Saturday, July 01, 2017


Day 52
My Friend Boid
7am - As you may already know, it's a lovely thing to have an animal who is your friend. Trust is the most important thing in this friendship. And friendship takes time.

Teaching Baby Boid involves finding out what Boid likes to do, and using that thing to communicate. 

Boid likes to go out of his cage and make nice on a small sticker affixed to Scampy's rear window.

The back of that sticker has the qualities of a mirror. Boid is able to see his image in this sticker. Boid may not realize that the image that he makes nice to, is actually Boid's image. If seeing himself in that image makes Boid happy, that is a wonderful thing!

I open Boid's cage door. Then, tap my hand on the bottom of that door saying, "Jump, jump, Baby Boid." It took Boid perhaps a couple of weeks to connect this communication with him being able to go out of his cage and make nice on his image in the sticker.

After Boid had my tapping on his cage door down pretty good, Spray Millet was used to communicate a bit more. Budgies just love Spray Millet. I would hold a piece of Spray Millet in my hand and say to Boid, "Jump, jump, Baby Boid."

It is not necessary for my communicating phrase to make any sense. This communicating phrase will come to mean something to Baby Boid. It will mean that something nice for Boid is OK to do.

12 noon - Scampy's Deep Cycle Battery
We plugged in our Mac to charge. 120 volts AC power comes from our
Samlex PST-300-12 inverter. But the Samlex let out a squeal. We knew that our Samlex was definitely not a happy guy.

Checking our Samlex manual, the first item in troubleshooting is:

➜ There is no voltage at the DC input terminals.

Sure enough, when we hooked our voltage tester to Scampy's battery, the voltage was very low. That is my fault! Because I had not tested the battery for over a week!

We have three ways to obtain 120 volt AC power for charging:

➜ Renogy solar panels
➜ Tránsito's inverter powered by his 120 volt AC inverter
➜ Our newly purchased jump start device

We chose the jump start device. We'll switch to Renogy when the Sun comes out.

3pm - Livingston Park
We've arrived at the City of Salem's, Livingston Park. This is a kinda small park. Hardly anybody here except The Scamp RV Team!

Did you know that Scampy attracts a lot of attention? Everywhere Scampy goes people are gushing over him. "Oh! What a cute camper."

Mr. Renogy on-the-job
Two 50 watt panels

8pm - Beaverton
The Scampy Team has returned to the City of Beaverton. We were planning to travel here tomorrow. We came here a day early because Reader Nick Gatel asked me some questions about 12 volt DC power transfer between Tránsito and Scampy.

While researching my answer to Reader Nick, the problem was found!

Scamp's Deep Cycle Battery is supposed to receive battery charging from Tránsito while we are driving. When that charging circuit was checked today, it was to be nonexistent! Tránsito's recent hitch install, should have included that charging circuit.

We've made an appointment for Tránsito on July 4th at U-Haul to correct whatever is wrong.

Getting charged up at Fountain Park
The City of Beaverton provides 120 volt AC power at the parking lot of Fountain Park near the city library. That electric power was installed on several lite poles for the Farmer's Market vendors. However, the City graciously leaves that power hooked up all week!

Many people use this electricity. People who live in vans and RVs. And now The Scampy Team!

Right now, Scampy's deep cycle battery is being charged. Also, the Jump Start device that we Blogged to you about yesterday is being charged.

Thank you sooooo much, 
City of Beaverton!

Gracious Hospitality
It is my opinion, that gracious hospitality in our country is a vanishing characteristic in the American culture.

Now rude signs abide:
➜ No "This or That" signs [ie: No Camping, No Parking - 10pm to 5am]
➜ Private Property - No Trespassing"

RVs once were welcome at WalMart. Has that changed? Little iPhone captured this pic at a WalMart in Salem, Oregon.

Welcome to WalMart
Get Out of Our Lot!

