Monday, May 15, 2017

Size matters

Day 8

Yesterday's Image Question

7:45am - Thanks to all of you who commented with info about the image size question.

It seems that there may be a universal image view option for all browsers. When you view an image, you may make it bigger or smaller yourself. For the Google Chrome browser, the command is in the "view" option at the top of the Chrome screen.

It is the same "view" option for the Safari browser.

Image quality
There are things that I may do to increase the image quality of my pics using Iphone 5s. Live and learn!

Below is an image that iPhone captured this morning of Honda FIT and Scampy. I am hoping that the image quality [sharpness, color] appears good to you.

If you want the image to appear bigger or smaller, look for the View option at the top of your browser.

Honda and Scampy this morning!

9:30am - Santa Cruz
We are heading over to the City of Santa Cruz. There is a 24 Hour Fitness Club there!

We love 24 Hour! 😍

11:30am - Water and Laundry
We have not reached Santa Cruz yet! On the way to Santa Cruz, we stopped to fill Scampy's fresh water tank. And we had to go to three different gas stations before we found one whose fresh water machine was working!

Then, we had our laundry to do. We waited this morning for a coin laundry to open. The sign stated: Open 8am. But that coin laundry never opened its doors!

But we are heading to Santa Cruz now!

1pm - Santa Cruz beach
We just had to take a look at the lovely beach! Wow!

New Brighton State Beach

Beach history

Note: First click on an image. You may increase or decrease the image size by using the "View" pulldown on your browser.

PS: Scampy's grey and black water tanks were dumped at New Brighton Beach Park.

5:30pm - Scotts Valley
Scampy and The Team spent about an hour cruising around the City of Santa Cruz keeping eyes out for a possible Nite Camp site.  MsTioga and I have made Nite Camps in Santa Cruz many times.

Over the years, Street Camping in the City of Santa Cruz became more and more challenging. The city has developed a permit parking system for residents. We decided NOT to buck all of this restriction stuff.

Looking at our paper map, we spotted Scotts Valley about 3-miles away. While driving in Scotts Valley, we spied a big rig trailer parked on a side street and decided to give that place a try for our Nite Camp.

PS: We generally do not post our Nite Camp map link until late in the nite. But today we are Blogging it at 5:30pm. We are trusting that this will NOT put a hex on our Nite Camp!!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 573 feet


  1. That picture looks fine to me and my Mac Book can make larger if needed.

    1. Hi OAT,

      Your comment is GREAT news to receive!

      Thank you,


  2. Picture looks good on my iPad and does mot lose much clarity when I enlarge it. Well done 👍😉

    1. Hi Vera,

      Thank you sooooo much!

      We on the Scampy RV Team just LOVE
      compliments! 😍

      George and Little iPhone


    2. Same for me, George. Thank you

  3. George...Where is this thing view?..I push some Google thing up there and it takes me off to all sorts of crap I had no-way asked for...This is what get's me Grrrrr..
    Nothing is simple anymore....On/off..Up/down...Ya know?

  4. Hello George. I find on a computer to use the "ctrl and the + key to make things bigger. The ctrl and the - key makes them smaller. Works on the Chrome browser using a chromebook and windows 10.