Sunday, August 20, 2017


Day 102

Salem Oregon

The Scampy Team is holing up in the City of Salem. We want to view The Eclipse from here.

From the beginning of June, we have travelled in the Salem vicinity from the lower part of Washington State to Lincoln City, Oregon on the Pacific Coast. That's during June, July and August.

Salem, Oregon is usually pretty calm place. But lately, there may a little bit Eclipse Mania going on in Salem.

For that matter, it could be that the in the entire country is involved with Eclipse Mania!

Running out of gas!
During the middle of last week, some gas stations in Salem claimed to have run out of some grades of gasoline. Arco put paper signs on their pumps declaring No Mid-grade or Premium-grade gas! Prices quickly rose to 2.74 for regular.

Arco still sold regular gasoline, during the premium outage!

But one independent gas station near where we hole up, kept their regular at $2.44. Soon those "No Premium" signs came down!

No Camping at Home Depot!
At Home Depot this morning, appeared A-frame sign boards at the parking lot entrance. In large black marker, a pencilled sign shouted out: 
No Camping!

Traffic in Salem
This Sunday morning, the traffic here in Salem is sooooo light! Where are all the predicted millions that are supposedly descending on Salem to view the Great Solar Eclipse?

Maybe the missing millions will arrive here tomorrow?

Tránsito's solar panel rack
We have moved to an office parking lot, which, because it's Sunday, is completely empty of cars.

Mr. Renogy has his two 50 watt solar panels doing their job charging Scampy's deep cycle battery. Renogy is sitting on the black top of the parking lot.

I am getting ready to begin again to work on Tránsito's solar panel rack. Progress as been very slow. We have been doing the preparation for mounting on Tránsito's roof for two afternoons. And, we do not have one single thing actually mounted on that roof yet! Nothing to take a pic of, and show you!

Hopefully soon! Maybe soon we will!

At Last Success!
Mr. Tránsito finally has something on his roof from the solar rack for Little iPhone's camera!

We only have one side rail attached to Tránsito's roof. We came within minutes of having both side rail's bolted down. However, one of the threaded hold-down's had been cross-threaded. Probably during the manufacturing process. We will have to buy a metric tap in order to correct that cross thread.

When iPhone was just about to capture the pic, George placed the unattached side rail in position. He sort of "staged" the pic. Looks OK though!

Side rails for the solar panel rack

Eclipse camera test!
We have just tested Little iPhone to see what happens when he takes a pic of the Sun! This is in preparation for capturing an image of the Eclipse at Totality tomorrow morning.

The pic of the Sun came out great!

We placed one of the lenses of our Solar Eclipse Sun Catcher dark glasses in front of Little iPhone's lens. With a 3-second timer, we had time to position and direct iPhone at the Sun to take a pic!

Our little Star. The Sun

Apology to my Readers
I have had second thoughts about that "Kid" conversation that I published on the day that my Craftsman 12 volt drill motor was stolen.

There was no "Kid." I just made up that conversation that I had with an imaginary Kid. I got a bit irritated from when I phoned the police to report the theft.  And made up the conversation as my way of getting back at the crook who stole my Craftsman!

I did phone the police to report that theft. The police officer that I spoke with told me:

"If you did not see the theft, we cannot dispatch an officer to the scene. If you wish to make a report to the police, you will be phoned within the next 1 to 3 days."

Dairy Queen is very popular here in the City of Salem. I am in a DQ located just down the street from 24 Hour Fitness.

I've ordered a Chili Cheese Dog without the chili and a medium strawberry shake.

After I finish my DQ supper, I'm heading over to 24 Hour to workout.

Lost sooooo much weight!
For the passed four weeks, I hardly went to 24 Hour. Yesterday I returned. And I was very surprised to find that my weight had gone down from around 160 lbs to 149 lbs!!

That's the least weight that I've been since I was a teenager. A young teenager!

So now I've put myself on a weight gain regimen. This regimen consists of doing machine exercises:

➜ Start at a weight that I can lift at least five reps
➜ Lift that weight until I fail
➜ Reduce the weight one level and lift until I fail
➜ Reduce one level and lift until fail

That's it! Going to 24 Hour and doing each of my exercises with three declining weight reps until I fail should build muscle pretty fast!

I'll let you know what comes of this weight thing. 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 208 feet


  1. ENJOY! ...your awe inspiring tweaking!

    1. Joan,

      Where would I be without being a tweaker?!



  2. Big mistake on part of Home Depot. We use them when we are in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The stores in Salem could have used this as an excellent opportunity to promote their stores as well as their company culture.

    1. From a business standpoint a parking lot full of customers is going to generate more cash than a parking lot full of campers.

    2. living.boondockingmexico,

      Often, management simply misses the mark! They just don't get it!

      It's always best to address a problem after it occurs. Not guess at a problem that has not happened yet.

      If I were that location's manager, and my parking lot had a chance of being over-run on Eclipse Day, I would arrange to have a nearby parking area for my customers. And even provide shuttles for my customers!



    3. Andrew,

      I have a different take than yours.

      My take is, that from an accounting standpoint, a parking lot full of customers "MAY" generate more cash than a parking lot full of campers.

      However, that kind of gain likely will be only temporary.

      Building loyalty to the Home Depot brand is done, in my opinion, the way living.boondockingmexico suggested in his comment.



    4. Our Home Depot has all sorts of cars, trucks of varying sizes, rigs, and RVs in their parking lot. The manager, who lives in my subdivision, says the longer any one of those vehicles stays parked there the longer the owner/customer stays in his store increasing the odds of sonething being purchased. He calls his store the "candy shop" for men and even provides them with a bag of popcorn going in the door with which to stroll the aisles.

    5. Dee Tillotson,

      That manager is my kinda guy. He knows what's what!



  3. However, one of the threaded hold-down's had been cross-threaded. Probably during the manufacturing process. We will have to buy a metric\
    Buy the Correct size threaded tap,,,, you come this far don't bastardize it for one screw

    1. Ed,

      I shall definitely obtain the correct tap size.



  4. Once people start making things up and not making it clear from the start it was fictional, they are no longer a storyteller they are a liar. I don't think george is trustworthy

    1. Agreed this blog has taken an ugly turn, I think a lot of us read because its like looking at a car wreck, hard to look away.

    2. Jim Burnett & Shelley M,

      Let those who are without sin, cast the first stone.



    3. George, was just getting ready to say the same thing! But you forgot to give a tribute to the author of those famous words, Jesus Christ in the New Testament. If one does not believe in His divinity, they at least must admit He was the greatest philosopher whoever lived.

    4. So your without sin apparently since you have spoken ill of a man whom you have had no personal contact with in years.

  5. Shame. Sad when the truth gets deleted.