Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lincoln City

Day 46
J's Fish & Chips

8am - Brother Pete Olson [His pic is on the right side of my Blog], turned me on to J's Fish & Chips in Lincoln City. 

I was going to prepare French Toast with bacon for breakfast this morning. Instead, I am going to tough it out with a snack in order to save my appetite for J's!!

Ain't life grand?

J's Fish & Chips
[Pete-Wish you were here!]

12 noon - J's is sooooo busy!
J's opened at 11:30am. Almost immediately, customers descended on this restaurant! I waited a 1/2 hour thinking that J's would empty out.

No! It just got busier! When I returned at 12 noon, every table was taken! I got lucky, and somebody got up from a small 2-person table. I put my Mac computer on that table to reserve it, and got into the order line.

Not knowing what fish to order, I bought a 4 pc Combo:
[1 Pc Cod, 1 Pc Halibut & 2 Shrimp]  $8.50

I also ordered a Pepsi, which only cost $1. Wow! And that Pepsi got delivered to my table. Amazing!

Why is J's sooooo popular?
➜ The fish tastes great.
➜ The fry coating is fresh, not oily at all.
➜ A cup of fresh cole slaw comes with each basket
➜ Prices are good for this high quality
➜ Lots of food!

2pm - Abraham Lincoln Memorial
We saw a sign pointing east for a Memorial Tribute to Abraham Lincoln. It took awhile to find it. We were looking for a bigger memorial, instead of Abe sitting on a horse located on a quiet street corner.

The second time driving passed the memorial, we spotted it!

Abe Lincoln in 1849

5pm - Afternoon Camp
The Scampy Team has made an Afternoon Camp on a quiet street in Lincoln City.

We had some strange things occur today:
➜ This morning, when we headed out from our Nite Camp, the low tire pressure alert turned on.
➜ We went to a gas station for air. Two tires were a bit low. We topped off all tires.
➜ Scampy needs water in his Fresh Water Tank. However, our hoses are back with Tránsito in Salem.
➜ We went to Ace Hardware in Salem to buy a hose. Ace closed 15 minutes before our arrival. Sears closed also.
➜ The low tire pressure alert came on again.
➜ We had a Team Meeting to decide whether to head back to Salem or stay here in Lincoln City for the nite here. Lincoln City won!

So, we are going to Brave-It-Out a with low fresh water tank and low tire pressure.

PS: We asked a guy washing his car to allow us to fill our 8-gallon tank. He seemed to be kinda hostile toward Little Honda's California license plate. He didn't wanna let us get water.

9pm - Lincoln City
On Sunday, this town shuts down early in the evening. But Dairy Queen is open tonite until 10pm. I am there now. A steady stream of customers are in the order line.

I was messing around with a new TV. Trying to see how the TV works. Lost track of time and nearly missed supper! I'm not able to prepare my own supper in Scampy this evening. The Dometic fridge got a bit over heated yesterday and spoiled food.

So here I am in DQ with a $5 buck lunch [served all day].

9:30pm - Driving in Oregon
It may be my imagination. But driving in Oregon seems really different.

When I'm pulling out of a gas station, for example, the cars coming at me do not let me into the traffic stream. The cars just come toward me, in a somewhat never ending stream.

It kinda reminds me of driving in Mexico. Where the driver in the rear has the right-of-way over the driver in front.

I began driving in the 1950s. Back then we used the "fake-out" move to get into traffic. Do you know that move? You just move forward a bit to get the opposing driver to put on brakes. And then you move on thru! Faking out that guy!

Gotta love it! 😍

I do not understand cryptocurrency. Don't know how to buy, exchange and trade Bitcoin. Same with blockchain.

When I search Google for: "What is a Bitcoin?", I get:
"a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank."

When I search Google for: "What is a dollar?", I get:
"the basic monetary unit of the US, Canada, Australia, and certain countries in the Pacific, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America."

So, when you read these two definitions, do they make sense? Do you understand them? Why do we trust a dollar? Why do most of not trust Bitcoin?

I am beginning to study cryptocurrency.


  1. Yes, life is grand. When on the coast, I love to eat seafood i.e. clam chowder, fish & chips, calamari, baked, fried, or smoked fish of any kind, lobster, clams, etc. yum!

    1. Hi Rita,

      Food from the Ocean. Gotta love it! 😎



  2. George, we passed you on Hyw 101 this morning. You were heading south from your Night Camp, and we were heading north from Neskowin. We have a silver Leisure Travel Van. Insidently we will be using your night camp ourselves tonight. Last night we were at Boiler Bay View Point, just north of Depoe Bay. I recomend it highly. I have been lurking on your blog for some time, but now that I have revealed myself I will probably comment more. My wife and I live in Salemtowne a retirement community in West Salem. We will be going back home on Monday, so keep us in mind for a resource while you are in Salem.

    1. Hi Rambler,

      So very nice to meet you here in Comments!

      Thank you sooooo much for your resource offer!



  3. When I moved from Cali to Oregon, I was warned about some people with attitudes towards Californians. "Wow...why?", I would ask. Something about home prices 10-20 years ago. I still haven't figured it out. I'm sorry that person was a bad representation of Oregon George. We are in a strange time. Hopefully we realize we are all Americans, and helping each other should be instinctive.

    1. Hi Point,

      Sorry, I do know what you are writing about with your sentence:

      "I'm sorry that person was a bad representation of Oregon George."

      I checked on my recent Blog posts. Nothing?



    2. PS: We asked a guy washing his car to allow us to fill our 8-gallon tank. He seemed to be kinda hostile toward Little Honda's California license plate. He didn't wanna let us get water.

    3. Oh yeah, that guy. Thanks for reminding me.



    4. In montana it is the same attitude towards Californians due to them inflating real estate prices and "bringing their politics".

  4. Unless you want to night camp and total privacy that's one thing but you also have A casino in the north west end of town for free

    1. Hi Mister ed,

      What I want in a Nite Camp, is to make that camp where I am at.

      I don't drive someplace to find my Nite Camp. I don't make reservations at some RV park!

      I am like the wagon train pioneers. They camped where they stopped for the day. That's me.

      It's like this. At the beginning of the day, I often have very little
      notion where I am going. In fact, I do not want to have a driving plan.

      I follow my instincts. I did that yesterday. I wanted to get out of the Salem Oregon heat. Headed toward Lincoln City on the Pacific Coast. I turned north at Hwy 101 instead of south. Away from the crowd.

      Casino? I don't need no stinking casino. [Just a play off "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"]



  5. The casino has excellent fry bed, and a excellent rest over looking ocean.... my fav city

    1. Bread... not bed.... oh and great camping too...

    2. Hi MCA,

      I understand where you are coming from. Nearly all RVers are the same.

      They want stay in an RV Park. A casino. Some place safe.

      They make a reservation. Know where they are going to be spending the nite. Maybe they go there for the Fry Bread [whatever that is].

      I search for adventure. Who knows where adventure may be found. Probably not found in an RV Park.

      I am not knocking that way of RVing. It's just not for me.