Monday, July 31, 2017


Day 82

Aloha Dental

Tránsito transported George to Aloha Dental for a teeth cleaning. George stopped going to dentists after his doctors advised that Old Man Death would be visiting soon. That was about 2001.

Well, Old Man Death never showed up! And the years passed by with George still not going to dentists. For one thing, he gags easily and dentists make him do X-rays. For another thing, hygienists love to polish teeth at the end of cleaning and George hates that.

George figured it this way. "In my whole life, I never had a cavity. What are dentists able to for a guy like me?"

From tine to time, plaque build made his mouth feel cruddy. Recently, super cruddy. That's when Aloha Dental was found here in Beaverton, Oregon. The dentist, Ronald Packham, got high marks in reviews.

Dr. Packham looked at the X-ray, and reported that George's teeth look great! [Good news like this is a happy thing!] A little bit of tissue gum tissue receding because of the plaque. But not enough to worry about. With future hygienist visits, that tissue may grow back a bit.

George has an appointment with Aloha Dental's hygienist for tomorrow morning.

BTW: George likes and recommends Doctor Packham!

Mr. Renogy on-the-job
After leaving Aloha Dental we must get our solar energy unit [Mr. Renogy] going. Testing Scampy's deep cycle battery has shown that the voltage has been going down daily. Each day, little-by-little,  the voltage is lower. 

Mr. Renogy has the potential to do a great job for the Scampy RV Team. Small. Light. Easy to set-up and take down. Renogy seems to be all we need  for electric energy. Having Renogy allows the Scampy Team to go out into the forest for weeks at a time!

Fountain Park
First thing after arriving at Fountain Park, we set-up an Afternoon Camp at the exact parking spot in the lot where George got arrested and handcuffed. 
[That George is a doozy!]

In a few minutes, Mr. Renogy was busy doing his thing.

We just checked the weather here in the City of Beaverton. The tiny room thermometer mounted next to the door of Scampy's shower/toilet room reads 84℉. Comfortable right now. But predicted to go to 92℉ around 5pm.

Tránsito has promised to move the Scampy Team to a shady place before then. Mr. Renogy has a long cable. So, we are able to park in the shade and still have good old Renogy charging!

Scampy in the shade - Renogy in the Sunshine

Across from Fountain Park

Major Tweak!
This is our mounted outlet assembly. It features (7) 120 volt AC and (2) USB power outlets.

We have been thinking about how to accomplish this tweak for many Moons! And now, at long-last, it is here. In all its glory!

Mounted electric outlet assembly

"Hey George, let's move outside!"
I was messing with the Mac [as usual]. Boid was making his squawking sound. That's the sound Boid makes when he's disgruntled!

That's when Boid tweeted at me [in his gruffest tweet], "Hey George, let's move outside!"

George: "Why?"
Boid: Look at temperature thing, George! It's 95℉ and humid 

So, we moved outside in a shady place. Nice breeze. Boid's cage is sitting on his black stool. I'm sitting on my red lawn chair. Nice!

A shady place with a light breeze
Boid and George in Fountain Park 

Is it just me, or are Movies kinda dumb
I was just looking at the movies at the local Century Theater. I am interested in seeing, "Dunkirk."

ALL of the other movies, many highly rated, are some kind of wild fiction stories:
➜ Wonder Woman 
➜ Spider Man
➜ Cars3
➜ Baby Driver
➜ Emoji Movie

Young people of today may know who stars in Baby Driver. But ask them which war came first:
➜ The War of 1812?
➜ World War II?
➜ The Revolutionary War?

The Great Verizon Blunder
I bought a JetPack MiFi [WiFi] device on June 5th. The battery that came with that JetPack did not work correctly from the get-go. I reported to the Verizon store where I purchased the JetPack about the bad battery.

My complaint: The JetPack discharges in hours and takes several days to fully re-charge.

I asked the store person that I was talking with to exchange my bad JetPack battery for a working battery. I was informed that Verizon does NOT stock JetPack batteries separate from a JetPack. [ie; In order to get a new JetPack battery, I would need to be sent another JetPack!]

Wow! Hard to believe!!

