Friday, August 25, 2017


Day 107

Tweaking to Health

What I am writing about in this 7:47am Blog post, are things that I have personally experienced. This Blog post is only an introduction. I wish to prepare with you, an avenue, that you may eventually be able to understand. Able to comprehend. So that as time goes on, you and I will be going down this experience together. Sharing.

For me, there appears to be a relationship between tweaking and health. This includes mental health. 

At first, there is a mass of stuff:
➜ Things that confuse
➜ Things that are not understood
➜ Stuff that seems unrelated to other stuff
➜ Things that are sooooo jumbled up, that the way forward is completely impossible to view.

It is now 11:33pm:
I have come to the decision that attempting to integrate my Tioga-George Blog with the "Tweaking to Health" subject, is impossible to do. Much too complicated!

But, I truly believe that a few Readers may benefit from me Blogging about this subject.

So, in a few days, I shall begin a new Blog devoted entirely to the 
"Tweaking to Health" subject.  

Of course, I shall continue with my Tioga-George Blog that I began in May, 2003.

Frankly, I do not know, at this point, if I have the intellect required to successfully carry out this plan. I guess that we will both find out if I do have the smarts to pull this off!

Mr. Sunny's solar panel rack
When we last Blogged to you about the solar panel rack that we have installed on Tránsito's roof, the front and back rails had just been attached. The rack now is rectangular in form.

We want to be able to mount our Renogy Solar Suitcase solar panels on that rack. In order to do this mounting, a center rail must be installed. Maybe, two center rails.

Understand, that we want to find out how well the two 50 watt solar panels of the Renogy Solar Suitcase will perform. We expect that 100 watts of panels [50 watts x 2 = 100 watts] will likely do fine during the summer months.

But! What happens to solar power production of 100 watts of panels during the depths of winter?

Priority rules!
As I Blogged to you at 8:36am, I wanted to be working on the Solar Panel Roof Rack. However, a higher priority issue came up!

We backup our Mac Air computer to a Seagate 2TB Stand Alone hard drive. But somehow, that Seagate drive became not visible in our Finder!

It took us about 3-hours to come up with a solution! We needed a driver:
Paragon Driver for Mac OS (10.9. and above)

The first time that this Paragon Driver downloaded, it did not work! The second time for the download, worked.

Right now, as I type this Blog post to you, our Mac is being backed up to the Seagate 2TB drive.

Pegboard for Tránsito!
We did not work on the Solar Roof Rack today at all! Not one single bit!

That's how things go sometimes. Especially if a person is tuned into themselves properly. And of course, is sensitive to their priorities!

That's the important thing to understand about priorities. They are changeable on a moments notice.

The solar roof rack priority just was NOT as high as squaring out Tránsito's storage area by the addition of a pegboard! Man-O-Man!

View from driver's sliding door
[Pic captured at 10:18pm]

Note #1: The pegboard shown in the above pic was installed while we were afternoon camped today in Lincoln City's Regatta Park. The pegboard was bought, cut to size, at Ace Hardware.

Note #2: My friend Pete Olson performed a one-man concert this evening at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. I took videos of Pete performing this evening. Instead of adding a selected video to today's Blog [08/25] I shall begin tomorrow's Blog [08/26] with one of Pete's songs.

I am hoping that doing my Blog this way, is less confusing!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 36 feet



  1. I am interested in following your health tweaking!

    I have found that the internet is awesome for finding people with similsr health problems, even rare ones, and sharing the 'tweaks' that work with each other.

    1. Unknown,

      That's wonderful for me to read from you!



  2. This is really cool, George!

    1. Joan,

      It is my belief, that you Joan, are a kind of an advanced sorta person. Not many would have found what I wrote in my Blog today to be cool.

      Thank you,


  3. You have a good intellect and these new ideas and blog will be
    fascinating! Finding the way forward is often a conundrum!
    Tweak on!

    1. Joan,

      I am excited to find out how that Tweak Health stuff will play out in writing!

      It's worked so spectacularly for me so far! It would be fantastic if it worked so well for Readers! 😎



  4. If you hang stuff on the peg board do you anticipate increased noise when you drive?