Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lincoln City

Day 64

Back In Salem
Yesterday evening we headed out from Lincoln City and arrived
in Oregon's state capitol of Salem. The main reason that we are here in Salem is to square away Tránsito's vehicle registration with Mohr Motors [We bought Tránsito from Mohr].

Of course we want to go shopping for our Tweaking Projects. Tweaking seems to be our drug of choice. We are definitely addicted to Tweaking! 😎

In yesterday's 7pm Blog post, we wrote to you about our Endless Tweaking. We love doing that kind of stuff sooooo much! Repairs too. In fact, Scampy has stated that she believes that I break things on purpose just to be able to repair them. Could that be true?

Home Depot
We went to Home Depot to buy an electric box for the project that we Blogged to you about yesterday in our 7pm post.

We also bought a hitch safety chain with.a mechanical keeper. Before we used a rubber keeper given to us by U-Haul.

We are having a struggle to install this new safety chain. So, we broke off from the new safety chain to focus on the electric box installation.

Cascades Gateway City Park
We on the Scampy love to make camps in parks. We have come to Cascades park for our supper.

When we drove to the parking area, which is very close to a lake, big birds began looking at us very strangely. As if they were asking for us to feed them! Can you imagine that!

Large hungry bird!

Two curious birds

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 225 feet



  1. Geese! (Watch out - they bite!)

    1. Hi Pete,

      The big one wanted my food sooooo bad!

      How do you tell if it's a boy or girl bird? And what kind of a bird is it?



  2. You really seem to like Oregon. Great wild beaches.
    Good to see the real George back again.

    1. Hi Sue,

      The thing is, I love being a traveling RVer!
      And Oregon? My-O-My! Oregon is sooooo beautiful this time of year.

      So, I'm the real George? Love that too! ♥️



  3. I found the perfect second vehicle for you
    It's a transit,you can put it in the back of your transit, in case you need to run after more of that high dollar milk ?
    I can almost see you toodling the 101. On your Tour de coast, in search of the ultimate Fish and chips adventure?

    1. Hi Mister ed!

      That is a great suggestion!

      The Organic Transit is sooooo neat!