Tuesday, June 06, 2017

24 Hour

Day 27

Early Bird Gets To Park

5:30am - When we drove from our Nite Camp to the 24 Hour Fitness Club, we found that the 24 Club was sooooo close! Maybe, 1/2 mile from Nite Camp.

Little Honda spotted a perfect parking place! Right on the street. The sign stated:

15 Minutes Parking 7am to 5pm

Wow! That gave us 1-1/2 hours!

The parking lots around 24 Hour offer space that is MUCH too crowded. Filled to overflowing. However, this street parking spot was perfect.

8am - Stuff to do today
► Clean and wax Scampy's floor
► Wash clothes
► Pickup Reflectix insulation at Lowe's [Link]
► Haircut

10am - Scampy's floor
About a week ago, a decision was made to wax Scampy's vinyl floor. The floor under the table was the first to receive a wax job. This floor is about 8" higher than the entry level floor.

Observation showed that this first wax job held up nicely! The wax appears to prevent dirt from entering the porous vinyl. Without the wax, this vinyl is really hard to keep clean.

So, this morning the entry vinyl floor was cleaned. Then waxed.

Cleaning the vinyl is definitely not easy to do! George will be 80 late this year. Standing up from the stoop down cleaning/floor position is hard!

The floor job eventually got done. Everybody on the Scampy RV Teams is proud of George. They say, "George does his best!"

3:45pm - Our Reflectix story
Our first Reflectix installation try, was this sequence:
Window glass ---> Black Poster board ---> Reflectix

Too much heat came thru!

Then we tried this sequence:
Window glass ---> Reflectix ---> Black Poster board

This sequence was much better!!

How does this look?
[Aluminum Reflectix]

7pm -  Cleaning in the park
We used Google to find a park where it would be nice to clean Scampy and Honda. The park we found had wonderful old trees.

We are determined to keep up with cleaning for two reasons:

1. It makes us feel good when our stuff is clean.
2. Slacking off makes it very hard to get back on track.

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 190 feet



  1. Hi George and Team! This little gadget, although it is meant for tires, is also good for checking surface temperatures on anything. I check my windows with and without Reflectix and the difference is amazing.


    1. Hi LBM,

      Thank you for your info about this temperature sensing device.



  2. I like the look of your reflectix on youe windows. I have some cut for most of the windows in my van. It really helps.