Wouldn't it be much more pleasant if the sign read:

You are welcome 
to overnight 
in our lot

Please come in the store 
and introduce yourself to me

John Johnson
Store Manager

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 193 feet



  1. George,

    Regarding the battery problems yesterday, yes leaving the flashers on for 3 hours likely caused the battery to go dead. I recommend you have the battery "load tested." Often when batteries start to go bad, they still are able to achieve a full state of charge, but lose the ability to deliver the rated amperage. Places like Auto Zone and O'Reilly will load test your battery for free.

    12 volt power outlets: some are always "live" and some only work with the key on. My Ford Expedition has both.

    Does Scampy draw power from Tansito when the key is off? A Bargman 7-pin has a charge line for the trailer's battery. If the key is turned off, anything running in the trailer will probably be able to draw from Transito if the trailer is left connected. Ford vehicles with a factory tow package have a special relay that prevents this from happening. Sometime this relay has to be purchased separately. You probably don't have any kind of relay like this.

    Does Skampy have her own battery?

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thank you sooooo much for this helpful and informative comment!

      ➜ I'll follow your advice about load testing.
      ➜ I believe that Tránsito has two 12 volt outlets as does your Ford. But the one that is not live with the ignition off does not have enough access for our 120 volt AC inverter.
      ➜ When Tránsito's key is off, no power flows to [or from] Scampy's deep cycle battery.
      ➜ When Tránsito's engine is running, his alternator should send charging power to Scamp's battery. But it doesn't! I'll have to get that checked out!
      ➜ Special relay. I will look into that.

      Much appreciation,


  2. The birds disappeared when Phoenix hit 121 degrees the other week. I put out water bowls in front and back yard high enough so the cats won't get to them when birds are using the water bowls. I do not put out seeds because they these birds migrate and probably eat seeds and worms...don't know. I don't want to feed them something that might harm them. I plant flowers and flowering trees in my yard for hummers and bees and we get plenty of both. The bees are here most of the time but the hummers migrate in fall and spring. It is wonderful to be friends with birds and nature.

    1. P.S. I'm not friends with all of nature i.e. some insects, snakes, rodents, etc...makes me shutter.

    2. Hi Rita,

      It seems to me that both of us are bird lovers! ♥️



  3. I was just reading your earliest blog posts George. Do you remember your very first journey with Ms. Tioga and Delorme gps sent you up a forest road? Poor Ms. Tioga got all scratched up and muddy that first run. You had so many challenges right out of the gate. You are one of the toughest RV'rs in the world George:) Keep up the great spirit!

    1. Hi Point,

      I shall never forget what that rotten Mr. DeLorme did to us. He was a devilish scoundrel. Mean and nasty!

      Thank you sooooo much for your "toughest" comment!



  4. Thinking George's theme songs should be...
    Born to be Wild and I Won't Back Down...
    (Steppenwolf and Tom Petty)!

    1. Hi Joan!

      I'm as wild as a 79½ year is allowed to be! Trying hard to control my testosterone. 😍

      You've got me nailed, Joan:
      ➜ I don't back down.
      ➜ Don't give up.
      ➜ Never have doubts about being a successful RVer!

      Bye for now,


    2. And because you don't give up, you find that some problems are a lot more simple than they seem to be. The hitch people made the mistake, not you.

  5. I got a chuckle reading about Baby Boid talking to his refection. Have you ever thought of getting another bird like Baby Boid so he could have a little companion? I ask only because I know nothing about birds like sweet Baby Boid. You might end of with more singing than what you could tolerate! ha.. Cats I know about, I have seven of them, and every one was a stray but now truly loved!

    1. Hi Road,

      Yes. I have thought of that.

      If I got a pal for Baby Boid, it would be much more difficult to train him.

      However, if I first get him completely tame, fly to my finger, etc, I could then get him a pal.



  6. Regarding your comments about Walmart. My nearby Walmart for years had RVs staying in their lot. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they also had people staying there for weeks/months at a time in their old motorhomes. They finally had to make over night parking a no-no for everyone just because of the actions of a few. It happens.