Break in Menifee
We have pulled off of Hwy 215 in order to take a driving break in the Town of Menifee. The Scampy Team chose the parking area of a shopping mall for this break. Lots of room here, and it's level.

We are not in a hurry to get to Lone Wolf. Actually, we are never ever in a hurry to get anywhere. Because everywhere we go is home! 😎

1pm - Back at Lone Wolf
The Scampy RV Team is back at Twayler's site in Lone Wolf RV Park. It's 92℉ here! Lord!

The temperature in San Diego is only 69℉. A much more friendly temperature. Do you agree?

Twayler's air conditioner has been trying in vain to cool us off. We don't believe that any cooling will come to us during the day! Maybe this evening?

3pm - Getting Twayler ready to move
Our main chore now, is getting MsTwayler ready to move into Lone Wolf's storage lot. Across the way from our present site is a fellow that has helped Lone Wolf residents move their trailers.

He is away from his site right now. When he returns to Lone Wolf, I intend to ask for his help.

5pm - Brian is helping move Twayler
Brian, my neighbor, has offered to move Twayler to the Lone Wolf storage yard. He will move Twayler this coming Monday morning!

Perfect. Twayler should be all ready to go at that time. 😎



  1. you go George. Life is too short to be stuck in one place. Love reading about your adventures. One day I hope to be able to follow your example.

    Glenn McGaughey
    Montgomery, AL

    1. Hi Glenn,

      This is a very good comment for me to receive. Thank you sooooo much!

      I drove thru Alabama in 1960, on the way to Fort Gordon, Georgia. I was serving in the United States Army back then.



    2. George, AND all this time I thought you had never visited the east coast of the US. If you have been to Fort Gordon, then you have visited around Augusta, Columbia County, GA, Savannah River, and Lake Thurmond.

  2. Replies
    1. Muchas gracias, mi amigo Juanito!! 😀


  3. I like your creed. I too sometimes worry too much about what might happen. I have a 2002 manual transmission truck that I tool around in with 159,000 miles. Phoenix being hot in summer, I worry I might break down in some remote area in the I stay close to home. I do travel with other modes of transportation i.e. rental car, or hitch a ride and lately I've been thinking a train trip up the coast or to New England. Maybe next summer I'll make train travel reservations for an extended stay in a cooler area.

    1. P.S. I traveled to Cancun, Mexico via United airlines in March, went snorkeling and toured Chichen Itsza ruins :-)

    2. Hi Rita,

      My feeling about worrying about things takes the following into consideration:

      Everything that happens gets resolved. Everything! So why worry about stuff that has not even happened yet?"



    3. George, I'll add to what you said; my Mother use to say, "Worrying is an unproductive activity."

    4. Hi Dee,

      Mothers are sooooo wonderful! 😀