Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Morning routine

Day 20

Waking Up In Scampy

6:15am - Every morning in Scampy is delightfully the same. First, we turn on iPhone music because Baby Boid likes to wake up to music. Usually, Johnny Mathis because his music is so mellow. Then we remove Boid's black cloth cage cover.

Next, we change our bed to a table with bench seats. By the way, our bed is very comfortable. Just firm enough. Two pillows. All of our bedding, sleeping bag and pillows, gets stored in the big cabinet next to Scampy's door. It only takes us about two minutes to convert our bed to table.

Then we change Boid's seeds. Hartz Bonanza Parakeet Diet. Health and Vitality Blend. Only the best for Baby Boid! Change his water. Change the paper towel at the cage bottom.

Then George gets dressed. Long pants and long sleeve shirt when the morning is cool. Short sleeve shirt and short pants if it is warm. This morning in the City of Eureka, the temperature is 52℉. So, we are leaving Wave3, our catalytic heater on low in order to be comfortable.

George's morning things consist of shaving, brushing teeth, taking his vitamins. Then preparing breakfast. This morning no breakfast was prepared. Good thing, too! Because we went out for breakfast.

9am - Samoa Cookhouse
We went to the marina here in Eureka just for a look-see. On the way, we spotted a sign for the Samoa Cookhouse! We had forgotten about the Samoa Cookhouse. The first time here was in 2003 when MsTioga's transmission was replaced at Harper Ford.

The Samoa Cookhouse is from the olden days when lumber camps were huge operations.

Samoa Cookhouse plaque

Samoa Cookhouse exterior

12 noon - Elk herd
Little iPhone captured an elk herd in the vicinity of the Town of Trinidad!

Wild Elk along today's journey!

4pm - August 20th, 2006
We have arrived in Crescent City. In 2006, MsTioga and I Nite Camped here. Click [Here] to view that Blog post.

We don't use our past Blog posts to locate a present day Nite Camp. But we decided to do it today, just to see how difficult it would be to find the exact location of that August 20, 2006 Nite Camp.

And guess what? We found it using a Google Map on Little iPhone!

7pm - Steak for supper
We moved from the site of our August, 2006 Nite Camp so that neighbors would not be alerted that an RV was in their neighborhood. The plan was to return later to that site for our Nite Camp.

However, the place where we moved to appeared to also be good for our Nite Camp. So, we remained there and began to prepare supper.

On the menu:
  • Tri-tip steak, prepared on our grill
  • Red rose potatoes, sliced and fried
  • Salad with 1000 Island Dressing
Wonderful supper!

Elevation: 11 feet



  1. After seeing the vast improvement of my African Grey Patriot we switched all of our birds to Roudybush food pellets. We will only give our birds Roudybush food pellets! Do a search

    roudybush DOT com/index.cfm?fuseaction=nature . science

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you sooooo much!

      Boid and I will definitely go shopping for Roudybush food pellets.



  2. I really like the cookhouse. If you didn't get enough to eat it's your own fault! Ha

    1. Hi David,

      You are sooooo right! Samoa Cookhouse serves a BIG breakfast.

      I ate less than half the food that was served me.



  3. George, you are very close to two National Forest Service campground--Grassy Flat and Panther Flat. Grassy Flat is $5 per night for seniors and Panther Flat is $7.50 per night. Neither have electric, water, or hookups, but they look very scenic and have lots of walk-up sites. Along highway 199 about 20 miles away in Gasquet.

    I've been trying more Forest Service places lately myself, although I have never been there. And you are so close to gorgeous Oregon!

  4. Nice to see you getting around and enjoying life. Your supper looks perfect !

  5. George is a good cook!