Thursday, July 27, 2017


Day 78

Baby Boid Is His Own Teacher

Boid has, on his own, taught himself to be my friend. Boid has no fear of me. For example, often when I'm typing on my Mac, Boid will walk around on the keyboard. He pecks at whatever he finds interesting. Like the computer's keys. Or my fingers.

Boid has learned to connect my saying: "Jump Jump Baby Boid" with his cage door being open. Also, he connects that phrase with his being able to fly around inside Scampy.

Interestingly, even though Boid's cage door is often open [When its safe to have the door open], he is apparently so comfortable in his cage that he remains inside.

Boid loves sounds: 
★ Songs from the Mac and iPhone.
★ People talking when they are visiting inside Scampy.
★ The sound of voices on my iPhone's speaker

When Boid stands on one foot,
he is very comfortable

Assembling Scampy's Coupler
This morning we will be finishing up working to repair Scampy's tongue jack and coupler [A coupler is the thing that fits over the trailer hitch's ball and is mounted at head of a trailer's tongue].

Initially when Scampy decoupled [two times in one day!], we thought that the coupler had been damaged, and had to be replaced. Yesterday evening, the coupler 's movable parts were removed, cleaned up and inspected. That inspection showed that the coupler appears to be in very good condition.

Note: We found out about how Scampy's coupler works by reading a comment by Fabulous Reader, Mister ed!  [Thank you sooooo much, Mu

This afternoon we had an appointment with an RV repair place to do the fixing of Scampy's coupler. Now, we don't need to do that appointment! Because George did that repair work himself! [Great job, Georgie boy!]

Only a few days ago, poor MsScampy decoupled twice! She could have been terribly hurt. But she and Tránsito were sooooo lucky. Nobody even got a scratch!

Scampy and Tránsito immediately after the 1st decoupling!
Reassembling Scampy's Coupler
After I reassembled Scampy's coupler, it did not work right. I called for help at the U-Haul where Tránsito had his hitch installed. 

They invited me with: "Come on down. We'll get right on it!"

John, U-Haul's great installer, did the work. I watched!

I had one part installed incorrectly. Now Scampy's coupler is rock solid! 😀

Government sometimes evil?
I may have taken the wrong line of thinking about my being charged
Improper use of the emergency communications system is a Class A misdemeanor. [1995 c.566 §1; 2001 c.619 §4; 2015 c.247 §29]

It may be that the authorities here in Beaverton, Oregon, as far a my being charged with this misdemeanor are concerned, have evil intentions.

Me believing [naively] that I will not be found guilty because I told the 911 operator that my call was not an emergency may be a gross error on my part!

My Arraignment
Later today, I finalized my legal plans up to my arraignment. My lawyer will likely be assigned by the Municipal Court. Depends?!

Dear Readers out there. Please be cool about this legal stuff that I'm working my way thru. OK? I have a hunch that I will come out smelling like a rose!🍓 [Whoops! Couldn't find a rose.]

 Note: Click [Here] if you missed the story covering George's arrest!

Chula Vista Mexican RestaurantI stumbled on this Mexican joint a couple days ago. This place is a find!

One side order and a Pepsi fills me up. This evening I order a Chili Relleno. Came with refried beans, chips and good tasting salsa.

If you like hot [spicy] Mexican food, the Chili Relleno is for you! The chili seeds hide out and wait for you to bite! 😯

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 219 feet


  1. You feared for your personal wellbeing ( legit reason for call ) and you misspoke in the heat of the moment.

  2. George...not a gross error! You called the police first and no answer
    and then resorted to 911, correct? Also, you had no idea it was
    Illegal to call 911 in such a case, correct? Also, weren't you concerned
    It was escalating into an emergency? And you feared for your safety?
    I'm thinking they would have to dismiss the charges.

    1. I agree. This will be resolved by the assistant DA. Plead not guilty. They will offer you a small fine. Tell them you are poor and negotiate but first sound like you want to tell your story to a judge. I represent cops but this was ugly.

  3. Two "cops" versus "cranky old man". If their intent is evil, you lose, George. If not, you will likely walk away unscathed. Good luck.


