Sunday, July 23, 2017


Day 74
Scampy's Future
Making Plans
Us old guys have a tendency to tell the same stories over and over. So please forgive me if I've Blogged about this before.

Although Scampy and TrĂ¡nsito do talk together about where they are heading, at the beginning a day, neither of them knows their destination. Actually, nobody on the Scampy RV Team really wants to know!

It's supposed to be a surprise, for goodness sakes. Here is the thing. If we know where we are going, doesn't that mean that we need to be there at a certain time? And if we have a time to be there, doesn't that also mean that we could be late arriving?

So, let's say that we are here we at the beginning of a day. We know where we are going to be. We know when we have to be there. And, with that time in mind, we do not want to be late. 

Now, all day long, we are looking at the clock. Sometimes pushing the pedal to the metal. All day long rushing.
➜ Do we stop at a museum found along the way?
➜ Spend some time gabbing with a fellow RVer that we chanced to meet?
➜ Go to Shari's Restaurant for pie and coffee when we aren't even hungry? Just because?

No! We just keep plugging along, constantly looking at our map and clock! All because we know where where we are heading at the beginning of a day!


A few Blogs back, we Blogged to you about Scampy having a leak in her fresh water tank. Strangely, that leak just went away?

Yesterday afternoon, as we were heading out of the City of Beaverton, we stopped at the Chevron station where they have free water and filled up.  When we next entered MsScampy, we found water on the floor! Man-O-Man!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 189 feet


  1. Maybe the leak in the freshwater tank is high in the tank and only leaks when it is quite full|?

  2. Could it be condensation from cool water in tank after filling it in warm scampy? Or full tank over flowing as water warms and expands after filling?

  3. Or the connection simply sealed itself with use and swelling?

  4. Or you overfilled the tank? That happened to my son last summer. Excess water is supposed to come out the fill spout or on the ground, but his came inside the trailer. Luckily I had given him some old towels earlier that day and he was able to mop it up. Never happened again, at least that I know of.

  5. Tioga ad George you two are my role model and my aspiration. I love to travel and I wish to explore this whole world myself on my favorite car.