Thursday, August 03, 2017


Day 85

Getting Close To Perfect

Remember my Value Order? [Link] Well, everybody on the Scampy RV Team has been working as hard as they are able in order to achieve our listed goals for our Order Value.

We are getting sooooo very close! A strong sense of excitement is evident in every single Team Member because of this getting close thing!

Inside TrĂ¡nsito's storage area, there are things scattered about. Stuff that we bought for order [ie; wire baskets, hooks for hanging things. ceramic magnets, and of course, all the stuff that needs to find a home].

Mr. TrĂ¡nsito told me only yesterday, "Lookin' good, George! Lookin' good."

Staying in T-shirt & short pants weather
Here at the Pacific Coast in Lincoln City, the weather temp is predicted to range from a high of 66℉ to a low of 54℉.

Now, THAT is what is definitely T-shirt & short pants weather!

Back in Beaverton, only 83 miles to the east, the high/low today is predicted to be 105℉/66℉!!

Man-O-Man!! We are sooooo fortunate to live in a home that has wheels!

The Scampy RV Team having a lovely time 
on a cooler day in Beaverton's Fountain Park 
July 29th, 2017

Taking a shower
I've never used Scampy's shower before! Never had the need. There were always 24 Hour Fitness Clubs around. And I could take showers there.

However, here in the Lincoln City area of Oregon, at the Pacific Coast, there are no 24 Hour Fitness Clubs.

So, I'm going to crank up Scampy's rarely used hot water heater and shower! This seems so neat to me!

Atwood water heater doesn't look right
When I went to crank up Scampy's water heater, I found that the heater appeared to be assembled crooked!

Little iPhone captured the two pics below, and we sent them to one of Atwood's support persons. After looking at the pics, he reported that Scampy's water heater appeared to be normal in appearance.

Isn't it fantastic that a guy like me, who loves mechanical challenges, gets sent stuff like this to resolve? 

Happy mechanic kinda guy!

Crooked but normal Atwood

Note: Hey George! It's me, Little iPhone. The bottom inside of Mr. Atwood appears to be really sooooo filthy. Dontcha think? 

Evening Camp and the Setting Sun
The Scampy Team has had a great time today! Mostly doing our kind our kind of stuff. And what is that kind of stuff? Putting things away of course!

We were very surprised by evening's arrival! Evening just sort of crept up on all of us! Suddenly, it was 8:30pm, and Baby Boid began yawning [Well...he did!].

At first we were thinking about supper at Gallucci's Pizzeria. Gallucci's was recommended to us by a State of Washington couple who we shared a table with at J's fish & Chips. But Gallucci's was really popular this evening. We should go there when the work-a-day folks are not out and about.

Looking for a park on Google's map, we spotted [This placeabove a cliff on the north side of Lincoln City. Little iPhone captured some really cool pics here of an orange setting Sun.

Setting Sun at Road's End Recreation Site

Our 'This Place' link above, takes you to a unique site for enjoying our leftover Italian supper from the Olive Garden! It's a driveway where the home appears to be vacant. 

There is hardly space for stopping near the beach side park. So, we feel fortunate to be here, evening camped right next to the park.



  1. You did well moving around. Wish my house had wheels too. It is very very hot here plus smoky from the wild fires in the Interior of BC. Got all the windows and doors closed and draped to keep the heat out as much as possible.

    1. Vera,

      Wow! Sounds uncomfortable up your way!

      I'm very fortunate to:
      ➜ Love to move around
      ➜ Not feel any need for a Home Base
      ➜ Have a cute, comfortable and tiny Scampy to live in!
      ➜ Able to remain in T-Shirt & Short Pants weather all year long!



  2. George, Scampy, and the whole team you're still an inspiration after all these years. Thank you.

  3. George...I just read about your arrest. I wonder why you purposely pissed the cop off by not giving him identification when he asked for it. If he was having a bad day, your refusal can be enough to make him not like you. Next time, be nice and give them your identification and be respectful! Just my two cents.

  4. "Phil and Greta....Next time, be nice and give them your identification and be respectful! Just my two cents."

  5. Hey George,I am amazed to see the way you have managed things throughout the day! And yes you are right that having house on the wheel is not less than any blessing!