Thursday, August 24, 2017


Day 106

Tránsito's Strange Sound

A couple of days ago, a strange whirring noise began which seemed to be coming from Tránsito's rear. 

We are in the process of getting an appointment at Today's Automotive [Link]. This shop has a lot of great reviews!

Not wheel bearing
Wes at Today's Automotive took Tránsito out for a road test. The whirring noise decided that it was going to hide from Wes. But the whirring noise did present itself several times. Only briefly.

Wes informed me that the sound definitely was NOT a wheel bearing.

Wes suggested that I keep driving. And when it the sound gets worse, or something happens to identify the sound, bring it back.

Lincoln City
My good friend Pete [His pic is on the upper right of my Blog] has a gig in Lincoln City,  We are heading over there to meet up with him.

I am not sure, but I hope that Pete's wife, Frederika, is there in Lincoln City too!

Trailer ball & Durasafe change-out
We went into Cascade Tire Service and asked if we could pay them to change out our trailer ball. They replied, "Sure!"

The old trailer ball had an over-size hex nut. That big hex nut made it difficult for us to  check the nut for tightness.

Several weeks ago, we bought a Durasafe Coupler Protect which prevents the trailer ball from coming loose from the trailer hitch [Link].

When the Cascade Tire guy changed out our trailer ball, our existing Durasafe Coupler Connect's base plate was changed out for our new Coupler Protect!

DuraSafe Coupler Protect installed on Tránsito

Captain Dan's Pastry Shop
During my drive to Lincoln City, I've been yearning for a piece of pie. I had driven pretty much all the way thru Lincoln City when Captain Dan's Pastry Shop appeared!

On the outside of the building there was a sign:
Voted Best Bakery!

The sign did not contain info about who did that voting. There was street parking. So, the Scampy Team parked.

The lady inside informed, "We have been out of pies since the eclipse!"

In the lighted display case, there were the pastries that Captain Dan offered. I chose a Blueberry Cream Cheese Turnover with some milk. Pretty good!

J's Fish & Chips
My buddy Pete Olson just phoned. We made a date for tonite at 6pm to meet at J's Fish & Chips!

Yummm! 😎

Battery charge controller
MsScampy's house battery has been receiving its charge directly from our Renogy solar panels.

Up until now, the battery charge controller that came with our Renogy Solar Suitcase had been bypassed. The controller tapered its charging much too fast. So, the house battery never got fully charged. That's the reason for the bypass.

However, the house battery will soon be getting to the point having a specific gravity of a fully charged battery. At that time, the battery charge controller will be used again.

We like a specific gravity reading MUCH more than a voltage reading to read the battery's state of charge.

Pete, Frederika and George
The three of us made a date to meet at J's Fish & Chips at 6:15pm. J's Fish & Chips is a thing unto itself in Lincoln City.

Famous beyond belief!

J's gives sooooo much food! I could not eat it all. Left 1/2 of my chips and one of the three pieces of cod fish!

Tomorrow, Pete performs at the Lincoln City  Cultural Center at 6:30pm. I will definitely be there having a good time!

L-R George, Frederika, Pete


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 42 feet



  1. Looks like a good garage. You might ask them to look at the trailer brakes while you are there.
    I suspect a decent mechanic could troubleshoot the problem.

    1. Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog,

      Today's Automotive does not work on trailers. But they gave me the name of a trailer place.

      I have a call in with them and am waiting for a call back.



    2. Ed, Carol,

      That trailer place is out to September 7th.

      I am going to try a regular brake shop.



    3. Ed, Carol,

      I have an appointment on Tuesday, August 29th for Tránsito to have his brake problem checked out.



    4. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. OK here's what I'm hearing
    You're saying that you have a whine in the back of your vehicle
    I'm guessing that this ( coming and going )whine is when you're going up a hill / or at speed around 55/60 or towing your trailer
    If that be the case what it is is a ring and pinion gear, in your rear wheel drive axle
    Now at this point without doing a lot of research I don't know if you have a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive
    But because you say you have a noise back there let's just assume you have a rear wheel drive
    Here's what I would like you to do,,this requires no work on your part
    Take your truck in to your favorite car guy repair shop
    Here's what I want him to do
    Assuming you have a rear wheel drive vehicle
    Tell him to look at the pumpkin he'll know exactly what you're talking about an do paying extreme particular attention to the bolt that holds the cover on
    What he needs to look for is if those bolts have ever come off that rear end they will be marks that are noticeable to A trained mechanic
    Also pay particular attention to the cover gasket and the type of gasket material
    Also in front of the axle housing is a yoke for the driveshaft also check that as well very carefully and very meticulously as well as gasket material
    What he's looking for is if that cover has ever been off the back of that axle
    As well as the front yoke
    If he can say without any uncertainty that cover (or yolk )has been off ,, whoever had it off must've done something to change the setting in the ring and pinion gear
    Now the ring and pinion gear at the factory come preloaded for the life of your vehicle you would never have to change one unless something happened
    When a ring and pinion gear is loaded it means that the Pinyon is tight against the ring gear it'll sound like a whine or howel , The space are controlled by shims those shims could be anywhere from 1 mm 2mm to 3 mm all axles have a certain tolerance
    And can only be checked with a feeler crushstrip gauge I shim is taken out or put in depending on its position the factory calls this preloading
    Can you drive with it,, yes,,, can you live with it,,, it depends on how bad the whine is
    If you go to YouTube and enter in how to,,, preload A automobile rear axle
    That should give you an idea what I'm talking about

  3. One other thing Its an off shot
    If you remember when you was a kid you would blow air across a soda bottle and it would create a hommmming sound
    Or if you took a blade of grass and put it between your cupped hands and blow across it and it would Sing
    The solar panel brackets that you put out there did you leave any bolts out and would it be possible that the air vibration is causing your sound
    If not
    Take two old dish towels or rag and put those under the Center span of the long brackets see if that changes anything

    1. Ed,

      The sound is NOT a whistle. It is more like a very loud

      I am NOT taking that sound to more mechanics to figure it out.

      I will just wait for the sound to either go away. Or something will break.



  4. Mr. Ed. Your last comment is a good shot. I had a utility rack on my car. Made a horrible whistle/whir sound. I removed it and sound gone.

    1. Dirk
      That is a good possibility he hasn't mentioned it before
      So putting two rags underneath it before he puts the solar panel up would be a good test first

  5. You're going to have to break down and find a good luck charm that you could hang it on your mirror. ? 🕎🔯✡️🛐We're beginning to think your way over do for one

    1. Ed,

      Good luck? I thrive on these challenges.

      I thank God for sending me these obstacles to overcome! I am the stronger because of them!



  6. Replies
    1. Joan,

      We on the Scampy Team will definitely "Bring it on!"



  7. If you didn't have that whistle before you put the roof racking on,,, the roof rack is your problem
    Its setting up a harmonics vibration
    once you attach your solar panels( it'll stiff in the brackets up ) that vibration should go away( no big deal)

  8. At 5:30 AM zero dark in the morning I'm not awake enough to be politically correct substitute any noise you wish it to be
    And that's my best guess

  9. The Scampy Team is like an orchestra!

  10. First grade Orchestra or symphony orchestra

  11. Doesn't matter, all the components come together in their
    synchronisric way.