  4. George is not a cranky old man rather an ingenious and lucky man!

    1. That is what he would be referred to by the cops (or perhaps as a "cantankerous old fart"). If I thought he was, I wouldn't be here now would I? :)

  5. hitch and ball MUST be properly lubricated to work correctly. While apart that would be great to do.
    Both hitch and ball must be matched for size, 2" etc. both should be marked and match. Finally the hitch has to be adjusted correctly, must have instructions for that. you will now have a match (if not made in heaven) that will stay together.

    Your friend,

    Florida Mike

    1. Hi Mike,

      I agree somewhat with your comment. However, I wonder why you did not write in your comment anything about your thinking of the mating coupler?
      ➜ While lubrication of hitch ball and coupler is popular out among the RV crowd, actually it's a terrible idea. Firstly, these components do not need lubrication since they hardly move. Secondly, nearly all types of lubrication attract road dirt. No good.
      ➜ You commented:
      "Finally the hitch has to be adjusted correctly.." I believe that you meant to comment:
      "Finally the coupler has to be adjusted correctly.."

      In your favor, my very long time friend Mike, most persons do not separate the entire hitch/coupler assembly into a coupler and hitch. Two separate components.

      My hitch was installed by a U-Haul installer of many years experience. He did an excellent job on the mechanical portion of the installation.

      Failed badly on the electical charging portion. I went to a extremely highly recommended mechanic/shop owner to have the electrical redone. Came out great!

      This great company and owner are:
      Care Care Specialists
      2185 NW Hwy 101
      Lincoln City, Oregon

      Randy Neal, Owner

      Always a good day to communicate with you, Florida Mike!



    2. My bad, I referred to the hitch ASSEMBLY not just the hitch (tow vehicle connection). The assembly DOES require lubrication both the ball and the hitch unfortunately that does attract dust/dirt. The ball can be wiped off just before reconnection to minimize the grit problem but it does need lube. Maybe a dry lube such as moly or graphite (messy) or a dry silicone spray.

      Happy to see that you got it adjusted, more importantly you now know HOW to adjust it.

      Glad to see you back on the road just need fewer problems (sometimes called challenges) I think you are getting there.

      Happy travels,

      Your friend,

      Florida Mike

  6. Don't show up for your court date, leave the state of Oregon and never return. A cheap and easy solution. :)

    1. That's what I was wondering about. Get out of Oregon and don't ever go back.

    2. A warrant for his arrest will be issued. If he ever has an encounter with law enforcement for any reason, anywhere, he will be arrested and jailed.
      Might happen if he renewed his drivers licence, car registration, etc.
      Not a good idea to go through life wondering if The Dog bounty hunter was after you. 😱

    3. Ed And Carol and Pooch
      You're 100% right except for one part he didn't post a bond
      But then again Old dog would probably feel sorry for the old geezer and turn into a softy
      but on a better note
      Carol and Bill
      Sure George could get out of town and never come back to Oregon
      When you do not appear. A Citation is issued as in contempt of court which means there is a bench warrant out for your arrest
      Now when that happens that is a court order which goes as a flag on your registration and your drivers license
      So anytime you go to register a vehicle in any state in the United States that flag is there.
      now you can't get your registration secured
      As is your drivers license, and you have a warrant for arrest in all states in the United States
      If you think back when George did not give the cop his drivers license had a giver the His drivers license and there was a warrant out for his arrest. another words which means they're going to take his ass downtown
      So that was really good advice
      Now if you want me to add a little bit more if George try to go to Canada you can kiss that trip goodbye. that just means he ain't going
      Let's look at George's USA passport when George presented his passport as an ID to board an airplane, they already know he's going to show up at that airport so there's a warrant for arrest involved. he wouldn't even make it to the TSA checkpoint let alone the damn plane,
      Let's say George decided to go skinny-dipping in the ocean at 10 o'clock at night an the cop stops him where do you think he's going after that
      Trust me you don't want to go to jail naked💨👄
      So I'll rest my case

      Sent from my iPad

    4. George has dear friend/s in Oregon. I think (but cannot speak for him) that leaving the state forever would have no appeal to him, big fine notwithstanding.

    5. I don't believe George would ever do such a thing as skip a court date, he would face the music and roll with the punches.

    6. Steve, that is really horrible advice.

    7. Steve,

      You commented:
      "Don't show up for your court date, leave the state of Oregon and never return. A cheap and easy solution. :)"

      Are you serious, Steve? Or, did you simply throw out that comment as a casual and unthoughtful act?



