Saturday, June 24, 2017


Day 45

Proof of Address

10:30am - I do not have an actual place where I live. I have a mailing [billing] address. However, that address is a Mailbox Location, which is known by anybody willing to check, to be only a mailbox company.

In order to provide insurance for Tránsito, I am required to furnish proof of address:
➜ Utility bill with my name

An insurance person informed me yesterday, that this government requirement is necessary because of insurance fraud.

11am - Try mailbox address
I've decided to give my mailbox address a try. That address includes an apartment number [my mailbox number].

I am asking my bank to mail me a bank statement. Perhaps this will work as Proof of Address?

Insurance Brokers
On Monday, I'm giving insurance brokers in Salem, Oregon a try.

11:30am - Honda to Tránsito review
Changing our tow vehicle from Honda to Tránsito is costing a $bundle$. Perhaps $3,000 dollars.

However, Tránsito will prove to be a superior tow vehicle.  The hitch! The storage space!

It's going to be great! We on the Scampy Team just got to muscle on thru this transition time. 😎

1pm - The Burger Business
I consider myself extremely knowledgeable about the Burger Business. I owned three restaurants [1976 to 1989]. Two of these were burger joints. One burger joint was a roller skating car hop drive in!

I was extremely competitive. Advertised in the Contra Costa Times and a local FM station. Nearby burger joints suffered loss of business because of me.

Right now, I am eating lunch in a "Nancy Burgers & Fries" in Salem, Oregon. It is my opinion, that Nancy's is the best burger joint that I have ever seen. Much better than my burger joints!

Nancy's does EVERYTHING right. No big burger chain comes even close. Well, except for In-N-Out Burger [which is a thing unto itself. A magic burger chain].

Our country has turned to shit!
I was watching PBS when Shields and Brooks spoke about healthcare here in the United States. Healthcare in the USA is, in my opinion, an abomination!

Mexico has a better system [Link]. 

We the people of the United States need to rebel. We need a rebellion like we need blood!

Note: Click on Thomas Jefferson to enlarge.

2:30pm -  everybody heading to the coast!
 We are   Making this blog post from our iPhone traffic jam. . There is a 30 minute   Traffic jam all the way to the coast.

We should not be affected by the huge population increase near the Pacific becaus because we are still campers!

 Making a blog post with an iPhone is pretty much ridiculous!

3:45pm - Hwy 101 north
When we arrived at Hwy 101, all of the traffic headed south. Sooooo, being the contrarians that we are, we headed north!

Our RVing experience since 2003 has been, when folks are heading to the Ocean, we head to the hills [near the ocean].

Pano from a view point along Hwy 101

7pm - Staying here
After thoroughly exploring the lovely beaches along Hwy 101, we chose our Nite Camp.

You may view this place by using the Nite Camp link below.

7:30pm - Revealing my eclectic music taste
In times gone by, I've Blogged about the music I like. My iPhone collection recently grew a bit.

Tears for Fears "Songs from the Big Chair" [1981 to present]
The Platters "All-Time Greatest Hits" [1954 to 1970]

My collection has, in my opinion, huge extremes. From Nirvana to Johnny Mathis!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 160 feet



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    1. Hi Barney,

      Never thought of that! I am an Escapees member too.

      Thank you!


  2. How are you dealing with the heat George? It only gets around 100 degrees a few times a year here is these parts of Oregon. I hope you are keeping cool! :)

    1. Hi Point,

      Right at this moment, I am in a Nancy's Burgers & Fries. It sooooo air conditioned in Nancy's.

      After lunch, The Scampy Team plans to head to Lincoln City, Oregon for the weekend. A coastal town.



  3. Can you get your current insurance company for the Honda Fit to add a second vehicle to the policy (Transito). Then you can delete the Honda when you sell it. That way you can get your insurance company to email or fax you a rider that says Transito is covered on the existing policy number.

    1. Hi Bill,

      That would be Esurance. I went to them first.

      Esurance would not insure Tránsito because they claimed that Tránsito is a commercial vehicle.

      Go figure?



  4. Search for
    full time rv insurance broker agent

    1. Hi David,

      I will do that, on Monday.

      Thank you,


  5. George, you're right on about Mexican healthcare. Like anywhere else, the more money the better the service. That said, the basic universal healthcare system does thousands of transplants every year, premature babies receive topnotch care, heart bypass and diabetic care are excellent.

    A complete male check up including colonoscopy, dental, blood, Xrays, in other words, a full one day hospital stay including your meal after the colonoscopy is less than $1000 dollars at Christus Muguerza which is part of the Christus hospital system in the U.S. Imagine giving birth to your baby, a two-night stay in a private hospital for less than $500 dollars? Unheard of in the U.S. JMHO

    1. Hi LBM,

      Yes! It's crazy here in the USA.

      Let's gather weapons and ammo and over-throw these government bastards. Where are all the patriots like those of the 1700s? We need them sooooo bad!



  6. You are very close to my home town of Lincoln City, George. (Sorry...didn't mean to distract from your revolution...)

    1. Hi Pete!

      My coast destination was Lincoln City! On arriving at Hwy 101, all the traffic escaping from heat turned south [toward Lincoln City].

      So, I turned north!

      When I finally living am Jojoba Hills, please tell me all about your home town times. 😎

      Your amigo,

      PS: I was thinking of a Rebellion instead of a revolution! Those guys in Washington might put me in jail if I headed up revolution! 😇