Friday, August 11, 2017


Day 93



I've just returned from a partial round of golf. Golfing was very, very tiring for me today! I played only 7-holes before caving in!

I played one hole over 400 Yards. One hole over 300 yards. Three holes over 200 yards. And two over 100 yards.

I walked the course pushing a cart. And..... of my three golf partners, as we walked the course, I was always behind the others. Breathing like an old wagon horse!

My score
Over 7-holes, my score was 21-over ladies par. Pretty good, huh? [Just joking!]

I had a great time playing golf! But, when I returned to Scampy, I had to take a long nap to keep from collapsing!

Scampy's brake noise
Joe Ross, the fellow who invited me over for pork chop supper and golf, mentioned to me that he heard a clunking sound coming from Scampy's wheel when I drove past him.

I took that problem over to Les Schwab today, and a mechanic listened for Scampy's noise while I slowly drove by. The mechanic heard the clunking noise and told me that the noise seemed to be coming from the left wheel!

Afterwards, I disconnected the electric brake's controller. I told that mechanic what I had done, and asked for him to listen again. No noise when the controller was disconnected!

Car Care Specialists
Tomorrow I am returning to Car Care Specialists in Lincoln City and asking them to take a look at Scampy's left-side brakes. It's likely something like a broken spring.

J's Fish & Chips
I've just returned to MsScampy after eating J's 3-piece cod dinner. The food at J's is very high quality. However, the food preparation would be greatly improved, in my opinion, if management took a good long look at what happens after they serve it!

Fried potato chips
I ordered J's fried potato chips. I have a hunch that those chips are nice and crispy when they are placed in the serving basket. But then, the fried fish are laid over those chips. The heat and moisture coming from the freshly fried fish, instantaneously changes the chips from crispy to soggy!

This happened to my fried chips the two times I that I ordered fried chips. The next time that I order J's Fried Chips. I shall request my chips be placed in their own basket!

Fish fall apart
The way J's cuts their fish into slices is, in my opinion, another mistake! Their fish are very fresh. A good thing, fresh fish. But fresh fish should be cut in small sizes for the frying.

The size of J's cod, is cut way too large! When a customer takes hold of a piece of cod this size, it simply falls to pieces!! Not good at all!

If cod were cut a size which would NOT fall apart, it would be much more crispy than at present. Taste much better too. It's the crispy coating AND the cod that brings customers in. NOT just the fish! 

Sorry, J's. The truth likely hurts to read. But here it is for you to consider!

Our Nite Camp
The Scampy RV Team has made their Nite Camp in Lincoln City, Oregon. Tomorrow's temperature here is predicted to be a high in the low 60s℉. And a low in the mid 50s ℉.

Very friendly weather here in Lincoln City! That's why we headed out here this afternoon! We like this town! Yes......we do! 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 181 feet


  1. Their philosophy probably is,, if you give them ( customer )two large pieces of fish,
    it'll look like you're getting less,,, with four pieces of the same size fish
    Also most use wax paper which doesn't absorb grease
    If enough people order Fish and fries separate they may see a pattern now
    at the same time have you ever had a courtesy conversation with the cook or owner you may get some insight as to his thinking

    1. Interesting thought, Ed.

      However, my comment is just my opinion. Were you thinking that I would perhaps tell J's management about what I wrote in my 8:04pm Blog post? And tell them that as a suggestion ?

      I would not do that! J's people would have to read my Blog in order to know about what I wrote about them.

      All that I plan on doing for my future visits to the fabulous J's
      Fish & Chips, is to ask for my order of their fried potato chips to be put in a separate basket. [All J's food is served in red plastic baskets lined with a sheet of oil resistant paper.]

      However, I may ask, when I place my order, to have MY fish cut into small chunks and then breaded and fried!

      Maybe they will do that for me! 🤠 But likely, they would NOT do this.



  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I totally understand where you're coming from
      And some businesses as you well know have a set procedure and don't differentiate from it $$
      But sometimes it's nice to hear that from the Manager/owner Point of view
      Case in point
      I'm a big fan Cracker Barrel however every time I go in there and order sweet iced tea it taste like it's very watered-down
      After talking to the manager he was courtesy enough to bring me out a container that the ice tea comes in and shows me the formula to mix
      And stating that his corporate policy managers do not allow him to use less water to make the tea stronger
      So even so we both were in agreement he is bound by company policy
      and we all know what company policy means $$$$
      So customer Input to owners or managers even if it doesn't fly
      I'm sure they still listen to you,,, as well as read TripAdvisor
      And sometimes those ratings could either make you or break you

  3. You know it's really funny I just went and read the trip advisor reviews
    Out of three companies that do ratings J,s were all with in 4.0 average
    And here's the funny part almost all of it was NOT for food
    The majority 95% was poor service /lack of cleanliness / and The long wait time/ and the hours they were open
    So if you don't mind putting up with slow service a filthy kitchen/restaurant a long wait time poor hours ,,,,, sounds like its a good place to eat