Anyway, today I received my replacement JetPack. And, believe it or not, it arrived WITHOUT a battery!!

So, I phone Verizon, and am on the phone with support for well over an hour. In the end I learned, that a JetPack replacement battery may be purchased from any number of stores [Amazon, Best Buy, even WalMart!]. The battery used in JetPack is manufactured by NovaTel.

Lord, help me!


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 243 feet


  1. You are very lucky. Not many people get away with so few dental problems. Keep up whatever it is you are doing. I envy you 🤗

    1. Vera,

      Maybe Dad & Mom were the ones that did it for me?



  2. George, you might want to look at a permanent solar panel installation on the roof. It would give the panel a chance to charge up your batteries whenever the sun is shining, not just whenever you are in a convenient place to put the panels out.

    1. Croft,

      You are right about that.

      Did you know, that I was using solar panels on my RV [MsTioga] many years before the time solar became a fashion in the RV world.

      Click [Here] to look at a web-page that I published in 2003!



  3. Think of all the dental insurance money you saved,,,
    I did too, I put mine in a glass jar when I polish mine A little cascade in the dishwasher they come out sparkling With no water spots

    1. Ed,

      You make me laugh sooooo much! 🤠



  4. George, I hate that teeth polishing, too! It doesn't add anything, health-wise, so I just tell the hygienist to eliminate that step. Less work for her, so we both win!

    1. Ray,

      "Eliminate that step!"

      I like the sound of that. 😎



  5. George, as you know, I am 82. My 59 y.o. Daughter and her friend took us to Baby Driver. I was in dread to see so something I anticipated would be dreadful. It was terrific. We also so Wonder Woman, and it too was wonderful. There's hope for us geezers.

    1. Bill,

      Maybe there's hope for you, not me.

      I like fiction. Tom Sawyer. The Last of the Mohicans. Moby Dick. Stuff like that.



  6. My husband saw Dunkirk was an excellent film.

    1. Linda,

      I'm going to see "Dunkirk" too.



  7. I love science fiction, suspense, drama, and some fantasy movies....I'm done with Tom Swayer, Moby Dick, etc. I like some action movies too. I also like love stories like Out of Africa and many more.

  8. Why did they not cover your battery under warranty? I have two Jetpacks and neither takes longer than maybe two hours to recharge. Taking several days is just wrong.

    Also, when you go to Verizon, make sure you are going to a corporate store, not something that says "Authorized Retailer" or "Premier Retailer" on the sign. The corporate stores are much easier to deal with because they represent Verizon. The authorized retailers are just contractors selling Verizon products, even if the stores look very similar. When you go in, ask if they are a corporate store. If they are not, walk out and go to another town!!

    1. Grandma,

      May be a bit of misunderstanding. Verizon warranty does cover the battery.

      Verizon just did not provide a new battery for me yet. That was the Blunder that I Blogged about.

      I do only go to Verizon corporate stores.



  9. After just doing a Google search three different websites on Verizon jet pack all of them included battery
    But if you're a man of technology you don't need No stinking jet pack here's to new future
    Talking to computers is most definitely:

    1. Ed,

      Referring to your comment, without using JetPack, or getting on the web some other way, how do I Blog?


    2. Actually a comment,, It should have been split
      The search on Google about the jet pack they all indicated battery is included i'm surprised yours didn't come with one

      How would you blog on the web, well That's probably why the future is a larger cell phone although it may be 1 million gig per month
      Although the jet pack an the ATT puck make it a lot easier
      My iPad With a Sims card and ( it ain't cheap )buying data I don't need the puck
      My android phone allows me to go into my webpage and add text I've never tried putting pictures in it
      The drawback is the small screen and a slower speed and the cost per gig
      They also make a plug-in keyboard for the iPad if you don't want to use the touchscreen

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  10. You might find thst Wonder Woman is very different from what you expect. It is more of WW2 movie than a superhero movie.

    Have you looked st the weather forecast for tomorriw? Around 110 degrees where you are. The coast nsy be very crowded, but you should probably at least get out of the valley or to somewhere indoirs with AC.

  11. I am going to copy your power receptacle solution. Simple and clean. I like that. We have a web of wires in the motorhome :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.