Thursday, June 01, 2017


Day 22

Staying in Crescent City

8am - Yesterday during Honda's oil change, we found out that the forward connection of our trailer hitch was connected to a trunk pan. And that trunk pan has cracked. The trunk pan is made from very thin steel. Maybe 1/16" thick.

We have an appointment at Two Guys Automotive to fabricate an "L" shaped steel bracket. This bracket will then be welded on to the trunk pan so that this crack is bridged.

Our appointment is for 3pm tomorrow [June 2nd].

9am - Breakfast at Ace
We drove to the Ace Hardware to buy a spray can of Krylon CoverMAX, flat black.

George has come up with the thought that maybe this Krylon paint may be better than the poster board that we installed on some of Scampy's windows yesterday. Because moist air may adversely affect poster board.

You know something? We are beginning to view this window covering project as never ending!

Anyway, after making a trial test of the Krylon paint, we prepared breakfast right there in the Ace Hardware parking lot using Scampy's lovely kitchen.

Did you know that George first became a fulltiming RVer on February 25th, 2003? MsTioga and George spent that first nite together in the Ace Hardware parking lot in Concord, California. Are Ace Hardware parking lots friendlier than other parking lots?

Matzo eggs and onions, sausage, Jewish rye toast
[Hey George! Is that sausage kosher?]

1pm - Beach Front Park
We have arrived at this park which is adjacent to a harbor. We on the Scampy Team believe this to be Crescent City's Harbor.

The harbor contains a gorgeous lighthouse. Little iPhone almost had a conniption fit when he cast his lens on it.

It took over half an hour for iPhone to make arrangements with a local seagull to fly into the shot! Can you imagine the chutzpah!

Battery Point Light

5:30pm - Scampy's flooring
Nobody on the team knows what Scampy's flooring is made from. Maybe it's vinyl? Hmmmm?

Whatever that flooring is, that stuff absorbs dirt like crazy. While that flooring is receiving its daily sweeping and cleaning, dirt magically reappears. Instantly too!

We went to Home Depot this afternoon especially to find a replacement flooring for Scampy. Home Depot had tons of stuff. We brought back a sample of "Allure Plank GripStrip." That's how desperate we are!

As we were walking out of Home Depot, we came upon an overhead sign:
Cleaning ➜

Oh a whim, we followed the right arrow. And we bought "Quick Shine - Gives your floors an instant deep rich glow!"

Being a disbeliever in Scampy's floor, Quick Shine was applied to only one square foot. Guess what? It worked! This is the very first time that Scampy's floor had a shine to it!! Feels shiny too!

7am - Early Nite Camps!
We are in our Nite Camp very early tonite in Crescent City. Maybe that's because the neighborhoods here are kinda sparsely populated. Lots of empty lots and dead end streets.

Little Scampy just does not stick out here. ğŸ˜Ž

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 11 feet



  1. Hi George
    What is it that makes the Jewish rye bread you eat Jewish? Does it come from a Jewish bakery? Is it Kosher? Or does the recipe make it Jewish? This is a serious question, I am not Jewish so really don't know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Truth,

      You want to disclose something from God Almighty? Break a commandment? Let it all hang out?

      Click [Here] to view a story about Jewish rye bread.


      PS: The flavor of Jewish Rye, in my opinion, is MUCH better than Russian Rye. Both sold under the Oroweat brand by Bimbo Bakery.


    2. George you are so funny!
      Love the rye.