Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Brake repair

Day 111

Scampy's Brake Repair

Last week, Scampy made an appointment to come into AJ's Auto Repair to have her electric brakes checked out.

We are having that work done at an auto repair shop instead of an RV repair shop. RV repair shops are way overbooked and most do not have time until late September.

What happened?
Several weeks ago while we were in Beaverton, Oregon, we were over visiting at Joe's home, a neighbor who lives near where we were camping. Joe told us that he heard a sound coming from one of Scampy's wheels.


That sound was a kind of clunking. When the brake's controller was disconnected, the sound ceased. So, we kept the controller removed and have been driving since then without Scampy's brakes.

Brakes are OK!
Both of Scampy's brakes were inspected. Both looked to be OK!

The brakes were cleaned up. The wheel bearings were greased up and the grease seals replaced.

The brakes must be re-assembled to check for operation before we become positive that all is OK.

The Scampy Team at AJ's Auto Repair

Afternoon Camped   [At Salem's Woodmansee Park]
On the way here, MsScampy's fresh water tank was filled at a gas station with a "bad water" warning sign [See pic below]. We don't care about the water quality of our fresh water tank. We only use that water for washing, bathing and toilet.

Also, we stopped at O'Reilly Auto Parts to buy a small oil catch pan. We need that pan because of Scampy's broken grey water tank that we Blogged to you about yesterday.

How does this gas station obtain Unsafe Water?

Now we have (2) 2TB external drives!
Since I was convinced that our Seagate 2TB external drive was a goner, I went and bought a Western Digital 2TB external drive at Best Buy in Salem.

I had purchased (61) movie video from iTunes, and all of them were on the failed Seagate 2TB drive. I was concerned that I might lose those (61) movie videos!

But, there was something strange about the Seagate 2TB! Although Time Machine would no longer backup to the Seagate, those (61) movie videos showed as still existing. When I tried to play one of these movie videos, it played!

After formatting the new Western Digital drive, I attempted to copy those videos to the new Western Digital. That worked!

The next thing that I wanted to is see if the Seagate could be reformatted. To my surprise, the Seagate got reformatted!

So, now The Scampy RV Team has (2) giant 2TB external drives!

Will wonders ever cease! 

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 215 feet


  1. Maybe its just fine and the "unsafe for drinking" is for liability reasons.

    1. Or maybe the harmful chemicals or pathogens or whatever, can be absorbed through the skin, or through the mouth or nostrils while bathing or washing.
      Who knows?

  2. I would think it's reclaimed water and not treated.


  3. Actually the water was OK last week,, until George drain his DNA tank all over the city streets in Salem
    Now there's a boil water ban in effect

  4. Here's a simple suggestion for you seeing as how you don't have the pipes an the gate valve for Black water tank you might want to call scampi and see if they have that as a complete kit after the tank Assembly
    You're going to need it anyways with the model number or Vin number they'll know exactly the size and length
    It may come as a kit
    I know that has happened to other people before
    I got one more post coming

  5. I'm willing to take a best educated guess as to why your black tank assembly broke off
    A little while back you were going over railroad track and your trailer came off
    An dropped down
    You picked it up you put it back on your trailer hitch
    again it came off a second time
    With your trailer came off the hitch and went down on the ground your leveling Jack was all away up
    one of the things that's interesting about a scamp trailer is, the bathroom is at the very front
    Along with black tank valve assembly
    I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea but it's the way they do it
    I think what happen when you drop the trailer the first or second time you may have bumped the valve or the tubing.
    Which in turn may have broke the strap as in your photograph
    Because it's tucked underneath the RV you didn't notice it.
    So the only thing that was holding it on is the black holding tank fitting
    They're not designed to support that weight.
    So the one or two trips that you made down to Lincoln city bouncing over the road is probably the culprit that broke it off
    So all in all you had no way of knowing the strap was broken or the black tank broke clean off
    Now my suggestion is once you replace the tank and a hose assembly.
    Have the installer double strap it as well as put one just before the discharge connection so you will have a total of three
    I'm sure you will never drop your trailer again but if you ever do make double sure that you check the fittings an strap around the black tank as a precautionary measure

    To fix the noise coming from the top of your solar panel bar the next time you go to Ace Hardware and pick up for white plastic ties and a piece of
    half-inch clear plastic hose Long enough to cut four pieces 1 inch long
    Slip the first piece of clear plastic under the bar an slide it about a third of the way down take your plastic tie run it through the hose around the bar and soft snug it
    Do that on the other three sides the same way
    Being clear and being white you can be aesthetically pleasing .
    With the plastic ties being soft snug you can still move them
    When you put your solar panel on there the tubing will also keep any weight from pushing on the roof it'll act as a cushion

    1. Hi Linda,

      YES! You are correct. It's Scampy's grey water holding tank whose spout broke.

      But Readers are just having too good a time with this typo of mine to stop their horsing around!

      And, it appears that Ed has gone bonkers about this with his bible size comment and two other comments of smaller size as well,



    2. Typo is a misspelled word - using black vs gray is not a typo. What about first reference that damage was to your fresh water tank?!? Also, is there some reason you can't appreciate Mister ed's helpful suggestions?

    3. Barb A,

      Good to know! 😎

      I appreciate Ed very much. Ed and yourself have apparently misinterpreted what I wrote as being criticism of his comment/suggestions.

      Actually, what I wrote, was NOT criticism of his content. if you re-read again, you may find that my words referred to the size of his comment [Bible size].


      PS: Barb, I like that you have commented to the defense of Ed. He is a nice guy who has helped me out several time!


  6. It must be the eclipse!

  7. i'll keep it short
    if you don't want any help from bonkers 🤡 let me know