Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Day 34

Staying Put

6:30am - The Scampy Team likely will stay in Portland for awhile. We want to have all the following things that we have been Blogging to you about recently put to bed:

➜ Replacement Curt trailer hitch
➜ Brake controller for Scampy
➜ Firestone Ride-Rite suspension

Note: It's been a long learning experience for me to get to understand how the above three items relate to each other.

2pm - Staying put?
So, we Blogged that we would be staying put. And what did we do? Head out to the State of Washington. Wow! With the Scampy RV Team, you just never know what's going to happen!

Before we clue you in where we are right now, we wish to tell you about a nice lunch that we had at the Black Bear Diner in Beaverton. Reader Tom and his wife Christine invited us out for lunch!

Tom took a pic of the three of us. We will publish it here soon.

L-R Tom, George,Christine and Scampy

Ultimate Public Campgrounds
At the suggestion the of famous RVer, Kevin Read [Link], a couple of weeks ago, we bought the "Ultimate Public Campgrounds App." After lunch this afternoon, we took a peek at this map and the Government Island State Recreation Area caught our eye.

This place is in the State of Washington. Well, that's OK for the adventuresome Scampy RV Team. So, at the drop of a hat, we headed out!

What we did not know until arriving, was that Government Island is an actual island. No bridges. Only accessible by boat! Would you believe?

Well, when the tough get going and meet obstacles, they must adapt. Nowadays, with advent Google Maps and Directions, searching an area is sooooo easy! We found a nearby place on the map that appeared promising. It's the:
Henry J. Kaiser Shipyard Memorial

When we arrived, the usual "No Camping" signs made their appearance. Do we care about such signs? Ha!

This was our proposed Nite Camp Location:
Elevation: 2 feet

This place was MUCH too noisy. There appeared to be some kind of mill just behind us. So, we moved. We scouted out a better Nite Camp outside of the park on some industrial property.

Meanwhile, we shall Evening Camp inside the park and exit before the 10pm park closing time.

Note: We just returned from a long walk about this place and learned from historic plaques that this was the location of one of the Kaiser Shipyards of World War 2. 

The shipyards were the brain child of the incredibly talented, 
Henry J. Kaiser.

9pm - 24 Hour Fitness
Guess what? Just before we were settling down for the nite at a location close to the Columbia River, we wondered if perhaps there was a 24 Hour Fitness close by. And, there was! So, we headed over there.

Since we mostly make our Camps on the street, we have found that it is best to locate our Nite Camp while there is daylite. It gets harder doing that at nitetime.

We located that Nite Camp site. Marked its location using iPhone. Then returned to 24 Hour. We just got out from our workout at 9pm. Good workout too!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 214 feet



  1. Good reading:

    1. Thank you, David!

      It definitely is Good Reading!



  2. Sounds like a good place to "hole up". Portland is a cool place with lots to do and see. Try their Oriental Gardens tour...

    1. Hi John,

      I'm having a great time here!



  3. My son and I took their "Max" train downtown Portland just to walk aound and explore. They had a whole square block of food trucks right next to each other. Never seen anything like that.

    1. Hi David,

      Wow! That sounds like a very good time for you and your
      son! 😎



  4. George you're not far from Canada. Come on up here and save with the strong US dollar.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thank you for this suggestion!

      I may travel to Canada later this summer.