Sunday, July 16, 2017

We are good

Day 67
Scampy Team In Great Shape


We are in The City of Beaverton's Fountain Park. The park does not open until 8am. That time isn't enforced. In fact, all over Oregon, regulations on parking and sleeping in a vehicle [ie; RV] are not enforced.

Our shape:

★ When Tránsito got serviced at Car Care Specialists in Lincoln City, he came away with about as perfect a battery charging system as we could ever wish for!

★ The Team is in the process of checking each item on board for:
     ➜ Location
     ➜ Condition 

It likely will take us a few location passes in order to achieve a good state of order for all of our stuff. With all of Tránsito's storage space, we now have the ability to have a good location for everything! Remarkable!

We would like to share some pics with you taken over the past few days.

George at 24 Hour Fitness - Beaverton

Michael Pauley and Rowena
Rowena has become a successful landscape gardener. Some of Rowena's clients have asked her if she would house-sit their homes. Michael Pauly is a relative of one of her clients who is staying in a home that Rowena is house sitting.

The Ladies
L-R Marjie, Kathleen, Mimi, Weng
The Ladies are very close friends. I was fortunate to be invited to be invited to supper-out with The Ladies. I captured this pic.

Fremont Bridge over Willamette River
Portland, Oregon
As I was driving thru Downtown Portland, the flags flying over the Fremont Bridge caught my eye.

Transits, Transits everywhere
After I captured an image of the Fremont Bridge, I saw all these cute Ford Transits all lined up in a lot.

Do you recall us publishing a pic of our intended battery charging outlet that we planned to be permanently mounted to Scampy's rear wall? Well, we changed it!

New charging outlet
Everything is charging at one time!

When we returned to Tránsito, we found out that the emergency blinker had been left on. The battery seemed to be discharged. And the starter would not turn the engine over.

Attaching our new "jump-start" device, I tried starting the engine. Nothing happened. The starter still would not turn over!

We contacted a locksmith. When he arrived, he tried starting the engine. The anti-theft light in the panel was glowing. We both figured that anti-theft system had been activated. And the lock smith called his office to see about that.

Jump start device:
About that time, I happened to notice a rotary switch on the jump start device. I turned that switch to the "on" position and the engine started right up!

I guess that you have to really know what you doing sometimes, to get an engine to start! Or be lucky! 😎

I just returned from the Fred Meyer in Beaverton. I went there because I had bought a bunch of neat stuff at a Fred Meyer, and I believed this was the same Fred Meyer store as before

But it was not the store that I went to before! So, I asked the checkout clerk. She suggested that I talk to customer service.

Me [At customer service]: Is there a Fred Meyer around here that has a huge selection of stuff like what is sold in the Container Store?
Customer service: Are you looking for something in this store?
Me: No. I am looking for another Fred Meyer store near here. A much larger store than this one.
Customer service: What are you looking for?
Me: Stuff like they sell in the Container Store. Wire baskets. Magnetic clip boards. Stuff like that.
Customer service: That would be on aisle 14.
Me: No. I've been all thru this store. It's another Fred Meyer.
Customer service: Do you know where that Fred Meyer is located? 

Dear Lord, please give me strength!  

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 198 feet



  1. glad to see things are working out so well for Rowena. She deserves it.

    1. Hi Carol and Bill,

      Yes! Rowena does deserve it!

      I'll let her know about your comment.



  2. With the electrical cord that you have on your bottom looks like you have two USB cords plugged into the electrical outlet.
    Are you not using a Cigarette lighter USB outlet charger in your truck.
    What little that would draw on the trucks battery is minuscule
    When i'm over the road driving, I have one double plug,, one for my tablet which stays on 24/7 and one from my phone

    1. Hi Mister ed,

      You are correct. The electrical cord is carrying 120 volt AC power from my Samlex inverter.

      The rectangular device plugged into the power strip has
      [3] 120 volt AC outlets and [2] USB outlets.

      The Samlex operates on 12 volt DC power coming from Scampy's 12 volt deep cycle battery.



  3. I install wall mounted 12 volt power plugs in all my campers. Here is a picture:

    These are very convenient and you don't have to deal with inverters, power cords, and 120v wall chargers when you just need to charge a phone.

    Keep in mind that inverters are not 100% efficient. Inverters consume more watts than they output. I have a Samlex 2000 watt PSW inverter, so I am not against inverters. For my use though, anything that can be charged directly with a 12 volt power plug, I go the 12 volt route. I only use the inverter when I need to power a 120 volt appliance.

    1. Hi Nick,

      But! I have stuff that uses 120 volt AC power. That is why I have an inverter.

      Where are you going here, Nick?



    2. "But! I have stuff that uses 120 volt AC power. That is why I have an inverter.

      Where are you going here, Nick?"

      I have 120v AC stuff too, but try to limit its use because an inverter is usually less than 80% efficient. For me it isn't a big deal because I have a much larger battery bank and solar system than Scampy has. You should be okay with your inverter and the limited stuff you run on it, but you haven't updated us in a while on Scampy's battery. Have you been able to get SG of 1.275 yet?

  4. George google Fred Myers and it should tell locations in your area :-)

  5. Here pick one
    When all else fails Google it

    7700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225
    15995 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006
    11425 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005

  6. Did you get your cooktop oven
    For fun check the price at Fred Meyer's???