Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Day 3

A Very Quiet Camp

7am - This Camp has been sooooo quiet for sleeping. All we could hear was the sound of silence.

We took Baby Boid out to take a peek at morning. A bird chirping from a nearby tree made Boid very excited! Boid chirped back at this unseen singing bird!

Little iPhone has taken a pic of the morning view from our Camp. We have always been thrilled by the look of shadows across distant mountains and hills when the Sun is low.

Our morning view

7:30am - High speed data gone!
Remember yesterday that I asked you what happens when my Cricket Communication's high speed data is used up?

Well, Cricket just sent a "heads up" text that I've used up 100% of my high speed data. Now, doing stuff online crawls. Sooooo slow.

However, I am going to just tough it out. No more $10 payments to Cricket for another GB of high speed data!

9am - Team Meeting
Little Honda called for a Team Meeting this morning. There seems to be a difference of opinion amongst Team Members about where to head to from where we are now.

Some want to head toward the Sierras, and search for adventure along rivers. Others want to go toward the Pacific Coast.

It was a close vote. But the Coast contingent won!

1pm - Pacific Ocean!
We have arrived at Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve. Our Camp is hard up against the Pacific Coast. Several miles due west of the Town of Guadalupe.

The weather is mild. It is a grey overcast afternoon.

We plan to Afternoon Camp here until maybe 7pm. Then move easterly seeking our Nite Camp.

Our Afternoon Camp

Along the way today...

Farm workers labor in a field

The pic below shows the "only" access point for the Cuyama River that we found this morning. 

Even the fabulously powerful and intrepid MsTioga would have difficulty here. Because she would have to backup to exit.

Little Honda and Scampy would have said, "Uh Uh!" 
Cuyama River access point

7pm - Supper
Here is a pic of my supper tonite. I have not eaten big meals for about a year. I guess that this supper would be called, "A small meal?"

BBQ chicken and fried potato

Elevation: 162 feet


  1. Beautiful view. It's great that you found a quiet spot for the night. I hope all the nights will be like that for you, Boid and the rest of the crew. Be careful of hot-tubs!

    1. Hi Vera,

      Thank you soooo much. Boid and I am very happy when we sleep in a very quiet Camp!

      No more hot tubs for me. Hopefully, my hot tub rash will clear up on its own in a couple weeks!



  2. Remember, in your travels that almost all local libraries have internet that you can use for your downloading needs.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your "library" reminder! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I get a kick out of you and Mimi being able to follow my adventure/travels!!



  3. Out seeking adventure! We're so happy to read and see this. We also love the sun against mountains... Your picture was beautiful...

  4. Hi Kent,

    Thank you for being happy for me! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    And.....thank you for the compliment about the Sun shadow pic!



  5. Hi George and Team,
    So much enjoying your travels. Can hardly wait to check the blog every morning.
    PS. Ocean water is great for helping any skin problems.