Friday, July 21, 2017

Power Crazy

Day 72

California DMV

The primary job of California DMV is to invent, create, formulate, think up new ways to confuse California car drivers. And DMV is excellent at their job!

When I bought Tránsito, I was traveling in the State of Oregon. I needed help in doing what California DMV requires. I would NOT in any case do this stuff myself.

So, I contacted  California DMV by phone and asked for help.

I was instructed that, in order to register Tránsito in California, that I must present Tránsito to Oregon DMV or an Oregon based police department for VIN verification. 

There were a bunch of other requirements for registering in California too. Sure! Of course there would be additional requirements. Because several new requirements of this kind are invented every single damned hour! I kid you not!

 I made the decision to register Tránsito in the Great State of Oregon. How am I able to do that? I cannot tell you that. If I told you, I would have to kill you so that you would not know what I know. 

Do you understand now?

The Story of Rowena [Weng]
Those of you who were readers of my friend Weng's Blog, are now in the process of being re-introduced to her. The initiation of that process is right here. Right now. In my own Blog.

First off, Weng's name:
Rowena Guasa

This is her maiden name. Guasa is the last name of Weng's Father. Weng is her nickname. In the Philippines, it a custom for every person to have a nickname.

When I am talking to her, or referring to her, I use her actual first name. That name is Rowena.

When Rowena married Edward Lawson Kohler, her legal name became:
Rowena Guasa Kohler

Some time back, according to Eddie, he added the name Fran as his first name. BTW, I refer to him as Eddie in my Blog.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 226 feet



  1. You can kill me now or you could kill me later but the easiest way to register a vehicle in another state is an LLC
    I hate it when I hit the wrong button
    In the state of Oregon Montana Oklahoma and Rhode Island you have no sales tax. that's what you're trying to illuminate
    In order to create an LLC
    In one of those states you have to have a physical address That physical address has to be 1234 Anywhere St. state and ZIP Code cannot be a PO Box or a maildrop
    Now Mr. G where you moved out of your garden apartment and you bought your 2 trailers you have to pay sales tax along with high registration
    we will not go into the insurance part
    Had you done that on the trailers with an LLC you could have put your truck under the LLC as well
    The whole key is having a physical address
    If you add up the sales tax for the two trailers and your new truck think of the money you could've had in the bank
    I will tell you that an LLC in the state of Montana is right around $500
    Registration is about 200 to 300

  2. And yes I know if you registered it in Oregon you pay no sales tax on your truck

  3. I made a mistake Rhode Island and Oklahoma are not a tax free state
    ( Oklahoma used to be at one time though)
    Forming an LLC in Oregon will cost a $100 LLC articles of organization state filing fee. The state of Oregon Secretary of State is in charge
    Forming an LLC in Montana will cost a $70 LLC articles of organization state filing fee. The state of Montana Secretary of State is in charge
    The prices above reflect if you file it yourself. if you have somebody else professionally file the fee will be higher
    US state with no sales tax
    New Hampshire.

  4. To protect yourself if ever stopped, you need to have the physical address (not post office box), register both Transito and Scampy in Oregon (matching license plates), have an Oregon driver's license (easy to procure). All of these items need to match in order not to draw attention to yourself while driving in CA. Had friends who did not do this and it ended up being very expensive to straighten out. Good luck.

    1. Arrowhead Gramma - it is important in any state to have everything match or as you pointed out it is very expensive to straighten out.

    2. It is a red flag to CHP in CA to stop you if an RV/Tow Car or Vehicle/Trailer do have matching state license plates. Just don't want Tioga George to have a problem down the road.

  5. I used to follow Weng's blog too until the time she was sick with the flu and then the blog stopped. I remember the trip they made to Mexico with all of the vehicle problems on the way, and how she handled it with a great attitude.
    glad to hear her story. Steve

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Rowena is reading my Blog. So, she may also be reading your comment! 😀



  6. I too was wondering what story Weng had to tell. Whatever happened I am glad that she is in a happier state of mind. I wish her many good years ahead. Looking forward to "the rest of the story"

    1. Hi Vera,

      My account of what is going on with Rowena [Her nickname is Weng], is the true, accurate account.

      Eddie's blog appears to me, to be self-serving.




  7. If Mr. Georgia becomes a resident of Oregon.
    And secures a Oregon voters registration card.
    He can license himself in the state of Oregon.
    Would intern become his domicile
    He can register the two trailers in Oregon and he can register his truck in Oregon.
    Where the big issue comes in is IF he owns property tax in California and HAS a voter registration card for California.
    If his vehicle cannot meet California standards he can register out of the state of California.
    Seeing he has a Oregon license and voter registration card.
    And seeing as he doesn't have a job in California or own property ( leasing property doesn't make you a resident )or doesn't become a voting resident of California.
    have a nice day Mr. George,, enjoy California

    1. Hi ed,

      Sorry! I do not follow this comment. Because of typos, changing direction of subject.

      Who are you addressing this comment to?



    2. It's called rambling,, Feel free to disregard it,,
      being the perfectionist you wouldn't understand it

  8. Weng was a bright ray of sunshine. To read her blog was such a delight. She was never a complainer and just seemed to accept the twists and turns of life and move on. I have truly missed her and would love it if she would write again. I am enjoying reading about your new vagabond team as well George.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Rowena [AKA Weng] IS a bright ray of Sunshine.

      As I replied to another comment, Rowena reads my Blog and very likely, your comments here.