Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Day 35

Firming Up

7:30am - You may not be of an advanced age. So, you may not have wondered if old persons are able to get firm muscles when working out. I know that I wondered about that. In fact, my work out strategy was just to keep in shape. Not build muscles. Because I believed that my old body would not do that anymore.

Most of the youngish people at 24 Hour Fitness exercise using the strategy of using the maximum weight. Increase weight for each set, until the weight cannot be completed. In other words, increase weight until you fail.

Yesterday at 24 Hour on the way to take a shower, I happened to see myself in large mirror. Surprise! I had muscles! Shoulders, chest, arms.

Pretty neat! 😎

12:45pm - Propane
We went to U-Haul to have Scampy's propane tank filled.

U-Haul guy: You have to take the tank off of the trailer.
George: Why?
U-Haul guy: State law. Tanks cannot be filled when on a trailer.
George: Do you fill propane tanks on motorhomes?
U-Haul guy: Yes.
George: I don't understand?
U-Haul guy: We cannot remove a propane tank from a motorhome. They are attached. Inside compartments.
George: Oh? I don't get it? How is a propane tank on my trailer different from a propane tank on a motorhome?
U-Haul guy: It's the law.

1:45pm - Compliment!
In yesterday's Blog we wrote about having lunch with Reader Tom and his wife Christine.

Tom commented in today's Blog:

"PS: I say this as a warm compliment, but after talking with you, you really remind me of Bob Schieffer! ;)"

Bob Schieffer
Tioga George

2:30pm - LightCurve on the Road
The first time meeting Mike Fousie was in 2003. Mike is a retired journalist. His Blog is "LightCurve on the Road."

Mike was big into 3D pics. And he got me started into that too.

A year or so ago, Mike dropped out of sight. When I went to his Blog, GoDaddy came up. I figured that my friend Mike, had passed away. Almost all of my friends from years ago, have died.

This morning, an email from Mike Fousie arrived. Mike is alive. Big time health problems though!

We  will get together soon!

Mike Fousie

6pm - Most insane sign of them all!
When Little iPhone saw this crazy sign, he had to go back and capture it!

Got to cost a whole lotta $dough$ to pick up litter in Beaverton! Or maybe trash collectors get paid $250/hour. Beaverton trash picker-uppers should be on call!

On Hwy 8 in Beaverton

7pm - Back in Beaverton!
We are Evening Camped in our old haunt where we have camped a lot before. Nobody bothers us. Very quiet.

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 178 feet



  1. Hi George!

    I just wanted to say it was sure a pleasure to meet you yesterday! Christine and I were really surprised on how roomy your 13' Scamp really is. We can't wait until we get our little Scamp in December. It sure makes a BIG difference when the table is up. We both had a great time talking with you and we both wish you our best in your continuing journeys. :)

    I also wanted to add that as I had mentioned in my email, after looking over your bent trailer hitch I highly recommend if you're going to leave your trailer attached to your Honda overnight that you lower your front trailer jack to the ground to take the weight off your car's hitch. Your Class 1 Hitch has a tongue weight limit of only 200 lbs and if you don't relieve the weight of your trailer off your car with you inside your trailer, your added weight on that tongue (along with anybody else that may be with you), could really exceed the limits of that hitch. Especially with the unibody design of your car! :O
    I recommend you just lower your jack so that it's firmly on the ground. You can still keep it hitched to your car, but any added weight will then transfer to the jack, not your hitch and therefor saving you more headaches on possibly damaging your new hitch. :)

    But anyways, I wanted to again thank you for the wonderful time!
    Your Friend,

    -Tom Lorbeer
    PS: I say this as a warm complement, but after talking with you, you really remind me of Bob Schieffer! ;)


    1. Hi Tom,

      I just put pics of myself and Bob Schieffer on my Blog, side by side! Whata kick!



  2. How about muscles on legs to keep you from falling?

    1. Hi Rita,

      How about muscles in my legs? I exercise my legs too!

      Should I put a pic up on my Blog with me in short pants?



    2. Yes show us them sexy, toned legs LOL

  3. Tom, considering skis for your trip out of northern MN in Dec.? Skiing Scamp.Hmmm

  4. I guess you do kind of look kind of look like him but your probably in better shape then Bob Schieffer, ha.

  5. George, the propane bottle on a trailer has to be filled using a scale. The fixed tanks on motorhome use a spit valve which is a small vent that when opened will spit liquid propane when the tank reaches 80%. That is the maximum the tank can safely be filled to. Overfilling will result in liquid propane being delivered to the attached appliances, this could have disasterious results.

    1. Hi Matt,

      I never had a propane bottle filled using a scale.



    2. Wow that's strange, how do they determine how much to put into the bottle without knowing how much if any is left in the bottle ? Here in Canada they do use a scale George.

    3. Hi again, Matt,

      It is the same as putting gasoline in a gas tank. The amount of gasoline put into the gas tank is known.

      The amount of propane put into the bottle is known.

      It is not necessary to know how much gasoline or propane is left before filling.



    4. How do you know when you have reached 80% if you don't know what was left in the tank before filling?
      Maybe the 20 lb bottles in the US have spit valves, they don't here so maybe that's the differencei George
      Take care, Matt

    5. Did a bit of searching for the DOT regs. and here's what I found regarding filling of propane bottles with a OPD (overfill preventive device) I'm assuming, always dangerous, that some filling stations elect to ignore the weighing requirement or maybe they have not been adequately trained.
      The only reason for taking such an interest in this post is having had a bad experience with an overfilled tank while traveling the Oregon coast when it was filled to more than 80% which allowed liquid propane to be deli red rather than gas to the RV.. The tank had to be vented in an open space with no possible ignition sources until only gas was venting.
      I only discovered the problem when we stopped to make lunch and lit the stove followed by a change of underwear.

  6. Very easy for an older person to be muscular. I'm 60 and I work out everyday. I get compliments all the time. I do it for the health side along with cardio. It prolongs your life, strengthens your bones, tightens your skin and makes you look and feeler better. It also eliminates the senior shuffle. Don't every stop.

    There are dozens of videos on Youtube of seniors working out. One in particular is an 86 year old woman doing chin ups, in fact, 100 chin ups and is talking in a normal voice throughout the video. Amazing. I'll never stop. I also try to walk 8 kms every evening as well.

    1. Hi LBM,

      Good for you!


      PS: 60 years of age is VERY young. I am about 20 years older than you.

      When you are going into your 80s, and you are still working out as you are now in your 60s, that will be an achievement that you can boast about, if you wish.


    2. Thanks George! I mentioned it because it is amazing how many people in their 80s and 90s workout. In San Antonio, Tx I met two men who were 92 and 94. Still working out.

  7. Hi, George. Did you ever hear from Mike Fousie again? We have been friends since 1964, but I have not heard from him since his dog Blue's health troubles in April 2016. Thanks, Bill Hamilton (