Monday, May 01, 2017


Three Weeks On The Road

8am - The Scampy RV Team headed out of Lone Wolf RV Park on Sunday, April 9th. Today marks three weeks that we've been RVing. Always Nite Camping along the way.

So, do you want to know how it's like living in 13-foot long Scampy? Well, for one thing, we have plenty of room! Our bed is very comfortable for sleeping. It only takes a couple minutes to convert from table and bench seats to bed. We have an entire storage cabinet for our bedding!

It seems to us on the Scampy RV Team, that persons thinking about becoming RVers, should buy a small RV instead of a large one!

9am - Mission Beach quiet
Yesterday when we came down to enjoy the coolness of the Pacific Ocean area, we headed to the South Shore Boat Ramp. On Sunday, South Shore is the only place that is not completely packed.

This morning, we headed for Mission Beach. Working folks are not around Mission Beach Monday thru Friday.

Hardly anybody here!

3pm - Invited for supper!
Friends John and Mimi arrived where The Scampy Team had Day Camped [pic above]. They came down here to bike along the beach path.

We are invited for a pork chop supper at John and Mimi's home! We love pork chops. 😍



  1. We had small rv's for years but for the 2 of us this one works great, my wife loves all the comforts of home, by myself I would probably go smaller too.

    1. Hi OAT,

      We are birds of a feather. In complete agreement.

      Thank you,