Saturday, August 12, 2017

First Day

Day 94

My Fulltiming Life

I was thinking this morning, that my life as a fulltimer, with the dawning of today, reached a fantastic and even magical threshold!

Although this is an extremely subtle and difficult to perceive change, it is there. It has arrived. Nothing shall be the same for me ever more as I continue onward into my future. Traveling as a member of the Scampy RV Team!

The change
We are now free to go anywhere. Do anything we wish. Stay as long as we like.
➜ In a far flung place
➜ A remote forest
➜ Alongside a beautiful river
➜ High on a mountain. A majestic view below

Before this morning, the Scampy RV Team was consumed with getting our outfit together. Getting prepared. Fine tuning. Tweaking.

Now, we are there. Vive la différence!

Scampy's busted brake
Yesterday, it was determined that Scampy's left side electric brake had a problem. As MsScampy travelled down-the-road, a clanking noise could be heard coming from behind the wheel on her left side. Was the clanking from inside the brake?

When the electric brake's controller was disconnected, the clanking discontinued. We have been traveling ever since, without electricity going to Scampy's electric trailer brakes

This morning, MsScampy is heading over to Car Care Specialists to have them look at what may have happened to that electric brake.

We decided not go to Car Care Specialists, as we Blogged to you at 8:54am. Priorities got in our way!

It came down to a choice of:
➜ A mechanic looking to find out what's wrong with one of Scampy's electric brakes today.
➜ Getting Scampy's deep cycle battery charged today.

Electric power won easily!

Into the mountains!
We arrived in Lincoln City yesterday, late in the afternoon. This area has had a great deal of overcast lately. We want Mr. Sunny to have bright sunshine so that he is able to do his job!

This morning, Tránsito towing MsScampy went searching for sunshine so that the their pal, Mr. Sunny, would be able to do his job of charging the team's deep cycle battery.

We have Afternoon Camped [Here] at an Elevation of 679 feet. It is lovely. Definitely T-shirt and short pants weather! 😎

Note: We just made a specific gravity check of our Deep Cycle battery. In less than two hours of charging, Specific Gravity climbed from 1.160 to 1.245!

Reading improvements like these are phenomenal! Does not get much better!

We on Scampy RV Team are sooooo proud of our Mr. Sunny!

A boondock camp is out in the boondocks. No people living there. Boondock Camps are most often found in a forest. Down a logging road where the land owners allow persons to camp and pursue other forest activities.

We headed out from our Afternoon Camp where Mr. Sunny executed the most magnificent feat of raising the specific gravity of our House Battery to just a tad below perfect! Wow!

We traveled along State Highway 18, the Salmon River Highway. We checked out every single road that led into the forest. There are many such roads. Nearly all of them gated and locked. However, we found three such roads which had open access.

Two of these open access roads did have gates. Both gates were unlocked! But, with a rules sign posted that permitted access only on foot. And only during the day. No entry permitted at nite!

Then, as we continued searching, eagle eye Little iPhone spotted what appeared to be a road into the forest with no gate! 

Little iPhone screeched out, "Pull-over Tránsito! There's a forest road back there with no gate!"

Tránsito quickly pulled over. There was not a clear place to safely stop!
Tránsito pulled as far over to the right side of the highway as he could manage. His blinkers warning: "Careful! Danger!"

We all were soooo nervous! Looking out for cars that could slam into MsScampy! But luckily, no cars hit Scampy!

Tránsito had to wait for cars coming from both directions to clear out before it was safe to make his U-turn move. Finally, there was a break in traffic. Both directions were free of cars! Every member of The Team held their breath during that U-turn!! But Tránsito pulled off a slick maneuver.

"No problem!" called out Tránsito.

Our first Boondock Camp
The open access road that Little iPhone spotted was a one-in-million find. When we went down that road, we found that locals were using some of that road for a dump.  Tires. Forest refuse.

We walked to the end of that forest road. There was a gully at the end. Maybe a creek ran there? But we could not hear water flowing.

This forest road was about 300 yards long. Not wide. Certainly not wide enough for Tránsito while towing Scampy to make simple U-turn.

It took Tránsito many, many back and forth maneuvers to make that very tough U-turn. Inch by inch, Tránsito and Scampy maneuvered together! And finally, success!

Our first true Boondock Camp!

Entrance to Boondock Camp


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 673 feet


  1. 38 minutes can make such a difference. I was celebrating with you that you had arrived and then the universe had to remind you who is in charge. Don't let the maintenance get you down. It's all part of the adventure.

    1. Brenda, may share something with you? I just plain love projects!
      ★ Maintenance projects
      ★ Construction projects
      ★ Any kind of project.....
      ..... that comes along. To plan them. To do them. To tweak them until they come out great. That is my joy.



  2. George I love that you are a full timer once again. Congratulations!

    1. Sheila,

      Thank you!

      When I get to the top of the Jojoba Hills RV Park waitlist and am living there, my home will be Twayler! I'll still be a fulltimer!



  3. You've found your mojo George! To me it seems that going back to SoCal, and the RV Park living does not suit you now. I am probably wrong, but whatever you do, keep having fun!

    1. Bill,

      You called it! RV Park living does not suit me.

      Except for one RV Park. Jojoba Hills SKP Resort!
      Gotta love it! 😎



  4. Just curious.
    Where do you stand on the Jojoba Hills list.

    1. Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog,

      I do not know? When I last asked my wait list position,
      it was #13.

      I cannot recall when that was?



    2. George, in your June 7 post, you said, "We got word about my position on the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort wait list. I'm now #13. Down from #34 last September!"

  5. My truck's water pump went out on Friday after I left the doctor's office. My son is going to fix it :-) Happy travels to you George.

    1. Rita,

      Does your son love to fix stuff too?