    8. Only as a casual statement like starting a fire to the comments section. I never fish but it looks like I did well here. LOL. ... it was in a joking manner

  7. Also, there is a possibility Jojoba Hills could do a final background check before allowing George to buy in and give them his $ 30K ?? Or, maybe not. Why chance it ?

    1. Hi Moonfly13,

      And you came to that possibility how?



  8. George, I know you like to hang around cities to camp, but I think that causes problems with authorities thinking you are homeless, especially when you put out your awning and chair in a parking lot. There are lots of free or almost-free U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management campgrounds you could stay at and not be accused of being a vagrant. We are know you are not, but you may appear that way to others who do not know you.

    Also, spending several days in a row in a Forest Service campground would mean less driving and less wear and tear on your vehicle and on Scampy.

    Please seriously consider changing the kind of camping you do, at least for a while.

    1. Hi Grandma,

      Well, I will answer you this way:
      As a citizen of the United States of America, and a patriot as well, I have a right to be in that park, at that time, doing what I was doing.

      Should I restrict what I do, the way that I live, because of a fear that authorities will take exception to me? Might hassle me? As this cop did?

      Thomas Jefferson was concerned about the exact same thing that is now afflicting me!

      Jefferson wrote:

      “When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom.”

      What do you think?


  9. George, think about why you called 911 in the first place. Here's what you wrote after you stated the police was verbally pushing you around - "Then when things go on, I get scared. I've seen videos where this kind of thing with a cop got the citizen murdered!! I wonder what to do?" To me it's obvious that you feared for your life. I don't really understand what you meant by 'the cop was verbally pushing me around.' Was he threatening you or intimidating you...what exactly was he saying that you became scared. I believe fearing for your life is an emergency but you'd have to describe why you thought'd have to define what you meant by verbally pushing you around. I think every situation can be an emergency. I once called 911 while driving 60+ mph on freeway and I saw a dog trying to cross a five lane freeway. I feared it might cause an serious accident if someone tried to avoid hitting the dog and loose control of their car. The dispatcher said they would send a highway patrol immediately.

    1. P.S. I was a passenger when I spotted the dog. I braced myself because I thought the dog was going to run in front of us and alerted the driver, then called 911.

    2. Rita,

      Actually, the main thing that this cop did that got to me, was as he was talking to me his hand rested on his pistol.

      The pistol was high on his hip. That postion did not appear to be a comfortable place for this cop to rest his hand. But he did it anyway.



  10. George, you said the coupler appears to be in very good condition. Can you test it by driving slowly over a railroad track, and check it again?

    1. Hi 1 2 3,

      I can do that. And have done that too. MsScampy's coupler passed that test gloriously! 😍

      Another test done, was to lift up Scampy's jack while attached to Tránsito. When I really crank the jack, the weight on the coupler is likely hundreds of pounds. Then I ask a couple of young strong men to forcefully move Scampy's A-frame tongue. The coupler passed this test too.

      Actually, John the guy at U-Haul told me that when a coupler is adjusted properly, an experienced person can just look at how the coupler fits around the hitch ball and know if the coupler will hold.

      I believe that I am getting to that "knowing point" myself!



    2. I am very glad to hear that :-)

  11. George, did you ever consider running for President of the USA?

    1. Hi Clayart,

      Me? President?? That's a nice compliment! Thank you. 😎

      However, instead, ask me what I would do if I were the President, and had the authority to change stuff.

      One thing that I believe is missing for American citizens today is OPPORTUNITY! It is my belief that opportunity comes from an individual doing for themselves.

      Too many Americans have turned away from doing for themselves. Some things that might help:
      ▶︎ All persons who receive government subsidy must contribute some of their time to the welfare of the nation.
      ▶︎ That means everybody! No exceptions.
      ▶︎ Once a person has something that they must do, their life changes.
      ▶︎ Each shall choose themselves what they will do.

      The requirement that each shall choose for themselves, leads the individual to invention. And that leads to opportunity. That's how opportunity always worked!



  12. George,
    I know that your arrest was not for vagrancy. But, you might want to read this interesting article about vagrancy


    1. Hi RV,

      I read the article. I have thought many times about the world of the homeless. The down trodden. The people living in bushes.

      It is my opinion that, what government does about such persons, is do anything that will keep those persons away from us. Us being those who not poor, homeless, vagrant, etc.

      RV, I have long equated my lifestyle with those who are vagrants. Just in case that you were wondering about me in that regard.