Sunday, September 10, 2017


Day 123

We Love Audible!

Solar & Huckleberry Finn
Today is sooooo sunny and bright! The Scampy Team has set up Camp in the huge parking area across from 24 Hour Fitness in Beaverton.

Our Renogy solar panels are out capturing electric power for charging the House Battery. And from the looks of our last voltage reading, doing a marvelous job!


I'm inside Scampy about to fix breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast. And Little iPhone is playing, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", an Audible download!

Wow! Does it get any better than this? 😎

Finally! The Sun is back!

1.225 Hydrometer reading!
Scampy's house battery is coming along sooooo nicely. A hydrometer reading just now taken, showed a 1.225 specific gravity. That means a 75% state of charge!

This is an incredibly good sign for the future of this battery. It likely indicates a lifetime of several more years!

If you would like to tune into Battery University and read for yourself about this stuff, please click [Here].

Outside in the shade
Boid and George talked it over. Together we made the decision to go outside and sit inside Scampy's shade.

We also have Little iPhone with us, and are continuing to listen to:
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

The Good Life
Every so often, from out of the heavens comes the truth of
our Scampy Team!

We are the luckiest things on the Planet!
Because we get to:
➜ Go where we want
➜ Do what we want
➜ Camp where we want
➜ Scampy is sooooo comfortable!
➜ We always have a project to fix something!

The Team cleaning Scampy
While listening to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Sun is still bright!
We have been Solar Camped inside the City of Beaverton in the same spot since around 10:30am! 7-hours! And believe it or not, the Sun is still really bright. We believe this day has been the brightest day in over a month! Yes! Indeed we do.

Tomorrow is predicted to sunny and bright also!

We just completed a test of Specific Gravity with our hydrometer. 1.235!!!

Man-O-Man! Double Wow with sugar on it!

Fred Meyer for pants
I'm at Fred Meyer to buy my supper [Steak, potato, squash]. Fred has a huge clothing section. And I need short pants. So, I ask  where they are?

Me: I need short pants.
Fred's clerk: They're over here [Pointing at  two pairs of short pants]
Me: That's all?
Fred's clerk: Short pants are not ordered after the month of May. This is all that's left.
Me: I guess I'll try K-Mart.

K-Mart for pants
I really do not get why K-Mart is not popular with customers. But, they definitely are not! I can tell about that, because of the lack of customers in their stores!

K-Mart has:
➜ Adequate inventory
➜ Good pricing
➜ Wide aisles

.....just hardly any customers in their stores. [I go to K-Mart a lot!]

I found the short pants that I wanted. Got 5-pair! All on sale. Three pair of Die Hard extremely durable looking short pants priced out at $16.99/each. Great buy!

The supper stuff that we bought at Fred Meyer was prepared at the edge of
the K-Mart parking lot underneath a large tree. We were camouflaged!

We love to use Scampy's kitchen! We may have mentioned, that we watch
PBS News while doing supper. In order to keep from disturbing Boid who goes beddy-bye around 8pm, we wear earphones.

Steak, potato and squash

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 307 feet


  1. George
    I agree that this constant dialog about spammers is stressful and not in line with what any of us tune in for. I believe that as the "blog meister" you have the ability to screen comments and decide which ones to post. Why not just do this, quietly sweeping the crap under the carpet, to spare the rest of us from the dirty laundry?

    1. W3JDR,

      Good comment! I'll do exactly that.



  2. I think by leaving the comment box open your alowing some one (anyone ) to openly leave a postive or negative comment and i for one think that is were the problem lays
    Some bloggers will not let a comment be posted untill it passes there approval first,,, have you given this any thought ?
    If you're writing to write about your days ups and downs Or blow off steam your opinion is yours ,,,close off the box.
    but if you leave it open,, Feedback is going to present itself
    If you have a mechanical computer RV problem and you post it
    We are like the 101 dalmatians out there,, we will give you 101 ways to fix it
    But the real solution lies with you as what you except, no 2 dalmatians have the same spot, so naturally we're going to load up your inbox
    And last but not least The majority here are males, males have one trait were fixersπŸ› πŸ”©πŸ”§πŸ’‰πŸŒ‘we try to fix things???
    And if it an exciting day you're looking for,,come over and join us on the East Coast of Florida ,,we have numerous spots for free Boondocking

    1. Ed,

      Yes, I have considered changing so that I review a comment before it is posted. I've never done that before because I valued spontaneity.

      But now it may be time to re-think that decision.


    2. Ed,

      As you commented/suggested, I just changed comments for my blog to be:
      Always review before they are published.



  3. I love your posts, George but I don't like the spammers. Screen the replies and I would be very happy with that. I wish you well as always.

    1. Vera,

      I have changed my Blogger settings to:
      Always moderate comments before publishing.

      I'm waiting to find how this actually works.


  4. A little better... with some hash browns!

    1. Joan,

      Wow! I had not considered hash browns! 😎



  5. I'm still looking forward to the tweaking/health site!
    All in due time?

    1. Joan,

      I'm still doing the process. Works great for me.

      I have not figured out the format for writing yet. Send me your email address. I may wish to write to you about that.



  6. Isn't Huckleberry Finn the greatest book for the rv life?!

    I reread it a couple years back. And it was so different, as an adult. I identified with ajum, more than Huck, imagining what it would be like to have my life and freedom in the hands of a capricious boy.

  7. Good... Here is a comment as a check πŸ‘€πŸ˜

    1. Thank you sooooo much, Vera!

      It works by sending me an email telling me of a comment waiting for me.



  8. Hey George. You should search for and listen to a song called Living Life by Ben Kweller. It reminds me of you... Hope you enjoy it and know that there are many out here in the interwebs that admire you and your journey....

    1. Kent DeCook,

      Living Life by Ben Kweller...I shall check it out!

      Thank you sooooo much for your "admire you and your journey" compliment! 😎