Friday, June 16, 2017


Day 37

Always Making Improvements

9:20am - Not a day goes by where we are not tweaking something in order to be better. Today we are installing guides to keep Scampy's stainless stove top in place.

We have tried using plastic bottle caps for this guide. And rectangular wood blocks. Now we are using wood rounds, cut to length. These rounds seem to work best. The rounds are held in place using Gorilla Glue.

We on the Scampy RV Team enjoy sooooo much this kind of work!

Round wood guide held in place with Gorilla Glue

PS: It is now 12:45pm. Maybe long enough for the round wood guide to be secure with Gorilla Glue. We tried it. Worked perfect. Nice and tight!

2pm - Waxed Scampy's floor
It took a few tries to get down how to go about cleaning and waxing Scampy's floor.

Half of the floor is cleaned and left to dry. Then, liquid wax is applied. Left to dry. Then waxed again. It took about 3-applications of wax to look good.

Then, when the waxed half of the floor is dry, the same thing is done to the other half of the floor.

Do you like to clean and wax a floor too?

5pm - Hanging out and watch movie
Rowena sent a text invitation to me. "Do you want to hang out and then later watch a movie?"

Sounds good to me!

Rowena bought finger food. Crackers and hummus. Yummmm! And, she prepared prepared deviled eggs. Double yummmm!

Doesn't this look really good?

Rowena talking to her sister who lives in Singapore



  1. George, these types of improvement projects are my favorite activity on camping trips. The other folks I go with go off and do stuff, I usually stay at the camper and work on stuff.

    1. Hi Jack,

      You and I are like birds of a feather! We both like to do the same things! 😎



  2. The girls wanna watch you "tweaking" with your new bod. :)

    1. Hi Freebird,

      Oh my! Do you think they do?! 😏