Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Day 69

Scamp Plumbing Leak

For several days, Team Members returning to MsScampy have noticed moisture on the kitchen floor. We looked for the source. Something leaking in the fridge? The shower?

When the leak source was not found, we cleaned up by mopping the kitchen floor and chalked this moisture up to an unnoticed spill.

➜ The moisture on the kitchen floor continued
➜ Only when returning from a Scampy RV Team trip
➜ The moisture is in small, but increasing amounts

Could the moisture be coming from the fresh water tank?

Our fresh water tank is located inside the passenger side bench seat. Removing
this bench seat's hatch cover reveals the water tank, plumbing and electric wiring inside.

Inspecting the easily viewed areas of plumbing, tank and water pump, didn't reveal the moisture source. The area between the water tank and Scampy's side and rear walls is pretty much not visible.

However, Little iPhone offered himself up to capture pics of these hard-to-view places. Nothing came up.

We did a Google search for, "Scamp water leaks." Going to that Google search results page, turned up: Removing Water Tank: 13' Scamp! [Link]

MsScampy's bench seat over her fresh water tank has 10-hold down screws. These screws are very accessible. Even George could remove these screws!

Faith and Money
★ If you would have faith, act as if you have faith, and faith shall be given to you.
★ If you would have money, act as if you have money, and money shall come to you.


1191 ad - Cordoba, Spain
The Scampy RV Team had a meeting a little while ago. Discussion was what would be done about MsScampy's fresh water leak.

➜ Mr. Dometic made a motion that George would do that job.
➜ George made a motion that the repair be given to a professional RV service company

In order to avoid an imminent filibuster, which appeared to be a sure thing, Baby Boid moved that George's motion be approved. Little iPhone quickly seconded Baby Boid's motion.

Before Mr. Dometic returned from a defrosting break, the deed was done! George's motion was carried and he is sooooo relieved about that!

Continuing about our restaurant business from yesterday, 
July 17th [Link].

We left off at:
Anyway, flash-forward to 1976. I had worked myself up from an apprentice drill press operator in my Father's 1-man shop beginning in 1946 to the general manager of what my Father's shop evolved into by 1976.

My Father's shop was, "Production and Tool Engineering Company" at 589 North Mission Road, Los Angeles. That shop evolved into, Commercial Tool and Die Company at 2350 Jesse Street, Los Angeles."

It is 1969 and the shop is now named: Punch Press Products. I was transferred from Commercial Tool and Die to Punch Press Products around 1970 when my Uncle Seymour Lehrer and his partner, Del Molinari, split up their partnership and divided the company between themselves.

I remained with Punch Press Products and Del. Seymour moved a few miles away to build a new shop. Seymour's company name is CTD Machines [after Commercial Tool and Die]. During the Commercial Tool and Die years, Seymour had been building his CTD Machines company which manufactured and sold a line of chop saw type sawing machines.

Del zoomed ahead and put Punch Press Products on a growth trajectory. Within a few years, Del with his Punch Press Products grew into the largest job stamping and manufacturing operation in the Western United States!

[To be continued]

After trying to get out of repairing Scampy's fresh water leak, George learned that shops that do this kind of work seem to me overloaded with business.

So, being that this leak repair seems to be an easy one, George decided to take a crack at it!

We went to Bush's Pasture Park, because during the afternoon, a Sunny Camp would get a bit warm. And it is so nice and shady in Bush's.

We have been busy all afternoon and into the evening. Verizon is the culprit that kept us sooooo busy.  We bought a cell phone from Verizon. And attempting to wade thru Verizon's billing is tough. Very tough.

It's almost as if Verizon is deliberately trying to keep their customers from the truth behind their charges! But why would Verizon do that!?

Looking online for a fast food joint at this hour, is an optimistic endeavor here in Salem, Oregon. We do not know what hour in the evening this town goes to sleep? But for sure, it's early.

We hardly ever go to McDonald's. We did so this evening. It appeared that McD is the only game in town at this hour! We are the only customers inside McD. There are a couple guys hanging around that are interested in McD's young cashiers. Those folks are chatting in Spanish. And George is practicing his Spanish by eavesdropping. 😎

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 425 feet



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      If you can get your your hand next to the water tank, place paper towel around the perimeter, and under the water pump and The plastic pipe fittings.
      Let the water pump pump for about 15 seconds.
      Let it sit for three or four hours and then find the wet spot?



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