Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Senior Moment

Day 84

I Forgot To Blog!

I was just going along doing stuff today:
▶︎ Took what needed to be washed to the laundry
▶︎ Made an appointment for Tránsito to have all his fluids changed so that we start out having a full maintenance record
▶︎ Shopped for and bought (4) cool battery lights for Scampy's cabinets and (1) triple tap 120 volt AC outlets including (2) USB charging ports
▶︎ Ate lunch at J's Fish & Chips. Got the $6 lunch special

Then, when I went to pick up the laundry:
Tránsito asked me: "What did post in your Blog today, George?"
I replied to Tránsito: "Nothing! I forgot to do it!"
Tránsito said to me: Well, George! That certainly is news! I bet that's a first too!  

Very bright battery operated light with a switch 
handle the same as a 120 volt AC switch handle

Tránsito's fluid change
We have made an appointment with Car Care Specialists here in Lincoln City this coming Friday for Tránsito to have all of his fluids changed.
➜ Engine Oil
➜ If needed, tranny flushed
➜ Transmission fluid
➜ Flush engine coolant
➜ Replace brake fluid
➜ Change all filters

The enormously gorgeous Devil's Lake!
The Scampy RV Team headed out for a yonder tree encumbered hillock. However, we got waylaid by the beauty of natures scenic loveliness whose name is known around these here parts as, Devil's Lake!

The lake is a place where the locals of Lincoln City just go nutsy boodles for the chance to play around including romping in the lakes cool waters.

Little iPhone joined forces together with the talented Señor Tránsito who recently disclosed that he had a ton of experience getting images to behave. 
[Good to know!] 

Together, Little iPhone and Tránsito captured several images and joined those images together using a very difficult stitching algorithm.

Here is how those joined images came out!

Late afternoon at Devil's Lake
02 August 2017

Note: Whoops! Brother Pete who was born in Lincoln City, Oregon, just texted that it's Devil's Lake. Not Regatta Lake. So, I'm editing that name right now!

Thank you Brother Pete! 😎



  1. I was concerned there was no blog post from you today. Feeling better now. Thanks Transito for reminding George.

    1. Linda,

      Yes! That guy Tránsito is a sweetheart!



  2. Don't feel too bad, I forgot to read your blog to today

    1. Ed,

      Once again, you make me laugh sooooo much!
      You funny guy you. 🤠



  3. Beautiful! Any stealth camping around there?

    1. Bill,

      Yes, there is stealthy kind of camping here in
      Lincoln City. Tons of it! 😇



  4. Hey George. Your blogging, boondocking and vagabounding has yielded children and grandchildren. You are a proud grandfather whether you realize it or not.

    Check this enjoyable camping vlog.

    You might be close enough to go say hello.

    1. Gallo,

      Grandchildren! Really? And i didn't even know!! Thank you sooooo much for this heads-up!

      Maybe I'll swing over there! 😎