Thursday, June 15, 2017

Free as birds

Day 36

State Jumper

8am - Yesterday when the Scampy Team was in Washington, George worked out at the 24 Hour Fitness. Today we are in Oregon. And George worked out at the 24 Hour Fitness here.

This may seem to be a small thing to get excited about. But jumping around like that, really tickles us! We love being free as birds. 

Birthday party
Text messages between George and Rowena:
George: For some unknown reason we are now in the State of Washington. How did we get here?
Rowena: Because you are a vagabond. But you have to come back Thursday afternoon because you are invited to my birthday party along with my ladies.
George: I will definitely be back! Who are the ladies?
Rowena: On Thursday you will find out :-)
George: Oh! It's sort of a wait-and-see kind of thing? OK!

Note: Goody, goody, goody! We love parties! 

12 noon - We have tools!
Did you ever wonder why we put all the effort into building the two cabinets with full extension drawers that are installed into Little Honda?

The reason was to have an organized way to store our tools and building supplies.

In the pic below is a 3/4" wood round that is clamped to the table. The wood round is being cut for a project to secure Scampy's stove top.

Temporary shop

PS: We are constantly doing projects like this!

1pm - Another Ruth & Herman wall pic
This should cause you to wonder a bit?

5pm - Rowena's birthday party
The party was held at the Old Gold Restaurant in Portland. This is the first time that I met Rowena's ladies. We really hit it off! Great time! Good talk!

L-R Marjie, Kathleen, Mimi, Rowena



  1. Happy Birthday Rowena!!!
    Would love to see you blogging again.

    1. Hi Suz,

      I'll be sure to carry your comment to Rowena.



  2. George, I might recommend a couple of folding sawhorses and a plywood top that can be set up wherever you are. Don't want to have to cleanup Scampy too often ;-)

    1. Hi Mike,

      Good recommendation!

      Thank you,