Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Day 15

Quiet For Sleeping

7:30am - There is no noise at Albion Campground during the nite. We on the Scampy RV Team are delighted about that. When we go to bed, all that want to hear is the sound of silence!

The campground lures fishermen and their boats. Located at the mouth of the Albion River, fishermen can go out into the Pacific Ocean for fishing. When these fishermen come back at day's end, they are able to be comfortable in their RVs.

View from Scampy's window

Last nite's supper....
....included a USDA Choice Chuck Top Blade Steak. You may recall that we had trouble grilling a steak before when our steak came out chewy!

We learned on the Weber web site, that it is essential when grilling steak to have high heat. Last nite we grilled the 1" thick steak on high heat for 11 minutes in order to get it to rare.

That steak was tender. Not chewy at all. We also prepared a nice bowl of salad [greens and carrots with 1000 Island dressing].

My Life As A Zucchini
Because Albion Campground includes WiFi, we took this opportunity to buy a movie on iTunes and download it too.

The movie is, "My Life As A Zucchini", which is rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes' TomatoMeter. Also, 87% Audience Score. These are very very high scores.

We only watched about 15 minutes of this movie so far. Because it was time for bed by the time the download was finished. But, we recommend this movie!

10am - Fort Bragg?
We are now heading out from Albion Campground. All of our morning chores are done. Whoops! Forgot to sweep Scampy's floor. I'll do that now.

Maple Pecan Clusters and banana for breakfast. I like matzoh and eggs. Also sausage. Can't eat that everyday though. Not healthy!

From reading our paper map, it appears that we may reach Fort Bragg as we travel north this morning.

Yes! We have reached Fort Bragg!

Pics along our way!

Note: We have made arrangements to stay in an RV Campground. Are you able to perceive where our camp is located from the map?

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 154 feet


  1. Big land slide on highway 1 near Big Sur...thought you should know.

    1. He is several hundred miles north of that and headed north.

  2. I got kick out of the steak comments. Isn't I funny that at our advanced ages (you have a few on me, George) we are still figger'in it out. I'm sure it was delish. BTW, enjoying the pics.

    1. Hi Tom,

      I am boggled by knowing that I am "still figger'in it out."

      Thanks for your comment about the pics! 😀



  3. Replies
    1. Hi Linda,

      You are sooooo correct! Giant Redwoods RV Park! 😎

      In tomorrow's Blog, I'll tell you all about it.



  4. George, I love it where I can enlarge your photos with a single click. The one with the boat, backhoe and fog is really nice full screen. The photos make your journal so interesting, not that your writing isn't. Sleep well every night.

    I use a meat thermometer when cooking steak. No more than 120 degrees and rest for 10 minutes is perfect. More than that and it is too cooked. Now, my husband wants leather but has better teeth and less taste. Ha.

  5. Hey George, that picture of the Albion campground was awsome! I want to go there one day. Really enjoy hearing about your adventures. Taking my winnebago mini out this weekend for the first time. Camping in my daughters drive way to help clear some land on saturday. Thinking about your comments regarding a slide in camper on a 4wd truck. That is a nice set up but another nice type of rig which is rare, are those class C on a pick up truck chassis. Usually 4wd also. But believe me I am content with my 24' class C